Chuck Schumer Calls GOP Coronavirus Rescue Plan A ‘Corporate Lawyer Wish List’ | All In | MSNBC


  1. Hey, it’s only a trillion dollars. The corporations will burn through that in two months or less.

    1. They have already dumped 5 trillion into the stock market under Trump, just put the money into unemployment. Filtering trillions through corporation, 4 out of 5 dollars ends up in the billionaires pocket and 1 for the nonworking employee.

    2. YEP! The rich need a private Jet if they don’t have one another Yacht, like Betsy DeVos another vacation home, more vacations.

    3. The best part is you are paying for her yachts! That’s right campers, if you’re rich enough to afford them, you can write them off. You’re paying for Betsy DeVoss’s yachts.

    1. John Tester Montana & Joe Manchin W.Virginia, both ran campaigns , to save the A.C.A ..

      Trump won W. V, buy 30+points, yet the folks still , reelected Joe Manchin get real McConnell , or you could be next…stay safe

    2. One hand washes the other. It’s their fascistic power play that in danger’s life’s and future relationships, sabotage is there aiming on.

    3. @Orson Bouricius “We,” will never rebuild this economy. This madness is designed to take a major part of our economy (and the worlds economy). The banksters will soon be snapping up millions of failed small business, their equity, their capital and their property (especially retail), for pennies on the dollar. This will is by far the largest heist in human history and that does not include the tens of billions a year big pharma will make off of mandatory “immune” from liability injections. They are destroying the middle class, intentionally. The “new normal.”

  2. McConnell knows he is out of a job in November, so he is going to Screw Voters as Revenge… Mitch is afraid he will be held liable!

    1. McGrath is polling at least even with the monster. She’s Blue-Dog Democrat, but I can live with that, considering that we are under siege by the radical right.

    2. That. May be true that he will be out in NOVEMBER but he and th he other republicans are playing a DANGEROUS GAME! Desperate timess equal desperate measures, people will get violent again, they will go th his time for these republicans before NOVEMBER. He keeps playing around with people’s lives, these republicans will be dragged out of office and they will be lucky to be alive. There are more thhe majority than the top 1 %.

    1. @Pamela Mattox when the Republicans where first created they were against big government and where local and state government

  3. It’s the American way – wait till the last moment to create leverage. The people lose every single time, (but they don’t matter).

    1. Thats not what happened. Democrats have passed legislation months ago to deal with this, republicans said “lets wait and see”

    1. I’m betting he has trump tattoed on his body loves to see his name on anything he owns, just look at his sign on the white house, THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION, I can’t wait November when it’s removed, on camera for all to cheer.

    2. @J What, in your infinite wisdom, explains 2018? Shouldn’t those “stunts” have cost democrats in 2018? Why was there a tsunami of a blue wave?

    1. @UCSyt-njCUw-iy8t-Lie8Afg You are ex military, YES? I find it strange how you can support a draft dodging coward who has betrayed our country right in front of our eyes. Do you know that the Trump and campaign had over 100 meetings with Russian’s during the campaign of 2016? You took an oath to the Constitution, not to the Donald. Just because you are no longer severing does not mean your oath is null and void. For someone who has 2 degrees, you are a disappointment.

    2. Really, wait till u see what the democratic serpent left antichrist network is going to do for your genocidal piñata

    3. Kentucky ranks 6th among the poorest states, 35th in healthcare, and 38th in education. I would expect the Senate majority leader to do more for his state. The fact that he’s trying to push pork barrel issues and cut help to the people during a national crisis says it all.

    1. Ambria Ashley. Honestly? I’m not surprised at all. This is pretty normal in crisis. In Third World Countries! 🤬

    1. @Arron Smith
      Yep, makes the words bigger when u type in caps.. Do capital letters trigger you into your demonic side, serpent pigeon?

    2. @Arron Smith
      Oh, almost forgot… I’m jo mammas sisters baby mamma, Pumpkin, thats why you spank to that Clairol advertisement in jo mammas Cosmopolitan magazine

    3. @Wigg Picker you make some good points.. I now know that you’re a buffoon with limited thinking abilities…

      I didn’t mean to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person. You have my sincerest apologies.

  4. We are going down a bad road here. The homeless will be everywhere if we don’t catch this, now.

    1. This is part of body bag Donnie s plan, make the homeless go to places where the virus is rampant, infect them and when they die keep the benefit money for himself and the other 1% as tax cuts! Genius! No homeless people to get in the way of his march to rid the country of wasted money.

    2. The American people are just as complicit as Trump (those who wanted their Freedom or insist this was a Hoax) and NOW you are worried about your Jobs, Healthcare but you partied because you wanted to get out & you listened to a Moron & Opened Too Early. Selfish.

    1. Thanks, nice tip got one especially living in Holland,, sorry did not wand tees were on the planet are we talking about?

  5. The Republican Party is a disgrace to the American people! Shameless! Americans are dying! This is only the beginning of a catastrophic collapse of live as we know it!!!!
    VP Joe Biden has my vote in November ✊🇺🇸💜

    1. I hope trumps 30% realize the awful fix that they helped put America , and it’s people in.
      America went from a shut down to a murdering machine pandemic, under this republicon administration, and now the Republicans are allowing people to be forced out of their homes, their jobs, and going hungry, because Republicans are dragging their feet , Stealing money that they are Not entitled to,
      And money that was meant for American families to help them get through this pandemic.

    2. @Amani Rinas yes! And it’s the tax payers money! They act like it’s coming out of their pockets but it’s not their money! I always thought that is one of the reasons why we pay taxes so the money will be there when we need it! It is absolutely despicable!

    1. Rumor has it he was actually a racist turkey who was pardoned by Nixon and has returned to reap its vengeance.

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