Chuck Hagel: Republicans 'Desperately Need Leadership' 1

Chuck Hagel: Republicans ‘Desperately Need Leadership’


Former Defense Secretary and former Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., says Republicans fear the political repercussions of criticizing former President Donald Trump. 
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    1. Marjorie is kind of like the AOC of the republican party. She gets a lot of attention but doesn’t actually get anything done.

  1. Erik Prince’s army of mercenaries may be “influencing” what is said publicly.

    1. We have Trump and the Republican party that’s who we have! And we also have the ideas that Trump brought which will even out lost him

    2. @sillydog70 the republican party is not all republican. Lots if rinos and Charles surrounding us trying to trick us.

  2. The whole US political system needs revamped.
    They plus the media are an embarrassment to the US of A. Vote smaller Federal Government and the appointed flunkies who go with them. Vote Gold, one Libertarian!

  3. Every duly elected official who cites fealty to a person not their constituents is in violation of their contract with the people who elected them and subject to criminal charges for doing that. Sufficiently more thoughtful Americans chose to fire Comrade Bonespurs than retain him for volumes of just causes and still he chooses to bite at our heels. Criminals are what jails are for

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