Chuck: GOP’s Ouster Of Cheney ‘Much Bigger’ Than An Internal Squabble 1

Chuck: GOP’s Ouster Of Cheney ‘Much Bigger’ Than An Internal Squabble


House Republicans removed Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership position because she refused to say the election was stolen from former Pres. Trump.
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  1. Was almost moved to tears by Liz’s speech yesterday. It was indeed a eulogy, and effectively marks the end of the Republican party as we know it. She can hold her head high.

    1. @TheBase1aransas Trump is projecting his own insecurities. That’s what he’s best at. Next he’ll talk about how silly her hair looks, that her spray-on tan looks awful, or how she’s physically out of shape.

    2. @TheBase1aransasRespect?
      Here across the Pacific, Trump is near-universally despised and derided as irredeemably putrid, both personally and politically.
      The US has earned itself global contempt by elevating a serial conman, self-admitted sexual predator, and demonstrably despicable ‘person’ as your 45th POTUS.
      Fortunately, it looks like your GOP is self-eviscerating, excising swathes of political centrists in order to appease the extremist fringe, which is a guaranteed losing strategy in the numbers game of democracy.
      Y’all just factionalised yourselves into electoral irrelevance.

    3. @TheBase1aransas True, some folk are abandoning ‘mainstream’ reporting (ie the kind based on factual research), seeking alternate truths” in far fringe media based on hyperbole and unsubstantiated opinionating (“I get my facts from newsmax since fox turned commie”)
      It is similar to how some folks are shunning mainstream science in favour of brainfart blogs postulating about a flat Earth controlled by shapeshifting reptillians.

    1. TBH he probably will be. It’ll be near impossible for the Dems to hold on to the House in the midterms. They already lost a ton of seats in 2020, which was kind of glossed over for whatever reason. I do think the Dems will be able to barely keep their Senate majority, though.

    2. If McCarthy thinks he’ll be the GOP House leader by the end of the year, possibly even the end of the quarter, he’s in for a surprise. He agreed with what Cheney said today, just hours after canceling her. Trump is going to be furious, and the rats will eat each other alive in the GQP to take his power.

    3. I know McCarthy acts like he’s King of the Hill president, what have you. It’s really quite funny how delusional they are. Three cheers for Adam Kinzinger as well for speaking up.

    4. Have I heard right? Biden is restarting the Border Wall!
      IT’S! IT’S! IT’S!
      SO RACIST!

    1. @John Cover Haven’t heard much from Devin Nunes either, ever since he was implicated as a conduit for Russian Intelligence agent Andriy Derkach. I guess he’s lying low.

  2. everyone knows how selling your soul to the devil will end up. Good for you Liz that you haven’t sold your soul to the Orange Conman. Good for you that you stay by the truth and your principles

    1. Now imagine if democrats would have done this in 2016. Stood up against the cheating then. Cheating within the party. But no, do what your told, bow down to hillary and the pollosi and the rest of them.

    2. @Gabe Dudley Russian Collusion, Cyber Attacks, an Insurrection and attack on the Capitol during a Congressional session to certify the Electoral college votes over a f%$kng lie! Are you kidding!! There’s absolutely NO COMPARISON BETWEEN THE TWO! Get a grip on reality!

    3. @Ahmad Abdullah yes democrats love conspiracy theories. Those that still support it are indoctrinated by tbeir political religion.

    4. @Christine King hey hows your tds? Is orange man still bad? Or have you let your go of your ego and accepted teality yet?

    1. @Darth Quantum Well to be fair the military leadership (the Joint Chiefs of Staff) really do not like Trump. We are close to having a fascist party but not yet. However, the MAGA cause/Qanon have amassed a militia through various far-right nationalist groups. So the military might not matter or possibly their resistance will lead to civil war if the militias actively start terrorizing against the government and its people.

    2. @Haiku Brigade I’m an old broad. Been a Democrat all my life. Lived through the Cuban missile crisis. Vietnam, and too many assassinations to count. But have NEVER BEEN this worried about our freedom. Fascism, in the name of trump…… really, truly makes me happy I’m old and won’t be here for the slaughter.

    3. @Boss Women Cheney knows it, she opposes it… If only more Republicans had the courage to stand up, think for themselves…

    4. @Carol Zuvich is that why you fail to walk away and accept reality that the leftest ideology and democrat party have destroyed our beliefs? I was a democrat all my life. But not a complete moron who lets myself become brainwashed by the same kind of propaganda hitler used.

  3. “When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.”
    – Isaac Asimov

    1. @Clint Bzzzzt. Wrong. Dual citizen who lived 90% of my life in. NY. Nice try though, and thanks for playing.

    2. Right, the “intellectuals” and the “educated” fools on the left need to be distanced from those seeking reality.

    3. @tim johnson So you’re saying that the Right follows leaders who live on lies, and you think the Left have problems. You’re too precious.

    4. @Robert Francos Oh, come on. Champion your hero Biden-Harris. Both together couldn’t run a Dollar Store. They are shoving us further down the sewer.

  4. “Remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar,” said Liz Cheney, who was just canceled by the GQP.

    1. @Interested party Thank you for your intelligent and thoughtful post. We know William had a crisis on the southern border since February. Joe slipped a while back that he knew about the crisis but then I believe Jen corrected him. However, we know that we have had to re-open the Trump detention camps along the southern border for juveniles. Congressional representatives have been there and have taken pictures of juveniles sleeping on the floor and covered with tinfoil blankets. We started out with two large tents and now we have many more large towns housing adult for a nationals. AOC used to call these concentration camps.
      During the White House press conference Mayorkas was asked about the situation at the southern border and he stated that the border was closed. This statement was at best a misrepresentation. This southern border thing is going to backfire big-time on us. I firmly believe that Joe was given some very bad information from some of the retreads that he brought back into his administration. This is going to bite us.

    2. @Ice 247 You are very correct, probably not all of these demonstrators are going to get a plea bargain. It’s going to be interesting to see the end result.

    3. @Ice 247 Many of those who were involved in the capital demonstration or riot have been in jail and have had bond denied. There was that black male who was the head of InserrectionUSA and a BLM Supporter who was denied bail by the judge stating that he was too dangerous to release. I believe that foolish guy with the horns was denied bail prior to him going to court.
      So very likely those who were charged with misdemeanor’s and take the plea bargain deal will have to pay a fine and will be credited with time served.
      This is why after a lifetime in politics I find the subject so absolutely fantastic.

    4. @Interested party I wanted to expand a little bit on what we were talking about. Clearly this does not concern one of Joe’s staff members but he is a member of our party.
      California’s representative Adam Schiff, a poster child of the political liar and an embarrassment to our
      He stood on the floor of the house of representatives and told the American people that he had convincing and irrefutable evidence that Trump and the Russians colluded. He stood on the floor of the house of representatives and lied to the American people.
      We heard from the author of the Mueller report, Robert Mueller himself when he testified before Congress under oath. Mueller promised to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When asked, he said there was no proof that Trump colluded with the Russians. Schiff had no clear and convincing evidence against Trump, he lied.
      Furthermore, in additional closed door testimony before Schiff’s House Committee, the following members of the Obama administration gave sworn testimony. James Clapper, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes and Loretta Lynch all testified under oath that they had no evidence or proof that Trump colluded with the Russians. Schiff fought hard to keep this testimony classified because he knew if it was released it would prove that he is nothing but a liar.
      We then had other classified information, some of it in the hand writing of former CIA agent John Brennan when he briefed President Obama, VP Biden, and Susan Rice that the Russian collusion story was a fabrication of Hillary who wanted to take the entrance is off of her care was handling of classified documents, her unprotected computer servers and her unprotected cell phones. Brennan did not debunk this statement but he was outraged that the documents were declassified.
      So, we have no evidence whatsoever, no proof whatsoever. He is an embarrassment to our party.

    5. @T. R. Campbell I haven’t been keeping up on that issue so I don’t know the full scoop, but as I said, I always like to know the FULL STORY… pieces of a story can be skillfully manipulated to deceive, as has become standard with propaganda news… I also think people should always have a chance to respond to any claim/accusation… As for Joe Biden and Jen; I trust each to be truthful, to behave with honor, integrity, and trust is NOT something I easily give away. TRUE PROFESSIONALS have a commitment to truth, honor, integrity, decency… which means reporting the truth. I trust each WILL ALWAYS DO THIS… I repeat however, that circumstances are ever evolving, may be subject to change. A professional will rely on the information they have… in an evolving situation, like the border, this can change by the minute. Put yourself in their shoes, managing a COUNTRY… lots going on… You do your best to keep up, every minute of the day to changing circumstances, but that takes time. The President and his Press Secretary may not always be available for updates also… so news can change before they even know about it, before they are briefed… It could also be that someone tells them… “I gotta see you, news briefing on the border”. They might respond, “No time now… let’s do it later this afternoon”. That’s what I mean… You have to be fair to people… Again, I have been in the role as a spokeperson… I was totally committed to delivering the latest news as I knew it. That is not to say, however, that a situation could change a day later, which would be inconsistent with that I reported. I ANSWERED HONESTLY AT THE TIME BASED on the information I had/knew… but there are indeed some situations that are ever evolving… Think of a disaster area, for instance… that would change by the minute… You give it your best shot to report the facts as you know them, but if you are NOT THERE, not at the scene, you cannot see what is going on minute by minute… I just wanna be fair…

  5. Yeah, they are nit actively challenging the election. That doesn’t mean they’ll ignore evidence when presented. They try to find anything they can at this point to be like “see see McCarthy said no challenge” like an elementary school student.

    1. They need to publicly demand and end to the farce “recount” happening in Arizona. They will continue to lie to the public when questioned….why should they change?

    1. @Harley Potokar dont forget the border crisis which is an actual humanitarian crisis the dems created themselves

    2. @M Smith sorry, but I disagree. The Republicans have blood on their hands too. Just more. And I’m not a youngster either. I’m 75.

    3. @Carol Zuvich M Smith was saying the Republicans(GOP or GQP) has been creating monsters all their life.

  6. I really have to admire Cheney for not caving in to the wiped Republicans in her party. What a bunch of cowards they are.

  7. Republicans: _”Liz, you can’t hang around us anymore because you won’t bow down and worship our God Trump.”_

    1. @Vance Copeland, truly you have your opinion, but this is not about Biden it is about a confused Republican party who do not know that one man against many should not control it unless the party fears its own strengths. The Republican party was doing fine without Trump. Think about it. Why keep lying about a vote that even those following Trump know is a lie but they all are scared of him. Why are not the other Republican winners note proclaiming voter’s fraud, if the system is no good? When he throws them under the bus then they will understand, just like the rest of them that have fallen for him. Thoughts?

  8. Well, once Barr, Orange Julius and Gaetz are jailed, those pinkie rink kissing GOPers are gonna make the excuse that they always make. They’ll say “I was just following my conscience.” They’ll expect folks to pretend as though it never happened

    1. @Zennbubba you can’t blame Biden for those things, not yet!!! We all knew prices were bound to go up on groceries and we’ve known since last summer!!! Same goes for gas, mostly because of that hack last week!!!! And then people panic buy like they did with toilet paper last year!!! I’m not OK with it , but I knew it was coming for almost a year!!!

    2. @Entropy4All Well – I feel so confident about them being held accountable that I will bet you – soz – I have no money – but I will pretend bet you that all this will start to play out in a few short weeks! We’re all being taught a lesson in patience and AG Garland is only human – have faith my friend. There’s so much crap to go through and there’s moles in the camp, etc, etc.

    3. @Seth Heron-Vanta Give him a pass if you like. Are you still going to say I saw it coming and its not his fault when Hyper inflation sets in, will it be Trumps fault that Biden had to spend 6t in his first maybe 6 months in office. Yea I bet it will be Trump/global warming/ covid 19 fault.

    4. I’m loving the fact that all these lefty/self proclaimed geniuses who voted against a pipeline and fracking are sitting in line praying a pipeline will bring them some gas

  9. It’s like watching a Titanic movie in slow motion. Cheney is the lookout who shouted “iceberg ahead”, Trump is the captain who said “No there isn’t”. 2022 will be the first instance of who’s right. Barry.

  10. And yes even though I’m an independent I totally respect her list list Cheney for saying the truth instead of going along with a big lie

    1. Hoping to see an Independent Candidate run for office in 2022 and 2024. Its time to flush the new Republican Party out and bring the Independents in.

    2. Im a Democrat and have the utmost respect for this lady ,im truly saddened and upset, im worried about the future of the children seeing,witnessing these grown evil men act with such disrespect and siding with a liar !!!!

    1. @Debra Johnson are you nuts? BLM had nothing to do with there criminal behavior. And she got shot climbing in a broken window of a barricaded door. Get a life.

    2. @Dave Well Trump supporters aren’t cultists either its something you mad ed up. What you still dont get is it’s not Trump it’s his policies we like. Even if he’s no longer president we will support his policies. Are you that dense you don’t get that. I’ll repeat it so you get it. It’s his policies not Trump. We are tired of being targeted by the left, lied about, called deplorables and cultists and every name in the book and you want us to vote for a Democrat. You are idiots.

  11. Liz is in charge of a lighthouse. This fog is thick, but the light is true and consistent and bright.

    1. Unfortunately she isn’t as in control as she was. I’m not a fan of her’s, but I’m completely behind her on her telling the truth!

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