Chuck Rosenberg On Bill Barr: ‘What I See Is Incredibly Repugnant’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. All this talk about what barr is doing, Democrats take off the gloves, all the talk is happening and nothing is done

    1. @Dave flynn, the guy who was working as an unregistered agent of a foreign government while serving as national security advisor?… there is no “new evidence” and flynn is going to jail. He plead guilty to two felonies in exchange for cooperation and credit against several other felonys….His case is being appealed and if it ends up at the supreme court he will die in jail.

    2. @Rudy Penza Your so called spineless wimps like Nadler, already tried impeachment, through the rule of law. But they do have to get tough.

    3. @Noreb I agree. Get the meeting done as soon as possible. It’s time to stop playing nice. Then Nadler should hold truth to his word. Barr doesn’t show up then pull the purse strings. People are getting tired of hurry up and wait. Shows some balls

    4. @traci thats the problem with democratic politicians, a lot of them dont know how to fight and lead their constituents where as republicans will fight and lead their constituent, they just dont care to do their jobs and govern….I always say democrats are good are governing and bad at politics, republicans are terrible at governing but good at politics.

  2. Trump&Co must go! Once the new administration comes in, Americans will find every despicable thing they have done!

    1. @Michael williamson Trump is the one most of us don’t believe . Then how come it’s been debunked already .

    2. Elizabeth notthe queen fascist would be the Democratic governors who attempted to threaten American citizens with jail time if they dared go to a place of worship, which is our right. Keeping in mind, they released criminals from prison because of COVID but had the gall to fine or jail people for practicing their God given rights. No pandemic gives anyone the authority to impede on our rights.

    3. Elizabeth notthe queen nice try though. You probably believe Antifa is truly anti fascists? Considering they silence the opposing political party with violence. They’re basically like the brown shirts during hitler’s rise.

    4. Elizabeth notthe queen yes, bomb the WH tear gas. Oh lord, what an example that’ll set. Fool. You could be in China where they don’t treat their citizens with any respect and wouldn’t think twice about killing protesters.

    5. @Michael williamson you are calling people sheep but won’t tell us what YOUR sources of news information are. And you don’t see hypocrisy here….

  3. WhY the neck have constitution and rule of law????? If your not going to use it on a so called DOJ 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Not good enough. Disbarred that criminal.

    1. Just a heads up folks! Beware the Russia/bots and now I hear Korea/China/bots??? Looks below like “William H” is testing the American waters!! Don’t believe the bullshitters, always check what you’ve read before taking it as gospel and if it sounds downright rabid, chances are a “comrade” is on the other end of the line! What a crack up that the republicans have aligned themselves with a communist dictatorship!!!

    1. @Dave Schultz Trump said about Epstein:
      “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

    2. @Dave Schultz You’re the one projecting . We don’t believe trump, his cronies or trolls. You’re the one who’s making a fool out of yourself .

    3. @I’m a Survivor Exactly. 45 changed party when he found out the Democrats wouldn’t put up with his fascist ways.

    1. They feed on it, and trust me when they’re done prosecuting the corruption you speak of, there will be a bunch of vacant seats in our government and a full house at GITMO.


  4. Trump has made all 3 branches look repugnant. Whatever credibility our country had is now gone.

    1. Agree. Bunker Boy has made America weak on purpose. Makes puttin pretty happy. I’m so sick of this corrupt PAB

    1. @Ken Shaw , Misdemeanor is punishable UP TO 364 days in Jail! Destruction of Military Memorials is Imprisonment up to 10 years! Stop minimizing the destruction democrats have rain down on this nation, traitor.

    2. @Dave Schultz You’re a lunatic. Only a very small number of misdemeanors are punishable with jail, and even then it is almost always with preconditions.

      But you’ve now accused me of conspiring with a declared enemy of this nation and that you have 2 eyewitnesses to this. So go on with your bad self put up or shut up.

    3. @Elizabeth notthe queen Thanks, that’s what I thought. 😁😁😁👍👍👍😷😷😷😎😎😎

  5. If Barr’s activities are not illegal then there is a problem with our justice system. If it can so easily be corrupted then it isn’t a strong system. I find his activities horrifying as an American because it means that any president and AG (of any political party) can use the system to further their interests and operate above the law. A strong justice system should never have been built on the idea that people will always act appropriately, ethically, morally, etc.

    1. Indict dilbar on something. With his history till crumble like a house of cards and flip on whoever he has to…


    3. The problem is ethical people assume other will act ethically, and dishonest people assume everyone cheats like they do. Our founding fathers were essentially decent men, flawed but honest, and assumed most people were like that. They thought, if one person broke the conventions, others would pull them back in line or push them out of power. They did not think the majority of the Senate would just ignore such egregious behavior by a president or AG. Meanwhile, Trump accuses everyone of being as corrupt as he is.

  6. Corruption in plain sight. Shame on the Republicans who remain silent and on everyone who votes for Trump.

  7. Barr should go to jail for corrupting the judicial system in America. There are no rule of law in the US.

  8. I’m pretty sure the same type of comments were being heard in 1930′ Germany when Hitler was coming to power. With trump and Barr pushing for the same outcome removal of the rule of law completely

  9. “One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution;
    one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.” ― George Orwell, “1984”
    “The measure of a man is what he does with power.” Greek Proverb

    1. @Dean Smith It seems to doesn’t it. I’ve found that after awhile it implodes upon it’self.

    2. @Elizabeth notthe queen You’re welcome. Are you aware neg can have pregnancy complications if the father is pos?

    3. @Rose Johnson-Tsosie I’m O neg, Duffy neg. Make me president. I couldn’t do a worse job than Trump.

    1. I haven’t worn a face mask since the deadly pandemic – I mean virus with a mortality rate of nothing, and average mortality death of 85 years of age – started.

      In Golf of Tonkin, bay of pigs, etc. you’d be on the side of the purveyors shouting “death to America”. Go to Ukraine bud

    2. @George Washingbeard More than 120,000 people dead and counting. I’m apologize for the comment, of do no wear a face mask, that was very bad thing to write. But really, prays The Lord for don’t have it or been asymptomatic, You can still infect your Love ones. Forget politics is Your life and your Love ones. I won’t say nothing else.

    1. @Dionysus Troll. Investigation showed only legit surveillance on criminals, none on trump campaign

    2. @Dionysus haha… BUNKERBOY sheep huh… Bahhhh…. Haha… My god kid. Get ur head out of ur a$$. Old fake news son.. Mold fake news… Still stuck on the old days huh… Poor little boy 😭😭😭🤣🤣.

    3. @Dionysus lmao that’s funny you should be a comedian what a lie that’s all you do nothing Republicans do like Dopey like Dopeys supporters

    1. November 3 is National Take Out the Trash Day. No recycling. Garbage to the curb November 3. Vote blue no matter who. From top to bottom.

  10. History will not be kind to Trump or Barr, meanwhile we are all suffering through this Spite presidency.

    1. @Mark Badgley Those who claim to be the armed defenders of liberty have turned “liberal” into a slur.

    2. @Mark Badgley You are more misinformed on what’s going on in DC than a hibernating bear & you have a vision in your mind of ‘lefties’ that only exists there, not in reality.
      You’ve just told me you are irredeemable by beliefs w/o merit.
      Trump is the danger to US we must face or loose our liberties…freedom of speach, to protest & the press. Those are the 1st things to go in a democracy turned fascist. Your on the wrong side if you value freedom. No center-to-left voter or politician wants to take away any rights, period

    3. Mark Badgley Oh Mark, you need to ask the Kremlin for a better Russian to English app, as yours sucks bigly.

    1. And, there is Mitch McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao, United States Secretary of Transportation.

    2. @Allan Burns You first must use the proper definition of Treason. It’s helping a foreign advisery cause harm to the USA, NOT being against trump.

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