Chris Krebs: Ransomware Attackers ‘Know Where Their Bread’s Buttered’

Former CISA Director Chris Krebs discusses CISA saying that they are still waiting for key technical details from Colonial Pipeline about the cyberattack.

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Chris Krebs: Ransomware Attackers ‘Know Where Their Bread’s Buttered’


  1. Now we know why every time a WH aid walked in on Trump talking to Russians , he would start eating paper notes !

    1. @K.W. Matterhorn Your voices say that, huh? There is help but it will be expensive for you. Good luck.

    2. @katy bassett Those crises originated with Biden’s Handlers of course.
      Your coma was deep, huh? Sorry, hope you are recovering.

    3. @Ro G What you describe is called ‘whistling through the graveyard’ (That was an insult, Cletus).

  2. I assume this attack is being handled differently because it’s really a foreign policy episode: Putin laying his cards on the table… presumably with a grin he’ll soon regret.

    1. @The Alpengeist again Philly is one city with historic problems. and the mayor did not give a rundown of crime in that quote. for all he said, crime could be down.
      so you never made your point, just some noise.

    2. @tieck – “According to new data from the Philadelphia Police department, homicides are up 30 percent in 2021 year-to-date.” How is that down???

    3. @tieck Last time I checked homicide is a crime and what I should have said was crime in larger Democrat-run cities, my mistake.

  3. Nothing of this magnitude happens without Putin say so. Notice they haven’t been hunted down and arrested.

    1. It’s an inside job to get more money for the oil, since demand is still low, since we have not fully reopened yet.

    1. That was the USSR, and Chernobyl is in Ukraine.
      I think there are plenty of things you can blame Russia for, but Chernobyl is more complicated.

    2. @RogerWilco It was a Russian design, no? There are more of the same design reactors in other places in the old USSR.

    3. @RogerWilco Ukrain had been occupied by Russia for decades when Chernobyl happened, so it was a Russian disaster.

  4. Shouldn’t have chased Edward Snowden out of the country. The government should instead of procecuting American hackers. Give them jobs. It’s time to think outside of the box.

    1. **absolutely,, Edward Snowden is a hero!!! Why,, does it take a computer, to send oil through a pipeline.. can’t they hire people to open and close valves and read pressures!!! WE ARE TOO DEPENDENT ON COMPUTERS!!!**

    2. Ed Snowden fled before anyone could chase him. He wasn’t a brilliant hacker so much as a paid contract employee who (allegedly) misused his government access. If it was all legit, he can come back home and defend himself in court. This offer will always open to him.

    3. ​@Dr. G It’s interesting how people on one hand stand against gov overreach and abuse of power. On the other hand, when whistleblowers expose such abuses, people then line up behind the same gov against the “traitors” who exposed them.

      Snowden cannot just come back and “defend himself in court” in the way that you would expect. He is charged with Espionage, and the US has very restrictive rules regarding how a person can even defend themselves against such a charge. There are things he is not allowed to say, evidence he is not allowed to provide to a jury, all sorts of restrictions on HOW he can defend himself against the charge that tip the scales immensely in favour of the gov and make it practically impossible to have a fair trial. If he returns without having been pardoned, a conviction is almost guaranteed.

    4. @cleogyrl I’m not on any side. If Snowden is afraid he won’t get a fair trial, his decision to remain in Russia might make sense to him. He was granted permanent residency in the Russian Federation just 6 months ago, so it’s totally up to him.

  5. Let’s put everything on the internet. What could possibly go wrong…go wrong…go wrong…gogogogogogogo…gggggggg….

  6. I would love to hear the phone calls Mitch McConnell is receiving from the oil lobby. They are probably pretty upset about him killing every cybersecurity bill

    1. I imagine they’re pretty happy with him. I imagine they’ll request and receive “bailout money”, at taxpayer’s expense (after jacking up fuel prices for everyone).

    2. @Robert Fritzenkotter BTW don’t forget
      Robert Fritzenkotter the biggest Cry Sis on the planet with his,
      “Waaaaaah. Biden won and he stole my rattle. Waaaaah.”

  7. I wonder where’s going all that information about those ballots in Arizona.
    Watch out America.

    1. Are they recording all that Info and sending it electronically to Russia via hackers invited in?????

    1. @KW Matterhorn – Typical lib. Yeah let’s blame everything on Trump. Not one word was said about Trump, and Schiff always goes to the Russia card with no evidence. Your word “Guaranteed”. Back it up! You can’t. Just spout rhetoric. You are a real piece of work.

    2. @Gary Miller ..did you watch the video? The Guy said they operate out of Russia…what is wrong with you? Ransom ware warfare is a tech tool that Russia is the user of. Krebs is a Republican I don’t think he is lying he obviously has had an intelligence briefing.

  8. Putin a few weeks ago said he would take revenge on any sanctions. I think he used the term “non-symmetrical”. Anyone picked up on that?

  9. Scary times. Why do we even have PC’s? Look at all the ID theft. They even have some entity that reads your emails and suggests responses. Big Brother.

  10. My kid just graduate with a BS in Cyber security. Guess she’ll never be out of a job. Everyone is being hacked.

  11. This was probably part of the cyber attack courtesy of the last guy.💻 And his minions🕸️

  12. Man I have to wonder if Trump gave info to the Russians so he/they could sabatoge Biden’s presidency. I really wouldn’t find it hard to believe!

  13. Why end there, Chuck?? Because frankly, that’s more interesting, and I’d be interested in hearing Krebs’ take on _that._

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