1. But she’s not willing to push for a pension reduction of all MPs across the board. The fact that they get a full pension for a couple years work is ludicrous.

  2. I really wish some journalists would look into the government expense accounts. A 1 day meal allowance for government employee travelling is more than most families spend in a week on food. Why should Canadian families miss out on meals while our taxes pay for luxurious accommodation and meals for public servants?

  3. Hoping she gets voted out in the next election and we get a finance minister that has some actual background in finances.

  4. Not everyone gets gst , I’m on disability and my husband works doesn’t get paid much has to withdraw some of his pension and in the end doesn’t qualify for gst

  5. This is just embrassing…she doesn’t earn her “previlaged” wage, and there have been MANY in canadian politians that have lived through very hard times..and there actions have changed how things are run up to this day..as they experienced from lack of privilages..healthcare being one..her behaviour just saddens me!

  6. I really don’t think that Christia Freeland cares one bit about the average Canadian. She is covering for her misstep that is what this is all about.

  7. She had to get her parents to co-sign for a mortgage when she was in her late 40s and now she’s finance minister???

  8. Freeland pressured iPolitics to pull a story on her marching with a certain banner.
    One of their reporters resigned in disgust over that interference.

  9. Does she understand her govt’s devastating pandemic lockdown policy & money printing, and the out of control govt spending before the pandemic, is the biggest cause of inflation for Canadians? And now she wants to triple the carbon tax & increase the cost of everything at every point of production & distribution? An extra $500 isn’t going to change skyrocketing rents, mortgages & food prices. It might help a family for 1 month – if she wasn’t going ahead with more tax increases that will claw back any of that tax credit and then some.

    1. Exactly !!! It is Trudeau’s out of control deficit spending and debt creation that is going to be a burden of taxation that Canadians will have to bear for generations to come and Freeland is an integral part of that problem.

    2. I bet Trudeau will be forced to call an election sometime next year, they’ll pressure Singh and he’ll fold like a house of cards.

  10. Her job serves no purpose since money means nothing so you’ll excuse her if she doesn’t think about monetary policy .

  11. May be we need someone in there who isn’t privileged… may be then they’d be more eager to help ppl struggling… Only thing I’m sure of is Freeland doesn’t gaf about Canadians and isn’t going to do what is necessary to help them… I also know that this is the same across the board for all parties, they ALL serve the bourgeoisie, so I’m not interested in replacing one roach problem with another

  12. Being that you recognize your privilege, would you propose to your government that the perks that politicians receive paid for by taxpayers outside of their extremely high wages, like for example the bill of fifty five thousand dollars for the prime minister’s food bill in one year, that cuts to ridiculous spending could start right there and right now and could also be seen as a benefit for the taxpayers?

  13. 1. Not even a single word of apology.
    2. No, this is taking money from struggling folks to more struggling folks, not fixing any issue

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