Chuck Hagel: The Real Threat To U.S. Democracy Is Internal 1

Chuck Hagel: The Real Threat To U.S. Democracy Is Internal


Former national security adviser Michael Flynn spoke over the weekend at a QAnon conference in Dallas and said the type of military coup that happened in Myanmar should happen in the U.S. Fmr. Sen. Chuck Hagel and fmr. Rep. Barbara Comstock discuss Flynn's remarks and the need for a Jan. 6 commission.

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    1. Since Harriet Tubman .. its been Black women pushing this country toward to arc of Democracy and white males pushing oppression and obstruction to prevent it…

    2. @John Carter
      You are not “debating.” You are parroting right wing talking points as if partisan hatred rules your life.

    3. @Trailin’ Annie the big lie continues, trump protesters attacked the peoples capital trying to stop an electoral college vote, a police officer was killed, thousands of police officers in the hospital after being hit with stun guns, sprayed with bear reppellent, looking to hang the vice president of the united states. The riots around the country were somewhat violent but never attacked the symbol of freedom or claimed blue lives matter and then killed police officer and injured thousands or tried to assinate congress the senate and the vice president. This was an insurrection.

    4. The real threat to our democracy is the Republican party. No worries Trump will be in a New York prison soon.

    1. just like OJ…they’ll get him for something else…he’s that stupid….and a nutcase

    2. They framed Flynn- Obla bla- what a joke- the machines were used to cheat Bernie too- not just Trump

    1. @daniel english oh come on. We’ve been hearing about the storm coming “soon” for years, people have been saying “you’ll find out soon” since Q appeared in 2017. When are you going to realise you’ve been lied to? Hopefully that’s something *you’ll* find out soon. There was no coup by the Democrats and it’s really quite sad that you’re still clinging to a cult that’s in its death throes.

  1. This is what our country has come to. A highly decorated US general tells his audience that the United States should stoop to the level of Myanmar. This is so freaking sad

    1. @Guacamole Kid yep, you got it… start pickin’ off that low hanging Qanon MAGArat rotten fruit.

    2. @Legendary Sentinel there is plenty of legal debate about whether, when you accept a pardon, you also concede your guilt. Some pardons actually state that the defendant was actually innocent, Flynn’s did not.

    3. @Guacamole Kid the people who rioted at the Capitol who were involved in the Insurrection are Republicans who ironically call themselves Patriots. Patriots don’t act like Traitors and that’s what Vanilla ISIS is. I still can’t believe those people thought they could overturn the election and put Trump back in power. It’s you so-called Patriots that hate this country. Traitors every single one of you. Stable genius Keep believing the Big Lie. Keep believing that Donald Trump is God.

    4. @V my point is it takes a particularly deficient country (and people) to end-up in the situation the USA and Myanmar are in.

    5. @john amos

      Yeah, we have been hearing this since the Clinton era. Looks like nobody wants to play along. I suggest you fly to Myanmar with general Flynn. The Myanmar regime needs recruits. Holy mother of god, what a primitive numbskull you are

  2. The real threat to US democracy is Rupert Murdoch who lit the match that caused the explosion and walked away.

    1. @Hardworking Criminal amen and amen preach that truth poorly educated and IGNORANCE that is some outstanding terrific beautiful BIGLEY ugeeely tremendously TRUTHS

    2. I’m definitely no Rupert fan… The problem starts… the day Lincoln died…reconstruction era…

    3. @Dustin Sindledecker Farcical Opinionated Xenophobic noise is a fringe but if there is another fringe I never hear it. What cable channel do they own?

  3. Hey, General Flynn. If our election system upsets you, move to Myanmar. You’ll be happier there.

    1. Republicans dont have all the answers to your problems but you can bet your a$$ that the cause of ALL your problems are the Democrats!! That’s the biggest issue with our country today! They are Anti-American!

    2. Democrats do something! When republicans are in charge they do what they want! Democrats get a backbone! Tired of all the talk and no action

    3. @bob bobson yes, the party that wants to ensure that all people regardless of age, sexual identity, race, financial status, etc., Are the ones that are anti-American. Give me a break!

    4. Our system is democracy. Republicans are doing their best to end democracy in America. Johnny English sounds like he would like the Fascists in Myanmar.

    5. @Chris Thomas Trump was at the pentagon having a meeting with all the top military ppl, biden tried to come and was told to leave. The only one that wasnt there was the National Guard commander.

  4. “who said I ll be right there walking beside you” but watched far away from a comfortable limo ?

    1. Trump Giuliani all them guys egg the s*** on inciting a riot against the law I thought Republicans don’t want to investigation cuz they know it’s going to lead right to their back doors

    2. Trump wasn’t watching from a comfortable limo, he was watching from the White House TV room—he and his family watching on a giant screen, discussing the invasion as it unfolded, with dance music dominating the sound, Don Jr. filming and his girlfriend dancing. It was weird to see.

    1. @Joey Marts You mean Flynn, the unregistered foreign agent who pled guilty to lying to the President and was pardoned by the same President? How is the FBI corrupt here?

  5. The founding fathers would be at disgrace by any American who holds true the belief that the military has a right to over throw the government. In fact when Washington was in command of the military before he was president, he laughed at the idea of a king or that the military had the right over governorship. The fact that this was even brought up is disturbing to the soul of nation…

  6. What about taking away his pension and perks for his behaviour? And anymore, further actions as you would do for non us citizens. And a look at his brother’s behaviour on January 6th too. Shameful.

  7. The rest of the world has seen this coming and hoped so badly that someone would wake up for years now. How long are they going to let this drag on???!!! Stop this madness NOW!!!

    1. As an American, I agree. There’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism and self reflection, trying to do better, but that seems to be a sin here. You’re labelled as unpatriotic if you do. Ironically, self improvement is the most patriotic thing anyone can do, even if we have to acknowledge and face those painful truths. Let’s learn and grow from them. Anything else is settling for mediocrity, let’s not do that. I hope things change, I still believe in this country. We can be the greatest force of good if we choose to. We also need to be humble (you hear that, fellow Americans?)
      Don’t give up on us yet And fellow Americans, we need to do better.

    2. @Tracy Hill Oh please… Trump has been skirting the law and getting away with illegal activity for decades now. It’s about time he paid for his crimes and was finally caught and punished like every other common criminal. The remnants of daddy’s money, fixers and crooked accountants aren’t going to save him now…

    1. @Richard Miller you are a fool a lot of those pushing for trump and quilican behaviors are truly supporters of Putin

    2. @Richard Miller “Who paid for Biden’s victory?” (I believe you mean “campaign”) Mostly American donors, either directly or via the DNC. Definitely not your boss Putin (as I believe you’re trying to imply).
      “I preferred Trump to win.” – Vladimir Putin, Helsinki news conference, 2017

    3. @Greg Bors I don’t think putin gains much from contributing to the doctor silly. And Russia surely has no stake in our media

  8. “What is the downside for humoring him for this little bit of time?”
    Famous last words

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