Chris: Trump Is Trying To ‘Rerun The Bush v Gore Playbook’ With The Whole Gang | All In | MSNBC

Chris: Trump Is Trying To ‘Rerun The Bush v Gore Playbook’ With The Whole Gang | All In | MSNBC 1


Chris Hayes breaks down why it’s no coincidence that Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Justice Kavanaugh, and Chief Justice Roberts all worked on Bush v. Gore in 2000. Aired on 10/15/2020.
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Chris: Trump Is Trying To ‘Rerun The Bush v Gore Playbook’ With The Whole Gang | All In | MSNBC

81 Comments on "Chris: Trump Is Trying To ‘Rerun The Bush v Gore Playbook’ With The Whole Gang | All In | MSNBC"

  1. The whole system needs a overhaul

  2. When the will of the people is ceded to the lawyers and the courts ….. it’s the beginning of the end for American representative democracy.

    • @gray guy What crimes was he impeached for? Nixon had crimes, Clinton had crimes….Trump?

    • Ugly German Truths | October 15, 2020 at 3:21 PM | Reply

      When the will of the people is ceded to the lawyers”
      Out of fifty signatories of the constitution something like 40 or 42 did work in law at the time or had worked in it previously.
      I am not sure about the current ratio of congresspeople in both houses that are trained as lawyers, but it’s very high for presidents and presidential candidates. In Germany Lawyers are the largest professional group in the Bundestag with Teachers a not too close second.

      “Giving the will of the people over to lawyers” is the FOUNDING PRINCIPLE of the US and explains why your legalese language in the text of your laws is especially horrible.
      The lawyers have just now decided that they no longer want to include the will of the people too overtly in their empowerment to lead the nation. Very miniscule change.

      Or as the musical Hamilton would say “Who lives, who dies, who writes the story?” (and laws). In the end Lawyers pretty often are these “who’s”.

    • Trump will win the electoral college by a narrow margin.
      Biden will win the popular vote in a landslide.
      The dems will maintain the house and get back the senate majority.
      Trump deserves a new fair and fast impeachment.

    • @mako zero Trump will make history as the first impeached president to win reelection in US history

    • @Paul Schramm How do any of those things make USA a fascist country? Perhaps you don’t understand what that word means…

  3. Now this becomes really scary. We need a landslide victory .!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Jonathon Miller still with that tired talking point? If it was a “Muslim ban”, why was Indonesia not on that list? Hint : Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country…. Riddle me that

    • @Daniel M Connolly THAT IS WHAT I AM WORRIED ABOIUT, AND SO SHOULD YOU IF you love America. I guess you don’t. Trump is an ignorant fraud, a con man, a crook, a criminal who should have been in jail years ago. And you want him to be our president for another 4 years. You must wear that MAGA hat to bed, under a poster of TrumP

      . Morons of America. Only morons vote for a moron. He is going to lose in a landslide. The nation sees through him. They won’t make the same mistake they made in 2016!!!!!!!

    • @Benji His base are only little Trumps. A bunch of morons that will vote for him no matter what. Not enough. Keep praying and keep you fingers crossed we can send the entire family packing!!!!!!

    • I know this matter directly concerns Americans, that they are in the crossfire here and their well-being, future or maybe even their lives are at stake right now, but I’d like to add this comment as a European anyway:
      we’re all already facing a nasty raging pandemic, a pretty terrible prognosis on the effects of climate change and their imminence with plenty of (other) idiots around the globe not taking proper measures about it. The last thing any of us need is the very probable prospect of political conflicts between America and the rest of the world, including many of its allies, which Trump already started alienating.

    • We need to vote now, more new registered Republickass’s in all swing states over 2018.

  4. This woman is there to cheat. She has been selected because she will cheat. She is MORE than happy to cheat!

  5. BERNIE Ferguson | October 15, 2020 at 10:17 AM | Reply


  6. I’m so tired of how corrupt and ugly the congress is

  7. Jonathon Miller | October 15, 2020 at 10:33 AM | Reply

    Trust me if we’re up in a landslide then it’s not going to the court

    • @Kevin Tyerman Most of his lawsuits to the scotus have failed recently,It took a lot of time going to the court processes,but the scotus voted against him many times. Why does sky news australia love trump? Is sky news australia owned by traitor rupert murdoch?

    • @The Blue Wave Yes, Sky News is a little sibling to Fox News. We have states here, such as Queensland, where almost every printed newspaper is now owned by Rupert.

      Trump Campaign and Republicans have had too many wins in state courts to dismiss so easily, such as Naked Ballots, which within three days of invalidating naked ballots, Trump / Barr used ballots that were invalidated by their own actions to say that the ones invalidated with Trump’s name on them proved that mail in ballots were being tampered with. I am aware that is not SCOTUS, but SCOTUS decisions on other matters does not pre-empt decisions on unrelated future cases (and shouldn’t – every case should be heard on its own merits).

    • @Kevin TyermanWhy would the aussies love trump? I mean australia does have its own problems, right? The only problem with australia I have ever heard about was with your prime minister and the wildfires that devistated your lands. That was the only issue that I have heard about your government. Why is murdoch shoving trump down your australian throats? You cant vote for him.

    • @The Blue Wave I don’t think they do on the whole. Murdoch media, along with some of our politicians, plays the Right Wing / Left Wing culture wars.

      Our prime minister, Scott Morrison, has supped with Trump, and came back using a couple of his anti-media tactics. Ironically our party that is more to the Right is called the Liberal Party, and Murdoch’s media empire here usually supports them to the detriment of all others. We are not as rabidly partisan as America has become, but we are heading in that direction bit by bit. That said, all parties got together to do their best to control the virus, mostly with decent success, and in a couple of cases good and bad luck – however, the culture wars are now starting to flare up again.

      Along with the USA, Australia is probably one of the worst hold-outs against acknowledging and acting on climate change, even though last summer’s fires showed accelerating changes in the behaviour of the fires themselves. The most intense of the bush fires are forming there own weather patterns and storms, which was almost unheard of prior to 2000 and is now happening at a rapidly increasing rate.

    • @Kevin Tyerman Well the australian people had better wake up because trump is a fascist cult that wants to be a KING with absolute monarchy to do whatever he wants including executing brown people at our southern border. Parading him on australia tv is doing the australian people a disservice. Trump silently supported the christchurch shooting,you can tell he did a mile away.

  8. Recount only happen if the difference is less than 1%. If Trump loses by 2%, there is no recount.

    • @Rose Machian 2016 Was illegitimate because of Russian interference. If Trump plays by the rules, does not try to steal the election, does nothing illegal with Barr, actually truly wins the electoral college, we will have to believe it and just pray for a quick, certain assassination.

    • @bruce robbins debunked garbage! msm is so in the tank for the democrats they refuse to divulge the truth which may shed the light on their corruptness. Why is msm so biased for democrats, it the BIG question.

    • @Paul Schramm if there is alleged cheating, then yes Pres Trump, the fighter will fight it, as he should. We, Americans should demand and support that. I’d like fair and honest elections, but the democrats are casting a dark cloud over the process. Trump, the underdog and we his followers are fighting against the very powerful. If he were a dictator he’d have the media in his pocket, which he obviously doesn’t, think about who does though.

    • @Rose Machian Who is msm? Sounds like you get your information from FOX and friends (Trump). Trump’s administration will definitely go down in history as the MOST CORRUPT in history, with Bill Barr, the worst and most corrupt AG, and the fattest, ever in human history. Not working for us, the American people, but working for Trump as his private lawyer.

      I am ashamed of the Oversight Committee, for letting this criminals and crooks get away with this stuff. We impeched Trump but were unable to convict him because of the spineless, Trumpie chicken GOP in th e Senate. Afraid of his Tweets!!!!!!!!!! What has happened to the GOP? Trump is going to bring it down with him!!!!!

    • @bruce robbins Trump has been accused of everything possible by corrupt Adam Schiff and Nancy pelosi, the king and queen of slime, but accusations do not mean anything. They obviously have convinced the simple-minded that they do. They are trying to stop real progress and their failures, corruption and ineptness are being highlighted for us to see. Trump 2020 baby.

  9. *Please don’t become complacent. Don’t rely on others to do the voting. YOUR vote is needed to make sure Trump is punted out of office.*

    • Pointless Matter | October 15, 2020 at 10:11 PM | Reply

      @Rose Machian #Biden2020

    • Pointless Matter | October 15, 2020 at 10:19 PM | Reply

      @Rose Machian Trump is the one abusing his presidential power. Obstructing justice every way he can. Using Barr and the DOJ as his personal attorney. Using our taxpayer funds for as his own piggy bank. We have to vote him out and flip the Senate so these atrocities never happen again.

    • @Pointless Matter blah blah, lying blathers from his powerful enemies. I’ll stick with our President Trump, he is the underdog fighting the evil Left and media. We his supporters know the truth. Trump 2020!

    • @Pointless Matter I don’t like 47 year crony, stinkin’ do-nothing, little girl sniffing creepy politician Joe, but you do you! I’ll stick with the non-politician fighter for Americans, Trump!

    • Pointless Matter | October 15, 2020 at 10:32 PM | Reply

      @Rose Machian You’re obviously brainwashed or just choose not to educate yourself. #voteblue2020

  10. My biggest fear for this country is that there are not enough good, honest people remaining to turn this country around (and that things will just get worse for the ‘commoners’, which is how, I believe, we are viewed by the wealthy/powerful.)

    • Yep.Trump family Hates working class people who Work with their hands. This Wig Man is evil plus
      and will enjoy ruling 300 plus million
      Serfs. But only for so long. All Dictatorships go down.

    • We are peasents to them wealthy.

    • @John Leber do you think America could handle a North Korean style Dictatorship Don Jr Ivanka Eric Barron & his brats they’ll be sitting on Thrones wearing Crowns 😂😂

    • @68majortom The idiots will vote for the Wig Man and thus will love all those worthless Paracite Trump’ and the in law 666 Address Kushner.
      Where are you JFK and Ike?

    • 😢😢😢😢

  11. … Judge Amy Coney Barrett, is so non-committal in her attitude and answers that she makes it clear she’s a cunning unconditional partisan of Trump and of the Republican party. Weep America, Trump has torpedoed your Constitution, your Democracy and your rule of law, and they are dangerously threatening to go under if Trump is re-elected!

    • @Biker 06 we sure hope anyways huh.

    • What are you even talking about? why would you expect a judge to throw her opinions and stands on issues, especially in this partisan environment? That is ridiculous. I love she is neutral and wants to follow the rule of law as cases are brought to her. She is incredibly intelligent, nonemotional, strict professional….perfection!

    • She made her views clear when she went to the media. AND she didnt need to do that…

    • @The Blue Wave it’s the loser democrats destroying the Country. They have msm in their pockets wanting to bring back the corrupt Biden/Obama/Clinton/Bush cabal of globalists to run our Country. Can’t wait for our jobs to be sent back to slave-wage countries and start new wars. Yeah!

    • @Eric w Maybe @the blue wave wasn’t happy with that decision either, I don’t know but his comment is correct, she has little experience. Deflecting to others is childish and ignorant. Stop trying to score and try and have a normal conversation.

  12. People need to get the scum, dictator-like, corrupt Republicans we are stuck with now were all brought in by Reagan and Bush. They are to blame for getting us here. Read history.

  13. Charlie Kirk looks like his mouth is upside down.

  14. Doug Schaufele | October 15, 2020 at 12:01 PM | Reply

    Trump has shown quite clearly he’s only capable of INFECTING the nation & completely unable to HEAL the nation!

    • STD (stop the donald) don’t let the infection spread

    • @Patty Carey Actually, you guys are more likely to use STD to refer to something ELSE you get! You are thinking of TAD! I don’t know WHY TAD happens, but it has been giving a LOT of people a good laugh! MANY people made films showing the symptoms of TAD Coined by “therapists ” 10,500,000 hits in google) THEY call it TDS(Coined by unaffected people about 1,100,000 hits in google). Anyway, we watch them every now and then for a good laugh!

    • @ukkr Sorry dude ,you must not have seen the bumper sticker. LOL Enjoy your giggles now, cuz in 19 days you’ll be cryin

    • Our 74 year old hamburger eating President not only survived the covid, but is thriving, and the snowflakes are still crying and whining! I like courageous risk takers, that is Trump! Weak, weenie Joe needs to go. 47 years living off taxpayers is way too long.

    • @Rose Machian smh

  15. jimmyvegas1000 | October 15, 2020 at 12:04 PM | Reply

    If Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed the Supreme Court will have no credibility, sad day for America and the beginning of a Civil War😥

    • Remember she is only one justice and she is being grilled like a potato, all the other recent cases that went to the supreme court on behalf of trump failed to win in the supreme court. This means the court is not a trump stooge. Even john roberts said he is a judge. not a trump judge.

    • She basically showed middle finger to those asking questions.

    • She will be. No doubt. The republicans have the votes.

    • jimmyvegas1000 | October 15, 2020 at 3:32 PM | Reply

      @Jay Ess she will have no credibility just like Cavanaugh

    • @Jerome HughFull of contempt to our constitution, typical trumpanzee. If she was asked about the bible she would have no problem answering.

  16. Folks, even the Supreme Court is corrupt…let that sink in.

    • Roberts is not a trump stooge.

    • Courtney Scott | October 15, 2020 at 4:46 PM | Reply

      @The Blue Wave It doesn’t matter, it’s still corrupt!!!

    • corrupt how? MSM and crooked democrats are trying to discredit anyone or any institution that doesn’t fall in line with them. Their lies and manipulation continues and apparently it’s working.

    • Dont lie Keep it real | October 15, 2020 at 6:36 PM | Reply

      @Rose Machian actually trump is the one and his investigations have failed… Nobody did this but himself… Not Republicans or Democrats..


  18. Trump spelled it out why he wants to rush the confirmation of his Supreme Court nominee.
    He’s preparing for a battle after he loses to turn things in his favor using the Supreme Court’s majority.

  19. This news are so depresing…it drains my good vibes. The corruption is overwhelming.

  20. “TRUMP’S lack of interest or respect to keep his country safe is a disgrace!

    “ 🇺🇸The President Failed🤥 “

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