Chris Matthews Thinks Democrats Should Appeal More To American Patriotism | MSNBC

Chris Matthews Thinks Democrats Should Appeal More To American Patriotism | MSNBC 1


Chris Matthews gives his thoughts on the debate, saying that Democrats should appeal more to American patriotism. Aired on 11/20/19.
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Chris Matthews Thinks Democrats Should Appeal More To American Patriotism | MSNBC

30 Comments on "Chris Matthews Thinks Democrats Should Appeal More To American Patriotism | MSNBC"

  1. Yes it is corrupt. For the campaign finance system it is. As the phrase goes, “Can’t bite the hand the feeds you”
    And if that wasn’t the case then why they did make rulings since 1976 with Buckley v. Valeo, and up to Citizens United, etc. Because it wasn’t in the constitution.

  2. unknown President | November 21, 2019 at 6:05 AM | Reply

    More Americans should be patrotic to the USA , but sadly republican aren’t patriotic.

    • unknown President Democrats are doing Russia’s work in further sowing the seeds of division in America as demonstrated by the impeachment hearings. Democrats know no shame.

    • unknown President you’re a special kind of stupid!

    • Old time Republicans used to be patriotic. But the Trumpists of today are only loyal to one man, not to the country or to the old ideals of the party.

    • Partisan useful idiots pretending republicans aren’t corrupt as well. Completely intellectually dishonest. My team is perfect, yours all bad. The entire system is corrupt and you support it.

  3. I agree with you Chris Matthews.

  4. Sondland’s testimony reminds of something attributed to Winston Churchill: “Americans can be relied upon to do the right thing, after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”

  5. Mr. Softball still pushing wars to distract from issues important to Americans. Who cares what the pasty old fart bag thinks.

  6. American patriotism isn’t hugging a flag, it’s standing up for the principles and ideals this country stands for.

    • Yes I love our constitution more than the person who occupies the seat. I wish that America would show up now.

    • Mr. Oxford: I have long railed against supplanting substance with symbolism, which costs nothing and does not guarantee belief on the part of the person employing the symbol. Symbols, and those include words, only have validity and strength when backed up by corresponding action or sincere beliefs. Otherwise, they are at best empty representations or at worst deceptions. Pres. Trump’s literal flag-hugging belongs to the latter, as he constantly demonstrates his true loyalty to himself and himself alone. You have to delineate those principles of which you speak and see if most everyone agrees with them. Maybe most of the people, I hope not, but maybe they do, think that the only principle that counts is the right to make lots of money, by hook or by crook. That’s the principle that Donald Trump embodies and tens of millions of Americans seem to admire. We have glamorized wealth for decades now, at a time when glamorous wealth was not needed for escapism like in the 1930’s. So what are the principles you speak of and how do they apply practically to America today? Republicans always say that a country has a right to police its borders and decide who it wants to let in and who it doesn’t. But why should laws be different today than they were in the 1910’s when it was legal for my grandparents and tens of millions of others (from 1890 to 1930) to emigrate to the USA for the exact same reasons as immigrants still come? As long as we have a system of sovereign nation states with borders, each one has the right to decide who gets in and who does not. No one disputes that. It is a matter of principle that is behind the Republican desire to let in only nuclear physicists, concert violinists and seven-foot basketball players, while Democrats cleave to the same judgments of suitability as that which allowed my grandparents to immigrate with no English, no special skills, but a desire to escape being oppressed by the governments of the Austrian Emperor and the Russian czar and a willingness to work to make a better life for their children. Which. They. Did. Sure there were the parents of Al Capone and others like him who were let in from various countries in Europe and, man, did they cause trouble. But the vast majority were like my grandparents and their descendants who have done their best to contribute to the vigor, strength and prosperity of the USA. If today’s immigrants share those desires and that willingness why are they any less deserving of the right to immigrate legally? The answer is a matter of principle and morality, since clearly there is a demand for the work they are willing to do at the salaries for which they are willing to do it, just as was the case with my grandparents. As a result, it is necessary for us to ask whether the principles you or I might agree on are shared by most Americans. I am not sure the answer is a resounding yes any more. The upcoming election may provide an answer.

  7. But our democracy is corrupt! It is the plain truth. We have things like Russian interference, the Ukraine scandal, voter suppression, gerrymandering, first past the post, the two party system, Citizens United, and the electoral college. To fix a problem you need to first identify it and admit that it exists. I like a cold hard rationalist like Bernie. I prefer a painful truth to a comforting lie.

  8. Can fool lotsa folks, can’t fool Matthews !!

  9. It is just not in them to do that.
    It has not been for a while now.

  10. Becareful of telling the truth we get butthurt when you expose the truth

  11. Well, that is not going to happen when you have a bunch of anti-American lefties extremists and Communists running for president!

  12. Can’t wait till Chris Matthews finds out he is part of the corruption.

  13. So, his advice is to concede to the Republicans and not fight for the people who need it the most

  14. Lol. Platitudes is all these millionaires and billionaires want.

  15. Our system is Corrupt, Chris. Bernie Sanders was absolutely right. And you are an example of that corruption, beyond the bought & owned politicians you support.

  16. The country is corrupt and bernie is right!!! MSNBC, CNN and the media are just pushing there agendas to keep the 1% wealthy and fox news is pushing people to become home grown terrorists it’s crazy!!! WTF!!!

  17. Rev. Jesse L. Peterson | November 22, 2019 at 2:17 PM | Reply

    Chris “FART” Matthews. Amazin!

  18. Everyone wants to know about the fart, Chris did you get tingles up and down your leg before you let it rip?

  19. I’m a Democrat and I’m changing my party to independent, this party has become an embarrasment

  20. I mean, lobbying is legalized bribery.

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