Chris Krebs: ‘The Base Is Ultimately Driving The Bus’ Of The GOP’s Future | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Chris Krebs: ‘The Base Is Ultimately Driving The Bus’ Of The GOP’s Future | Deadline | MSNBC


Former CISA Director Chris Krebs speaks with Nicolle Wallace about the lies of voter fraud in the 2020 election, what led to the January 6th insurrection, and the likelihood that Trump will the Republican party’s presidential nominee in 4 years. Aired on 03/01/2021.
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About Deadline White House: Before getting into cable news, Nicolle Wallace worked in politics, including as President George W. Bush’s communications director during his administration and for his 2004 re-election campaign. Those experiences helped contribute to the knowledge and unique point of view she brings to this program. Wallace leads dynamic discussions on the political stories driving the news cycle with Washington insiders and well-sourced journalists. She also provides in-depth reporting while delivering up-to-the-minute breaking news to viewers.

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Chris Krebs: ‘The Base Is Ultimately Driving The Bus’ Of The GOP’s Future | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. “In the papers and TV and all that mass stupidity
      That seems to grow more every day
      Each time you hear some nitwit say
      He wants to go and do you in
      ‘Cause the color of your skin
      Just don’t appeal to him
      No matter if it’s black or white because he’s out for blood tonight” Frank Zappa – Trouble every day

    1. Republicans care more about suppressing voting rights and ‘Secession’ of Red States from America than voting for a COVID Relief Bill for millions of Americans.

  1. “The base is driving the bus” or you could say “the mental patients are running the asylum” but that’s a bit too literal.

  2. Corrupt voter suppression starts at the top of the lie/disinformation machine.
    His hole card was the Supreme Court and his 3 appointees, believing they would violate their oaths to help him.
    When that failed, he incited his followers to commit insurrection.
    France convicted Sarkozy for much less.
    Our Democracy deserves better.

    1. Someone like that doesn’t shock me. They made this bed for decades. The modern gop is acting like the old old dems of the “deep south”. But just happen to be spread all over the country. That’s when the dems of that era was the conservative party.

    2. Trump has the support of 55% of Republicans in the top 6 projected contenders. He never broke 50% approval among all voters. He lost the popular vote twice. The electorate is projected to become more liberal and diverse over the next 4 years as he’ll surely have civil, if not criminal troubles.

      That’s the basket Republicans want to put all of their rotten eggs in?

    3. Need to get rid of the democrats. They are the problem with with country. Thay have always been the problem with this country..

  3. We want Chris Krebs to hold an important job in the Biden administration. He is a true patriot and his voice should be heard.

  4. The organized criminal entity called the GOP needs to be prosecuted and brought to justice for their prolonged deliberate actions to deny every American’s fundamental right to vote in any election.

  5. It’s pretty sad that your political party is dependent on appeasing a CULT and their leader. Republican Conservatives. Good luck in the future with that one though.

    1. The mass of voters that are not extremely wealthy or willfully ignorant accepting the information and direction from 45 with unquestioning blind faith need to choose another leader and party; otherwise you are condoning what 45 stands for and definitely on the wrong side of history.

  6. Remember when Trump encouraged people to vote multiple times in different ways? Right there, it signaled his intent to cause chaos in the election process.

    1. Yeah, and if North Carolina actually stood for Law and Order, that right there is a felony that would see DJT in court and prison.
      But we all know that North Carolina is Red/GOP and so will NEVER told DJT accountable for his criminal acts.

  7. The people who believe Trump won the last election with a landslide by any since of the imagination needs medication. They are horrifically confiused.

    1. … but the faux “billionaire” will pretend to do so for the fundraising opportunity that builds his personal post presidency slush fund.

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