Chris: Judge’s Ruling Makes It ‘Exceedingly Clear’ Drive-Thru Ballots Are Valid | The Last Word

Chris: Judge’s Ruling Makes It ‘Exceedingly Clear’ Drive-Thru Ballots Are Valid | The Last Word 1


Harris County, TX clerk Chris Hollins says despite the “relentless” efforts from Republicans to throw out 127,000 ballots cast at new drive-thru polling locations, a federal judge’s ruling Monday confirms the votes are valid. Hollins tells Lawrence O’Donnell through Election Day, he will continue to make sure “voters can cast their votes safety and conveniently and with a peace of mind that their votes are going to be counted.” Aired on 11/02/2020.
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Chris: Judge’s Ruling Makes It ‘Exceedingly Clear’ Drive-Thru Ballots Are Valid | The Last Word

84 Comments on "Chris: Judge’s Ruling Makes It ‘Exceedingly Clear’ Drive-Thru Ballots Are Valid | The Last Word"

  1. randal gibbons | November 3, 2020 at 1:10 AM | Reply

    100,000 votes on wheels are going to be counted.

  2. The drive-thru is a COVID safe environment for people.

    • @The one and only!!! the left and their made up quotes, pathetic bunch.

    • Grand Master Ray | November 3, 2020 at 7:19 AM | Reply

      @SPARTAMERICUS dude…please read my comments better.

    • @Grand Master Ray Only if you are on the left side!! The right brain works just fine in America, many of us are the men and women of all those that fought for this freedom that so many enjoy but do not respect! So don’t think that all Americans are weak because we will back up what we say.

    • Grand Master Ray | November 3, 2020 at 10:28 AM | Reply

      @Toonsie Farm you’re missing who I am and who its directed to but that’s okay not all see me even though I’m in the open, hence hidden truth.

      America itself will be no more but the ideology will carry on.

    • nightstalker1124 | November 3, 2020 at 10:41 AM | Reply

      @Richard Prouty
      Wouldnt need trillions of dollars in “stimulus” if you didnt shut everything down and ruin the economy to push orange man bad out

  3. Raphael Christen | November 3, 2020 at 1:17 AM | Reply

    Drive through voting might be the most American thing I ever heard of. Makes a lot of sense now, of course.

    • @Mj light Incorrect, you are thinking of California. The drive through voting in Houston and Harris County are attached to locations already being used for on site voting (on foot so to speak). And in this area you don’t vote by paper if you are going to an actual polling place. The votes are cast on a computer. Your specific slate of candidates based on where you live is loaded and you cast your votes through the computer’s interface.

    • Raphael Christen | November 3, 2020 at 4:36 AM | Reply

      @Tom Wickford where I live I’m considered a centrist. So for you, it’s the extreme left, yes.

    • Same old media spin! No one believes you guys anymore.

    • Raphael Christen | November 3, 2020 at 5:38 AM | Reply

      @Jane Morasas did you read my comment? What the f… are you talking about??

    • Ronyfcb Farfan | November 3, 2020 at 12:54 PM | Reply

      @Just Background Noise Republicans are hypocrites

  4. Come on Hispanics vote!

    • Support your Troops & Athletes | November 3, 2020 at 6:33 AM | Reply

      I already did thank you for Biden and the blue wave.

    • @The one and only!!! Who expanded the family separation policies and extended the length of time those families could be separated for? Who didn’t shut those cages down and continued using them? Who is the one with anti-Hispanic rhetoric?

      What a weak defense. You’re delusional and you’re voting against yourself as well as your country’s future because you’re too stupid to grasp what media is actually true or not– truly pathetic.

    • @RILLA it literally shows me how dumb y’all are comparing him to hitler. I’m shocked you can type being as uneducated as you are.

    • The one and only!!! | November 3, 2020 at 8:16 AM | Reply

      @TB Wolf Obummer. I used to watch border patrol and borders wars. Its all on camera.

    • @Call your mom I gave them all away Republicuck. Lmfao

  5. Really telling that they are trying so hard to throw out legitimately cast ballots.

    • @Popper Poppler Care to tell the truth?

    • Popper Poppler | November 4, 2020 at 1:08 AM | Reply

      @redwingdog22 It’s pretty well documented historically. Republicans tend to want a lower voter turnout because they tend to lose when more people vote. Democrats want to make it easier to vote because they tend to win when more people vote. It isn’t a moral high ground situation, both sides want it a certain way so that they can win, they just cloak their intentions. Democrats say they want more access to voting to avoid racism, republicans say they want to make it harder to vote to avoid fraud. In reality both sides just want to win.

    • @Popper Poppler Great increase in republican turnout. So, your point doesn’t stand

    • Popper Poppler | November 4, 2020 at 1:58 AM | Reply

      @redwingdog22 Tease that out. What you said doesn’t mean my point is wrong, in fact it doesn’t interact with it at all. Let’s try again.

      Republicans look at election data and conclude that lower voter turnout tends to favor them. They then design ways to get average voter turnout down in order to win elections.

      Democrats look at election data and see that they tend to win when the turnout is higher, so they try to make voting easier in order to win elections.

      They’re both doing the same thing(trying to win elections), but you’ve got who’s doing what out of whack.

    • Richard Prouty | November 5, 2020 at 2:54 AM | Reply

      @redwingdog22 Except Republican voter suppression, fake ballot boxes, and illegal voting locations for voters have been reported consistently. While each of these have been reported by a plethora of news media sources, your claims aren’t showing any search results. I suggest upping your game in substantiating your claims before tossing out baseless accusations.

  6. How would voting like this be any different than a normal in person voting location? I don’t see why they’re complaining.

    • @black rain Indeed, those who’ve voted two or three times already by mail can now drive more votes through this way. Democrats always find a way to cheat at elections.

    • @Contumacious yes because people are really willing to go to prison for voter fraud by casting more than 1 ballot.

    • They would suppress Republicans voting for Trump by drive thu as well by that illoigic😏

    • @black rain Why cant Republicans do the same thing ?Seems it is always Repubs accusing Dems of cheating when those caught so far have been repubs. It is a non argument,

    • @Farmer Frank – it’s a predominantly democratic county; historically it votes something like 70/30 Democrat. Thus, even if they catch 30k republican votes, they ALSO get rid of 70k+ democratic votes. Further, multiple polls have indicated that a lot more democrats are voting early. So, it’s a 2x filter for Democratic votes – if they can get these 126k+ votes tossed, there’s a good chance that 100k+ of them are Democratic.

  7. Stephen David Bailey | November 3, 2020 at 1:48 AM | Reply

    The Clerk was impressively professional.

  8. brilliantly said, ty mr hollins and mr o’donnell. voting is not just a right but a civic duty and each vote is a voice on the direction to steer this ship of state! each voice must be heard and counted if we are to avoid that iceberg! those who try to silence our voices are rooting for the iceberg! vote!!!

    • @SPARTAMERICUS run on back to fox little one.

    • nobody is silencing voices. they’ve been louder than usual this year. when you get off social media and go look around, people are living, working, voting, etc and other than troublemakers, people are actually nice to each other. the news just wants everyone to think we’ve all gone mad. we haven’t.

    • @SPARTAMERICUS Every civilized country uses ID’s for validation. Imagine if the USA didn’t require one anymore. 🙄 It’ll never happen. We would have to return to the wild west. Won’t happen.

    • @P K so how are dead people voting?

    • @mary jones disney owned lefty light faux news? All yours kiddo.

  9. As long as IDs are being checked then I don’t care.

  10. Voting should be made easier so more people can vote, that is the only way to get a representative democracy. Nothing wrong with this.

    • @Hal Rudy your trying to give me credit for something someone else said. I simply explained it.

    • @Hal Rudy trump supporters are having a tough night.

    • @san hars looking like you don’t like tonight very much

    • @Luke Didit Yes Luke, and even a tough time today. I totaled all the electoral votes last this morning around 1 am even the ones from the main stream media broadcast and at that time it was Trump 290 and Biden 230. Did someone one or some self interest group change the stats to what we woke up to? I don’t know and am not being accusation just saying it looks like it. No worries about “giving you credit” for suggesting a change in election process. I said “in your honor” and there have been plenty of people who have made this suggestion before so your ego may relax and when the suggestion is made it will be in honor of all those and no names will be mentioned or “credit” was planned on being given. I simply had not heard of the idea before you mentioned it. So I thought it was one of the best solutions I ever heard. I discussed this with my girlfriend and she mentioned quite a few times this solution was brought up through American history by a variety of people including president Lincoln. Did you ever hear the country western song called “pass it forward”. It’s about when some one does a good deed for some one we pass it forward remembering what they did for us. We may not even remember who they were but the idea or the deed is worth passing on.. That concept is what I was referring to and I apologize if you took it any other way.

    • @san hars Im not sure about that one, but insanely, CA approved that ex felons can vote thanks to lebron the commie. Because felons are such glowing members of society.

  11. Seems like most courts still hold the line against trumpublican fascism. They know: The stain would stick when going along with the fascists!

  12. This man and the ones who work with him deserve props for all their efforts. I hope all counties could have such leadership protecting their vote. Thanks county Clerk 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • Trump J Vallone | November 3, 2020 at 5:07 AM | Reply

      I’m giving kudos to the judges also. Keeping politics out. That’s what a judge is supposed to do on rulings

  13. Dirk von Ümlaut | November 3, 2020 at 2:58 AM | Reply

    Drive-thru voting. Is there anything **more** American??

  14. Quantum-Cat Person | November 3, 2020 at 3:00 AM | Reply

    Depending on the candidate you either believe this is really good news, or if you’re an American patriot like me, this is really good news.

    • Master Technician | November 3, 2020 at 5:58 AM | Reply

      What makes you a patriot?

    • @Master Technician believing in the constitution and bill of rights. The desire for our nation to reflect the constitution and bill of rights. The belief that all rights belong to all citizens. Basically everything trump & his supporters are Not.

    • @Master Technician the love for our country makes us a patroit. Biden 2020.

    • Master Technician

      He was basically saying that if you want your vote counted at all, that it’s good news

      And that if you are a ~real~ republican that actually values the constitution and the right to vote for all eligible Americans that this is really good news

      I’m a democrat and I understood precisely what he was getting at

      I may be wrong, but I’m guessing that he’s a Republican? Maybe I misread between the lines/subtext, but either way this update was good news

      There is Individual corruption in both parties, there are genuinely good people in both parties. There is no “democrat cabal” and there is no volcano lair for string-pulling republicans.

      What there is, is a chance for the people to make our voices heard today and put our country at least a little bit back on track. Biden, presuming he wins, won’t be an instant bringer of unity and change, but he will hopefully lay the groundwork to bring sanity back to this country and lessen the divide.

  15. Make it simple | November 3, 2020 at 4:16 AM | Reply

    Who would’ve thought reps wanted to invalidate the vote? Definitely not me. Kapp

  16. Cassandra Lyman | November 3, 2020 at 6:02 AM | Reply

    Why are Trump Supporters who consistently call themselves “the silent majority” so afraid of counting the majority of votes?

  17. Funny how Republican’s keep accusing Democrats of cheating but they BLATANTLY keep trying to disregard people’s votes

    • BS, not disregarding votes, just do not want votes that come in 2 to 3 days after the election when everyone has already had plenty of time to vote by Nov. 3. If you did not get your vote in time it is your fault at that point. If your doc. appt. is today and you show up tomorrow should they see you? No they should not!!!

    • Go away boomer, your orange man child is LOSING

    • @Adam Wren No brains trying to elect a man with no brains, LOL ya that fits. Were you the dumbest kid in your class like Biden too?

  18. There is a saying, every dog has his day. Well, today is the day to vote this devil out of the WH. Bye Felicia 👋

  19. I bet the Trump voters drove up and tried to order a cheeseburger and fries.

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