Chris Murphy On His Oath To Be An Impartial Juror In Trump Impeachment Trial | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. The truth is that the majority of republicans in the House and Senate can’t stand Trump. They know that he’s grotesquely unfit to be president, and more importantly, they are sick and tired of constantly having to defend his crimes, and buffoonery for 3 years straight now. This is what republicans say behind closed doors. The only reason republicans are afraid to speak out against Trump, or vote to remove him from office, is because they are afraid of losing their seats. Make no mistake, If republicans were guaranteed that they would keep their seats, even if they voted to remove Trump from office, Trump’s presidency would come to an end next month. Long story short, republicans are simply moral cowards.

    1. The Insane Shecklador, it’s not a “disservice” to the constitution. Let’s be real. It’s an outright, blatant, in your face, I’m-not-hiding-it, I’m-proudly-announcing-it, what-are-you-gonna-do-about-it, violation of the constitution and violation of their oath of office, and violation of their oath on proceedings. It would actually render their votes void.

    2. The Insane Shecklador, apparently five Republican senators are willing to vote Trump out even in a non-secret ballot, risking losing their seats and jobs and senator salary and all the money thrown at them by corporate interests, because they’ve decided if push comes to shove, they owe it to their children and their grandchildren to put country over party, because they will be destroying the fabric of the American system of government by acquitting Trump.

      I say these five senators, who may have already accepted their fate of being booted out by Trump’s base, should be the ones to vote for the procedural vote to make the adjudicating ballot secret. Only a bare majority is needed for that.

      That way these patriots can self sacrifice for the country twice, and they can be honored with that legacy, that they did the right thing in public to allow enough of their coward senatorial colleagues to do the right thing in secrecy during the super majority vote to remove Trump with 2/3 of senators then voting to convict and remove.

    3. @D SP You are absolutely correct. I intentionally used very soft language in my post. I was attempting to have a rational conversation with wileycoyote. I assumed if I came across as “You’re absolutely wrong, these senators are traitors to our country, etc” there was little chance coyote would listen to anything I wrote. I’m hoping that perhaps they will take a few moments to consider what I wrote and at least attempt to see where I’m coming from and maybe open their mind to the possibility that what these senators are about to do is wrong.

  2. Moscow Mitch and Graham raking an oath to be impartial knowing they are lying when they take that oath is shocking! WTF America!!!! 😡😡😡😡

    1. Yes it is shocking!! Graham and McConnell are about to perjure themselves WHILE they’re taking their oath… and they don’t care one bit.

  3. So, we’ve had the airing of grievances; now for the feats of strength!! Dig deep, GOP, there’s gotta be some self respect (respect for your office, perhaps?) in there somewhere! Expect a Festivus miracle!

  4. Mitch McConnell will not do what is right for neither the Senate nor the country. He will do what is right for Trump. End of story.

    1. Under Obama&Dems the US had 3rd highest Corp tax in the world at 35%,Mex.&India 30%, China 24%, businesses&jobs left America, tax revenues dropped. Under Trump&Reps Corp tax cut to21% business, jobs returning tax revenues up.

  5. You all have opinions. but McConnell is actively working with Trump’s legal team. There’s impartial and then at the other end of the spectrum there’s complicit.

  6. Chief Justice Roberts should closely question each Senator individually on their public statements regarding this impeachment, before allowing them to take this oath. Jury dismissal should be a possibility.

  7. *We are a flawed democracy because of 1) The electoral college, 2) plurality voting, with spoiler effect 3) our partisan Senate that undermines the voice of the people (from the House)*

    “Speaking at the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, (Oct 24, 2014), Russian President Vladimir Putin went out of his way to dismiss a very American political system. – The electoral college. “There is no true democracy there,” Putin said, referring to America, “and you are trying to convince us that we are not [democratic]?”
    Trouble with the electoral college:

    1) National Popular Vote Interstate Compact:
    2) Rank Choice Voting, or Approval Voting:
    3) Balance the Senate –

    Provide 1 Senator from each party (2 per state). They would act in unison for things that benefit their state, but, offset each other on national issues. The Senate will vote for a leader, as a “referee”, and on rare occasion, a tie-breaker. (Removing the partisan VP)

    The House and the White House, should be partisan. However, the Senate should be judicious, deliberate, and objective among these three. The Senate needs to act like *the adults in the room* . They need to suppress their bias, partisan leaning, and weigh the facts. It’s not a perfect solution, but a better one, that promotes objective thinking and decision making.

    The Senate should rarely reject bills from the House, that the majority of Americans want to have completed . So, this makes gerrymandering, and voter suppression in districts across the USA, key issues to monitor and resolve.


  8. Moscow Mitch isn’t furthering the interests of the Citizens of the United States of America, he is furthering the interests of Putin and Russia.

    1. That’s why putin bought him off with an aluminum plant in KY and Moscow Mitch appointed a judge position to the broker of the deal’s wife.

  9. Moscow Mitch will try his best not bring witnesses to the Senate trial because he afraid it will bring out the corruptions from fake potus which will for sure affect the mind of members of his party, these guys are rotten to the core, Republican principles are long gone the day John McCain passed away.

  10. A Question, “Oath To Be An Impartial Juror”, How can you take an oath of beeing impartial AFTER you have stated that you have already made up your mind? Wouldent that exclude you from beeing a Juror in the first place?

  11. The Republicans want you to believe that Trump’s phone call was so “perfect” that they had to immediately lock it up on a secret server. They also want you to ignore the three months of corruption leading up to the bribery phone call. Let them know most Americans are not that stupid or naive.

  12. That’s exactly right.. there’s always a reason for most actions!! HE KNOWS THOSE WITNESSES WILL FURTHER PROVE TRUMPS CORRUPTION!! Plain and simple!! AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY KNOWS IT AS WELL.. THEIR LYING CHEATING CROOKS ….
    ALL OF THEM!!!!

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