Christine Jessop’s killer identified 36 years later

Christine Jessop's killer identified 36 years later 1


Toronto Police Chief James Ramer says a Calvin Hoover, who died in 2015, has been identified as the killer of Christine Jessop.

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34 Comments on "Christine Jessop’s killer identified 36 years later"

  1. I did not hear any apology for Guy Paul Morin!!!

  2. All these years later and millions spent and it was her neighbor all along pitiful police work

  3. jessica butler | October 15, 2020 at 4:58 PM | Reply

    Great work! Losers! I think the important info in this story is the number 1984 which we currently live.

  4. Wow I’m the 5th person to comment. Ok anyway THaNkS cOpS

  5. I wonder if he was also involved with Nicole Morin’s disappearance? I am curious if he worked in trades at the time she went missing.

  6. Absolutely pointless press briefing. The victim and the suspect are both dead…..why come out on national TV when the guys been dead over 5 years.

  7. 1:32 The answer, to the question, who killed Christine Jessop ?

  8. I wish he would have faced justice in his lifetime, but he is facing justice now.

    I am so glad that this case has been resolved at least. I am hoping that it brings her mother some measure of peace.

    To Christine, we will never forget you.

  9. Does anyone know whether Calvin Hoover was the family friend identified as having abused Christine and referrred to by a pseudonym in Kirk Makin’s book?

  10. If the cops could do their job, he would have been caught!

  11. Toronto police are the biggest criminals!

  12. My hometown murder. I’m from the next town over. Used to drive through Queensville past the cemetery and the corner store all the time. When I was a kid I remember my mom and her friends passing around the book that was written about the case when they thought it was Morin.

  13. Why so late? How do you know it was him after all this time? He died in 2015. To little far too late.

  14. I was only a few years older than her when she went missing… This is heart wrenching and I never forgot her face… So sad!!!

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