Chuck Rosenberg Breaks Down Impeachment Prosecution’s ‘Brick-Upon-Brick’ Approach | MSNBC


  1. How can these Republicans listen to all this obvious evidence against Trump and not vote to convict??? He directly threatened their lives on January 6th…

    1. @President Elect Keith – Looks like apples que balls from here. Your riot was a civilian matter and I agree it should have been handled with dispatch and prosecutions, but what IT was has no baring on what these proceedings are about. This is important white people being threatened by war at their doorstep here.

    2. @Kit Levey Those who argued in the 6 months of BLM/Antifa looting/arson/riots, that property damage is meaningless or even noble are treating smashed windows and looted podiums at the Capitol as treason, as a coup. One need not dismiss the Capitol protests of Jan 6th 2021 to simultaneously reject efforts to apply terms that are plainly inapplicable: attempted coup, insurrection, sedition. There was zero chance that the few hundred people who breached the Capitol could overthrow the U.S. Government — the most powerful, armed and militarized entity in the world — nor did they try.

    3. @BLAQ ENIGMA More than 400 law enforcement y injured in 6 months of riots across U.S., 4 officers murdered. Over a  $$BILLION in damages from the thousands of looted & firebombed businesses. Over 40 Americans killed.    Sold by the MSM to the American people as “mostly peaceful” ….a falsehood parroted and regurgitated by every leftist antifa-apologist stooge in the USA.

    4. @President Elect Keith beliefs vs reality is something any Trumpanzee has a problem with. False equivocation doesn’t put MSM nor the summer protesters on trial. Sorry bud, nice try. Trump doesn’t give a 💩💩💩about you, the cops, Congress, nor America. Too bad your silly MAGAT self couldn’t be there when he ordered your 🦧🦧🦧azz to go to the capitol. That way there would be one less moron typing bs on this thread😭😭😭😭😭😭CRY MORE NOW🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    5. They were involved. They don’t even want to admit there were criminal actions so they don’t have to explain their part in it.

    1. Are they though? We all lived through 4 years of the Trump presidency; Charlottesville, the locking of kids in cages, his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, and so much more. All of this in combination with the corruption, the vitriol and yet, 74 million Americans decided they wanted more of that. Shoot, though they lost the senate, Republicans GAINED seats in the house. The Republican Party won’t vote on the side of truth, justice or even democracy because they know that their base does not want them to. The Republican party is not a party of ideas, it’s officially a cult. Centered around 1 man, Donald J. Trump.

    2. If President Trump is impeached for this, which he won’t be, it would leave to door open for Obama, Clinton and many other Democrats in office to be held accountable

    3. @Steve Jarrett Trump was impeached by the house before he left office…. the trial in the Senate was pushed to later.

    4. @Steve Jarrett if he is not… it will open the door to any tin pot dictator wanna be to do the same… or even worse, a more capable person.

  2. McConnell the Tortoise and the Republican Turtles hide in their shells because they do not want to ” See no Truth, Seek no Truth and Speak the Truth.

  3. They’ve already presented enough evidence for a conviction. We need the trial for the Republicans who aided & abetted this insurrection.

    1. @Old Grappler and there it is, grade 2 name calling, well done exactly what I expect. I don’t live in your f… up country, I don’t vote for your f… up candidates. I do pay attention, something Americans could do better… but…You should know that there is a whole world out there that have opinions. Hope you make it to grade 3

  4. Jamie Raskin’s youngest daughter was there. If anybody paid attention to him yesterday, talking about having to go back to the capitol. And she says… “Dad, I don’t want to go back to the capitol!” I don’t blame her! Bless her heart! It was bad enough for adults! Would the Republicans be any different? Imo, I don’t really think the Republicans care at all!

    1. They care, don’t you worry. They care so much that they don’t want to be held accountable for their or T***p’s actions.

    2. They’ve become a greedy sociopathic (sometimes psychopathic) cult. Even when thier lives were threatened, they still don’t care

    1. Without Trump all these Republicans are nothing. If Trump falls, they will do too. They will not vote against themselves. This unconstitutional impeachment is a good ad and gift from the Democrats to Trump.

    2. @N W Actually, it is a senate rule that 20% of the body can force a public vote, meaning if 80% want a secret vote, they can get it.
      You’re welcome. 😛

  5. “Some of them are unprincipled, and we know how unprincipled people will vote in this matter.”
    Telling it like it is.

  6. If the Senators don’t man up now, you still got Diaper Don in your party to make your lives miserable. Do what’s RIGHT for God’s Sake.

  7. This frickin guy gets away with everything.. he needs to be brought down to earth.. no joke.. he is very dangerous, problem is half the country worships the guy.. it’s unbelievable..

    1. Perhaps losing impeachment allows states like NY and Georgia to bring Citizen Trump to court for crimes…

  8. If this was a criminal case with 12 jurors. Prosecutors had layout a quite convincing case for conviction. Know how majority of GOP will vote even before the trail… let history be the judge of these senators…

  9. This man already knew he was not going to win so he started playing early 2019 18 he was planning early cuz he knew he was not going to win

    1. Should he be held to the same standard as Democrats who incited violence? How about Democrats who continued to incite violence when people were dying in ongoing riots? How about Democrats who refused to prosecute people arrested for violence during protests in the middle of the night? How about Democrats donating to bail funds so they could get back on the street and “keep fighting”. In the middle of the night.

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