1. The only problem with him leaving Fox is that a voice of reason is now gone for that audience. I just hope another tucker Carlson or Laura Ingrahm doesn’t take his spot…

    1. @Duckhunt1 One’s views of CNN are totally irrelevant to one’s views of Fox. Besides, everyone has their own opinion.

    2. @adamΒ  the problem with this country is people only want to hear what they believe. They’ll trash one side for being too far one way, then go sit in their safe zone and listen to things they agree with. So again, to call out Fox news anchors without addressing cnn is wrong. It’s OK to admit both nets have their faults.

  2. CNN needs to hire someone to check the sound volume of their videos before posting them. Some are too quiet to hear while others blow out speakers.

    1. @TampaDaves Mine is loud and clear. I can hear them all on it. Too bad for you. Like I really f..king care.

    2. Yeah…. a technician who knows how to select “Normalise” from the drop down menu.

      If only they could find such a genius!

  3. I feel very confident that fox didn’t put up a fight to keep him there. In fox world, there’s no room for the truth.

  4. I respect Chris Wallace, and his authentic integrity. He remains whole and truer than the fractured world that he strives to inform the public about. There is a cultural hunger today for wholesome food that only the truth can satisfy. There is a market for honesty. He is like a chef that serves us healthy food rather than sugary sweets or something. I hope he leads. I think he is.

    1. Headline: Igor the Hunchback explains why he finally decided to stop assisting evil and leave the dungeon. Igor the Hunchback has now fully redeemed himself after years of eye and tongue extractions. He can forget all about his brain eating past.

  5. I have always wondered why Chris Wallace, a man of integrity, was at Fox. He was so, obviously, out of place there. He was the only one at Fox I would listen to and watch every one of his interviews. He, clearly, didn’t belong there. I’m so happy he has moved forward to CNN. Congratulations, Chris! It’s great to see you make a wonderful and much deserving move!

  6. Because Mr. Wallace is the definition of journalist. He’s not a political agitator. FOX corporation is.

    1. @Abel Castillo well, since I watch TYT, CNN, FOX, CBS, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, the SUN, the BBC, Al-Jazeera-America, and others, I keep well informed, and research, and discover many untruths. Knowledge is power. You can lead a person to knowledge, but you can’t make them think!

    2. @Abel Castillo well, you are watching it. Doesn’t say much for your comment. Think before you sink.

    3. @Debunkers Studio I’m with YOU, same here. It is interesting to note that, conservative media INCLUDING radio talk shows don’t seem to let Republicans know what’s happening in their party. Did you notice that? You got to right wing media and hear all about the Democrats and what they are up to.

      Where do Republicans go to get news about the GOOD their party is doing?

  7. Fox has had so much success with their Animation Domination on Sunday night, they decided to become the cartoon network 24/7…Nothing is real on Fox!

  8. Over 60 years ago, Rod Serling warned us of a world in which logic would be the enemy, and truth would be a menace. Guess we should have listened.

  9. Chris was the only anchor I could stomach. A kind and honest man who actually still has integrity and a soul.
    All the rest could go on a wanted (dead or alive) poster/page from the FBI as traitors.

    1. wallace and β€œtruth” in the same sentence?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!!!!!

  10. Any program with the word “News” in it’s title or caption should be held to strict standards of journalism. Period. Half-truths and/or leaving out relevant details are just as damaging as lies. We need to revive something like the Fairness Doctrine.

    1. While I agree with the intent of what you say (and many of the responses as well), it is a very slippery slope when we start talking about setting standards for news. The problem becomes one of who establishes and enforces these standards? The fact that fox news calls its broadcasts news is ludicrous because every time they are fact checked and proven to be wrong, they claim they are not a news network – they are just an entertainment venue. Well, they are neither news nor entertainment in my opinion.

    2. @Frank Castle News can be BOTH entertaining AND truthful. In fact, the truthful part is relatively EASY! In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Chris Wallace blamed his DAD for what the news has become. Before 60 Minutes it WAS a community service. It was NOT supposed to be entertainment. What Mike Wallace did was show that a news program could be a ratings bonanza. But, as Colbert pointed out 60 Minutes not only was GREAT television, but it was also a GREAT service to the country.

  11. Chris Wallace was the only level-headed personality over at FOX News, even during their mainly Conservative-leaning coverage, but even Chris Wallace saw just how bizarre the attitude there had changed & not for the better following the 2020 Presidential election. Nice to see Chris Wallace landing on his feet with CNN+ and able to further branch out on his career. Atta boy Mr. Wallace…!

  12. I’ve always liked Wallace. Pro and a con to him leaving Fox. Pro is that he’s not associated with that garbage anymore. Con is that he was one of the very few there that would call blatant lies out and hold people accountable. So without him and Shep etc. they’re becoming more and more like state media. Hope he’s happy with his decision though, wish him the best.

  13. In a ways it is a shame, he was the only “alternative” source of information for Fox viewers.

  14. I can’t blame him for leaving after seeing what Tucker Carlson represents on Fox News. Fox News is a joke.

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