Chuck Schumer ‘Feeling Better’ About Possibility Of Fair Impeachment Trial | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Chuck Schumer 'Feeling Better' About Possibility Of Fair Impeachment Trial | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. 💥💥Oooh, My Goodnessss, It is past time for Hillary Clinton to go to jail!! The Corrupt Democrats and Republicans are doomed under Trump’s presidency!! The Democrat and Republican Swamp-Rats, Swamp CockRoaches are jumping ship!! No more crooked government paid to play!! It is time to go back to the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights!! ***President Donald Trump the Great White Hope of America!!***

    2. @magicfox YOU must NOT live in THIS COUNTRY. Mind your own business troll. When you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  1. 🍔 Scholars predicted that Trump will get more irrational as impeachment moved forward like start a war with Iran

    1. Did not Trump say that Obama would start a war with Iran to get re-elected.
      Trump get more idiotic by the day. Impeachment is doing his 2 brain cells in.

  2. I have no confidence that witnesses will be called because of ‘Moscow Mitch’ and his spineless GOP support of a psychopathic old man in the White House!

    1. Life is for the Living 20 Hahahaha go watch Dan Bongino show from today called this out by a mile. That was reported by the New York slimes which has no credibility

    2. @Costas Vrahimis right typical right wing argument.. Anything you dont like is fake news.. Just the other day our intelligence agencies were deep state.. now u guys and trump says they’re great..why is that ? You dont want to really debate issues bro..stop now.. you guys are the epitome of hypocrisy

    1. @Wallace Mulls You should mull that over a bit longer, Mulls. Lobbing insults at people isn’t the same as asking a coherent question.

  3. Chuck’s being bamboozled. Susan Collins always acts as if she has a spine but if Moscow Mitch actually needs her vote then she always falls in line.


    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr We still have those problems while Trump is president. They have not disappeared. And not that it may matter to you but the DEFICIT has tripled and more, since he took office. But hey! I guess that’s not too important when you have a “booming” economy, is it?

  4. I didn’t know that members of the senate had already stated they had made up their mind to exonerate trump.
    thank you Nancy Pelosi for with holding the articles of impeachment and letting the truth of the republican sham trial of trump get exposure.
    what a tremendous victory for the constitution and the american way.
    God bless the Democratic party.
    may God smite republicans with his furious vengance and cast them into the lake of fire to burn for eternity.

    1. Costas Vrahimis If you had watched the hearings closely you would known the witnesses gave plenty of truth. They put their reputations on the line. Why did Trump try to block them and many others if he was innocent. Don’t want the truth? Shouldn’t you be searching for it too?

    2. @Costas Vrahimis Trump admitted he did it on the driveway of the White House. Why not let Trump’s 4 biggest supporters Giuliani, Mulvaney, Pompeo and Bolton Testify under oath and bring their emails and text messages they have been hiding that collaborate the crime Trump’s being accused of.

      If Trump is innocent why is the GOP not acting like it. Innocent people don’t block witnesses and evidence they welcome it.

    3. Catherine Andujar I did watch and yeah they may have been telling the truth but each witness gave hearsay which does not hold up anywhere. And blocking the testimony of people within his administration is perfectly okay it’s called executive privilege and most presidents before have used this. Now if the legislative branch wanted to compel the testimony they should have gone to the 3rd branch of government (the judiciary branch) and fought it in court let them play referee. That’s how our system is supposed to work where 1 branch does not get more power than another. But did that happen here? No the Dems in the legislative branch didn’t want to go through the court system because they claimed trump is a threat to national security and we need to move urgently so instead they hold tryouts in closed door hearings to get the witnesses that would say something about hearing about a quid pro quo and rush through this thing. Trust me I want the truth as much as anyone. If he really did something wrong then I would be for having him removed but you have to fairly prove he did something wrong. Did you not think it was weird the minority could not call a witness? Or have a minority day like the impeachment of Clinton?

    4. Printagic Online to your first point that’s not how this works. Presidents have a right to maintain confidential communication with those in their administration it’s called executive privilege and many presidents have used this. Most recently before trump was in Obama’s fast and furious scandal. Now if the legislative branch wanted to compel these testimonies they should have fought that out in the judiciary branch. It’s why there are 3 branches of government so that one branch does not gain more power than the other. But that didn’t happen here. The left claimed trump is a threat to national security so we must move urgently and they rushed through this thing then when trump denies testimony of those in his administration they just claim obstruction of congress? That’s not even fair nor a thing.

      And your second point apart from some of the globalist members of the republicans, the gop have been acting like he’s innocent and defending him. Mark meddows, devin nunes, Jim Jordan to name a few.

      I am for calling all witnesses and I do think ultimately the 4 you mentioned will testify along with the witnesses who the president wants to call ex the whistleblowers hunter Biden Adam schiff

      It’s funny tho you say bring the emails is that what you wanted Hillary Clinton to do?

    1. They can. Maybe not very far or very high, but they can fly well enough for their own purposes when they need to.

    1. If the Demonrats did their job in the sham impeachment hearings there would be no need for more witnesses, they don’t have a weak case, that have no case

    1. If you have proof of that, you should tell it to Nancy Pelosi. Maybe she can add it to her Articles of Impeachment for Gullible Losers/Haters.

  5. Getter done!impeach remove your puppet dictator! Clean your house people get on your government to work for you!

  6. 0:34 It’s nice to know that when the highest office in the entire country is being abused, the truth can be easily squashed by “tremendous pressure” from Drumpf and The Human Turtle.

    Got an air tight justice system there, USA. Looking good. Maybe impeachment regulations in your constitution should have foreseen things like, people can refuse to talk, or, people can just “not recall”. Maybe, there should be colossal penalties to be faced for not cooperating in investigating abuses of power from the highest office in the country. Maybe………..

    1. Cilvar Frey Amen. Nobody should be allowed to refuse to testify or withhold documents. Why is this accceptable? Why these games of court delays. This isn’t a game! It is the health and well being of our country, our laws, our Democracy!

  7. Didn’t shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue but had a man murdered on the world stage to distract from impeachment!

    1. Printagic Online , Trump was correct in not telling democrats , they would’ve leaked that information

    2. @Saynoto Socialists that’s right, still not a terrorist. He was no doubt getting in the way of US imperialism in the region, in other words effective at his job but it is tirsome hearing the US label people terrorists when causing trouble in their region. The Iraqis were all called terrorists who fought against the US in both gulf wars.

    3. Barry Walls , my fault I didn’t realize that you’re the final word on who’s a terrorist and who isn’t 🙄

    4. @Saynoto Socialists what a pathetic response! You try to bait me with your childish ‘obummer’ comment and because I’m not in your partisan nonsense you give it the old; ‘your the final word’…you called him a terrorist lad so I guess you believe you have the right?! And when exactly did Obama label him a terrorist out of interest? When Trump said he did or did he really? Either way it’s against international law to assassinate ranking members or sovereign nation’s military

  8. This may seem a quibble, but let’s not talk about the road to “impeachment.” Impeachment is DONE. Trump’s been impeached. He is officially, now and forever, an Impeached President.

    Let’s talk about Conviction and REMOVAL. We’re not going to get them, but those are the subjects.

    This is the opportunity to hold Senatorial feet to the fire. Let them understand the those who are up for reelection this year will be facing constituents who will know whether they voted for evidence and witnesses or secrecy and dismissal.

    1. Nicely said George. I just can’t understand why the GOP continues to claim trump is innocent, but fight like Heck to stop the 4 biggest supporters Trumps from testifying. Giuliani Pompeo Mulvaney and Bolton have first hand knowledge of the impeachment accusations. If Trump did nothing wrong this is how you show the world he’s innocent and the Democrats were wrong.

  9. This has a bright side.
    From now on when anyone of us is charged with a crime, our lawyer can use this as an example why the prosecutor cannot use evidence or witnesses in the trial…🤔🤔😁

  10. I have 0 confidence considering Mitch has yet to cower in front of the cameras and agree to it.

    DO NOT SEND THE ARTICLES OVER until he does…

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