Chuck Rosenberg Podcast With Mike Leiter | The Oath Ep – 29 | MSNBC

Mike Leiter grew up in Englewood, New Jersey, where his extraordinary public service career began early – in high school – when he worked as an Emergency Medical Technician. After graduating from Columbia University, Mike served as a Naval Flight Officer before attending Harvard Law School, where he was one of only four military veterans in his class of more than 500 students. At Harvard, Mike was elected President of the prestigious Harvard Law Review – a job once held by Barack Obama.

After clerking on the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit for Judge Michael Boudin and then on the United States Supreme Court for Justice Stephen Breyer, Mike worked as a federal prosecutor. He left that job to become a key staffer on the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Commission – which examined substantial US Intelligence Community failures in the lead up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Ultimately, Mike directed the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) under Presidents Bush and Obama – the organization responsible for analyzing terrorism threats against the United States and its interests, at home and abroad.

Mike shares with host Chuck Rosenberg fascinating insights on the US intelligence community, as someone who studied it on the WMD commission and as someone who ran a vital part of it at NCTC. You can find a link to the final report of the WMD Commission here:

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Chuck Rosenberg Podcast With Mike Leiter | The Oath Ep – 29 | MSNBC


  1. Trump and the GOP are so desperate to remain in power no matter what, they’re willing to go down the path of martial law, military dictatorship, and authoritarianism. That’s as un-American as it gets, almost as if they’re the same Confederate traitors who seceeded from the Union.

    1. The North in the civil war were kicking Native Americans off their land and murdering them. I’d be a traitor any day of the week to an illegitimate country built on stolen land.

    2. @Renee Speece If Donald Trump hit someone on the head with a hammer and their head started to bleed profuesely, 62 million Trumpers would jump up and scream “How do you know it was Trump’s hammer that made his head bleed? Are you a doctor?”

    3. @laksh nayyar LOL, yup. If *trump said encyclopedias were “FAKE NEWS”, 62 million cult*45’s would start burning books before asking….WHY? Lets not forget, these are the very same people who use the term “sheep” smh. ya just can’t make this stuff up!

    1. It was peaceful. The protesters can’t control right wing agitators from pretending to be protesters and provoking the cops. The cops should have only acted against those who specifically broke the peace. Not everyone in the protest.

  2. Delay the election? Unless Trump takes over the government by military force and suspends the Constitution, it will be President Pelosi on January 20th by default. Because without an election, Trump has absolutely no authority to remain in power unless he does a military coup.

    1. @Mad Hatman If Donald Trump hit someone on the head with a hammer and their head started to bleed profuesely, 62 million Trumpers would jump up and scream “How do you know it was Trump’s hammer that made his head bleed? Are you a doctor?”

    2. I’m still undecided about who I’m going to vote for. Should it be a Democrat, a Republican or an independent?

  3. Yes sir as the lone star grave of Bonnie Parker well knows, I do speak plum crazy Apache. Some women find plum crazy, Apache trade tongue vaguely amusing, where seldom is heard a discouraging word.

  4. My friend got stabbed by a peaceful protester in Portland, OR. It was a white guy. He stabbed a person of color.

  5. Remember when the days were sunny and the ENTIRE MEDIA wasn’t actively trying to divide the US and make us all miserable?!

  6. Greg Lewis
    Danyal Jones
    Angelo Bronson
    John Tiggs
    Lazarra Daniels
    Keishanay Holden
    Sharrod Turner
    Jaliel Jackson
    Darius Jelks
    Tyrel Clark
    Jaquan Newman
    Tommie Gatewood
    Maurice Jelks
    The black Americans who were murdered in Chicago on May 31st

  7. Democrats dreams will end when Civil War starts….their dream world will never happen. They will be resisted at every turn. Life on earth will end first…thats ok…

  8. NO problems with mail in ballots or voter registration liberals say? In today’s news that CNN and MSNBC have purposefully chosen NOT to tell you:

    Four men have admitted to offering homeless people in Los Angeles money and cigarettes in exchange for false and forged signatures on ballot petitions and voter registration forms, authorities said Wednesday.

    Richard Howard, 64, and Louis Thomas Wise, 37, pleaded no contest last week to one felony count each of subscribing a fictitious name, or the name of another to an initiative petition and registration of a fictitious person, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said.

    Christopher Joseph Williams, 41, and Nickey Demelvin Huntley, 45, each pleaded no contest to one felony count of circulating an initiative or petition containing false, forged or fictitious names.

    Prosecutors said the group solicited hundreds of false and forged signatures on state ballot petitions and voter registration forms in Los Angeles’s Skid Row neighborhood, a downtown area long plagued by homelessness.
    They allegedly offered individuals $1 and cigarettes for their participation in the scheme during the 2016 and 2018 election cycles.

    Howard was given a three-year suspended sentence and three years of formal probation. Wise received a suspended sentence of 16 months.

    THEY AREN’T CHEATING FOR TRUMP!!!!!!!! Plead guilty and NO JAIL TIME!!
    NO punishment sure sounds like incentive for liberals everywhere to cheat!! If they were soliciting for the Republican Party, 1)Media outlets would be telling you about it 24/7 and 2) they would have gotten many years in prison!!

  9. Someone recently commented, this is “Trump’s America”. Really? While I am a supporter of NO political party since I consider politicians all worthless and corrupt leeches, I must ask what right has changed for anyone since he was Democratically elected? What law has been put in place that has taken away anyone’s rights? And, if any law has been changed, that would be on Congress and not the President since only Congress can pass laws. A President is a glorified ‘figurehead’. If what you mean by “Trump’s America” is the absolute hatred that liberals have for him, that is on themselves, not Trump.

    He has been accused of tax cheating, election interference, collusion with Russia, Obstruction of Congress, criminal bribery, wire fraud, sexual abuse, pedophilia, murder of Epstein, racism, etc. etc. etc. YET, SOMEHOW, this mediocre businessman is SO POWERFUL and after millions of taxpayer dollars for investigations by people who would literally do ANYTHING to get him (including lying and fabrication of evidence), NONE of these charges have ever been proven? WOW he is good!! He must be the most powerful man to ever exist in America!! Maybe he has superpowers? OR maybe, just maybe, he is actually NOT guilty of these ‘crimes’ they claim?

    “Trump’s America”? I would bet a lot of money that the anarchists (I mean ‘peaceful protestors’) out burning, looting, rioting and injuring & killing ARE NOT Trump supporters! Prior to Covid, America was in a significant economic expansion with the lowest unemployment in history, the lowest black unemployment in history, lower taxes, with wages increasing among all income levels, the greatest increase of which (by percentage) in the low income category, prison reform, minority business development zones, etc. If it were “Trump’s America”, why weren’t Democrats also crediting him for all these great achievements? Media outlets are, in fact, purposefully NOT sharing ANY positive news because it could make Trump look good and, heaven forbid, the people ever find out!!! Check out MSNBC’s Youtube and Facebook pages. I guarantee that you cannot find a single (1) positive story on Trump or on anything positive that has happened since he was elected and please do not make yourself look ignorant like many others by saying ‘well, he hasn’t ever done anything good’.

    Then Covid comes along, with the label MADE IN CHINA, with no one agreeing how to best fight it’s spread and somehow any and all American deaths are “Trump’s murders”? I have yet to hear anyone blame any other world leader for deaths in their respective countries, however. FACT: It is Democratic Mayors and Governors who have staunchly stated that Trump has “NO AUTHORITY” to tell them what to do in their state. So, if he has “no authority”, how can he be blamed say for the significantly greater deaths of elderly in nursing homes in New York when it was Gov. Cuomo who forced facilities to accept Covid-positive patients? How can he be blamed for the partiers, beachgoers or protestors that have added to the spread, especially when it is Democrats claiming “he has NO authority”? Oh that’s right, ‘protestors’ are allowed to gather since they do not add to the spread, but a funeral or a church service is forbidden!!

    Again I state, I do not support ANY politician BUT I am interested in people at least having the opportunity to hear the whole truth and shining a light on the ‘brainwashing’ that is being administered by most of the media outlets of today!! Egotistical, evil, corrupt and morally bankrupt individuals exist in both parties in very similar frequency and THAT IS A FACT you will NEVER find out about here.

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