Chuck Rosenberg: FBI ‘Needed To Go A Step Further’ In Communicating Report Of Violence At Capitol 1

Chuck Rosenberg: FBI ‘Needed To Go A Step Further’ In Communicating Report Of Violence At Capitol


MSNBC legal contributor Chuck Rosenberg joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why the FBI should’ve taken more steps to ensure the report warning of violence on January 6 was used as credible intelligence. Aired on 03/03/2021.
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Chuck Rosenberg: FBI ‘Needed To Go A Step Further’ In Communicating Report Of Violence At Capitol


  1. More ppl been fired from a fast food job faster than these ppl who make way too much….to not understand what they were doing..FULL STOP….IF U DIDNT STOP IT U HELPED IT! GUILTY

  2. Supposedly there are 27 security agencies in the United states. I can think of the FBI, CIA and NSA. What are the NSA, CIA or other intelligence agencies doing?
    Just wondering.

    1. They were appointed by trump loyalist, that is all. They didn’t want to upset trump by going against his base.

    2. CIA is for non-domestic intelligence though. And the NSA are limited by laws in how they can gather intelligence when it comes to surveilling US citizens. Some say they’re surely illegally monitoring US citizens anyway. Perhaps. However, any such information could never be used for indicting someone. And intelligence gathered in an illegal fashion wouldn’t be shared. Although, now post 6-1, they probably would have a legal mandate to surveil several US citizens suspected of involvement.

  3. As always, Chuck makes it clear. Dealing with the firehose of information in law enforcement is a day-to-day reality. The success of any security organization depends on identifying and acting upon the hose droplets most likely to be consequential. These are the nuts and bolts for keeping the nation secure.

    1. While there’s some truth to that, you’d have to have been asleep since 2015 not to have seen the stokings for this.

    2. @Constituent A Agreed. This shitshow was inevitable given what’s happened the last 4 years – but it was unthinkable in 2015. It took far too long for us to recognize the danger Trump represented as a candidate, and then as an elected national figure. He was truly *a consequential president* as Lindsay Graham keeps saying – he transformed America from the penthouse to the outhouse in 4 short years.

  4. My concern is that these insurrectionist thugs were able to calmly walk away, who made this decision?

    1. Since he fancies himself a messiah, that is a funny Freudian slip, but they were _insurrectionist_ thugs, not “resurrectionist”. That being said, good question. Really, truly, if it was a group of angry black men storming the Capitol, they would not have thought twice about mowing them all down.

    2. @Constituent A Thanks, more of a predictive text that slipped past… Changes the meaning somewhat, edited.

  5. Congress needs to add a domestic terrorism law on the books. Biden should declare a national emergency about the rise of domestic terrorism.

  6. The question is not what happened, but what will happen next time since there are no laws dealing with domestic terrorism as a clear and present danger.

  7. Yeah except the violent event was planned months ahead and has a precedent in Michigan months before. It was not something that just came up on Jan 5th in the last minute and then that 1 eMail got overlooked.

  8. Hope there counterintelligence on BLM before Floyd’s case. National guard also just like capital and don’t want repeat of last summer. Democrats set presidence in handling riots

  9. So it’s the FBI’s fault for not putting a red flag on an email that outlined what could happen on the 6th. When most of america already knew what was going to happen. That’s one helluva out.

  10. Yeah if they emailed with the words “black people” I’m sure nothing would’ve been overlooked somehow they would not have been inundated and they would’ve called jesus in and gave him a rifle !!

    OWN PEOPLE….???

  12. Christopher Miller, was assigned by Trump on Nov. 9th. Miller drags his feet on Jan. 6th. The dots will join up.

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