1. We the people have the right to know who’s corrupt and who’s not in our political system all those involved should be investigated and vetted

    1. Darrell Knott guess what,,, There’s millions more like me. But your party is in a death spiral. Best wishes. God bless you!

    2. Hah yeah, trump love poor people so darn much that he’s kicking millions off of their food stamps. And the majority of food stamp recipients are the elderly and children.

    1. ​@Debbie Martini Correct, as it should here and in most trials. The “inquiry” was a disgrace to both sides. I really hated it as an independent.

    2. @Debbie Martini Well shoot, where do I go from here? Usually people get mad at me…. I don’t know… Have a good evening, Debbie?

    1. unfortunately, there were only about 3 or 4 republicans and 25 democrats in that chamber. WTF is that on such a serious matter? If they showed the whole senate chamber on this the people would find out how well their reps do by their attendance or absence.

    2. Ross Carlson I won’t be voting for any republicans again. I’m done. They’ve destroyed the integrity of the party.

  2. ” do you want pther countries running your election???””…Multinational corps and lobby groups giggling in the background.

    1. @Arthur Johnston Wrong! I for one blame the DNC for pushing Hillary. She was extremely unpopular and still won the popular vote…..

    2. @Robert Wolfe LMAO have you any idea how much the crook you worship lies??!!! Where are you getting your facts?! SMFH

      It is the political elite and multi millionaireel global, foreign owned media supporting the Democrats who are creating a globalist new world order where the wealthy powered elites dominate at the expense of the people. also right wing elitesimets and cheap workers and profits as well.
      Suddenly this man breaks away from this agenda because he trully wants to help the American people.
      So he has thrown down the gauntlet big time to the globalist politicians, big companies including the American foreign owned media by turning prosperity back to the people.

      This is why they are twisting everything, the FBI is forging documents, they are hiding Joe Biden’s self confessed real corruption in Ukraine in a plot to bring down a democratically elected government.

    1. @Kathy Holland I am not a dog so I prefer if you not to refer to me as one.Thank you have a wonderful day and go have yourself a nice tall ice cold glass of drano!

    2. @Mr Fister ahhh did I get ya upset Rover.
      I truly couldn’t care less what you think.
      Your a traitor and your opinion means nothing.
      You truly are a joke!!!!!
      DRANO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 silly boy.

    1. John Layman II do you realize that your comment is totally ambiguous, the chief justice took an oath, all the senators took an oath, even Moscow Mitch took an oath. Who are them? until now we have seen Republicans lying , like Nunes just admitted on Fox, or hypocritically saying the opposite of what they said in the past Graham, Mc Connell and alt.

    2. Hillary has been investigated so many times and it always comes up with nothing. The emails were just investigated, yet again, like two months ago by the trump justice dept, and she was even cleared again there. Time to give it up.

    3. Lindsey Stein , wrong , coney laid out the crimes she committed , then said “ she didn’t mean to do it “
      First it’s not up to the cops if someone will be prosecuted , it’s up to the prosecutor , so Comey was out of bounds on that
      Second it’s clear her being questioned by strzok with evidence that he was biased in her favor by the text page sent him telling him to “ go easy on her , she’s going to be your next boss “ so the hildabeast email scandal and her exhortation by Comey before she was interviewed can well be part of the investigation into the fbi’s misconduct during the obummer administration

    1. If sober means not under the influence of any drugs (prescribed or not). Then they’re probably all high right now.

    1. @Ervin broeder you’re the most sensible comment I’ve read on here yet, I personally feel that we the people have let ourselves down for not binding together on issues that are important to us, it’s our country the politicians work for us but they have went unchecked for so long they believe they are above us all and have become corrupt to the point they’ve started snitching on one another, that’s why we are hearing about all the corruption now. The people that wrote the constitution was people that had lived under government control before and wrote the laws and amendments to empower the people but we’re to busy at each other throats.

    2. @Smoke Rise your entertainment is perfidy so it’s safe to assume you are just another nihilist.

  3. Does anyone really think this is going to be a fair trial with witnesses? The real trial will be via the next election.

    1. Mind Hive, well, sure there are plenty of people that disagree with Trump. I disagree with him on several things. But there’s a big difference between people who disagree with Trump, and people who hate Trump. I think you’re the latter. And not many people on the right HATE Trump. The left is going so far left that I’m not surprised democrats are identifying as anything but a democrat.

    2. @Byron Young




      OR…Conservatives against Trump



      Ect ect ect…
      When I reminded you that there ARE people like me who are NOT on the left, you bitched and moaned and cried.
      All your lazyass had to do, was take your tiny pizza roll stained fingers and do a fucking SEARCH on the “interwebs” to see what I’m saying is FACT.
      But no, you’re a lazy sheep that labels eeeeveryone that sees this Senate idiocy, as somehow being on the “left”. You don’t have a fucking clue what you’re talking about, child

    3. @I know you’re right But I think he is an embarrassment to the United States of America, and needs to be removed, ASAP. Put in Pence, I’ll deal with his “religion”. But this corrupt idiot is a disaster…

    1. @Cpt.Sisko thinks you’re soft. I’ve heard of it, I just don’t care to fight with someone who dislikes Trump as well. Cheers

    2. @Demetrius Dion If they stand on the side of the Constitution they will rule AGAINST this bogus sham impeachment circus! ,🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  4. Everyone in this trial is going to be judged, today and tomorrow, by both colleagues and constituents, and, in time, finally by history itself.

    1. Jack Carlock – what is it exactly that you think Trump gets out of this deal and how do you think he was able to run against the democrats and his own party and still win? He won because he spoke what most Americans were thinking and because he’s doing exactly what he said he was going to do, and he will win again this year. History will remember him as the greatest president in a century whether YOU like him or not. Maybe you should stop letting CNN and the Democrats tell you what to think and think for yourself.

    2. @Jay D Right back atcha einstein. Thing about every trumptard is that each of you regurgitate the same “drain the swamp” horseshit yet not one of you can see how much deeper the swamp is since your idiot prince came to town. Laughable

  5. We need 100% American politics,politician,
    policymakers,judges,Senators,house representatives sole exclusive to Americans inclusive.. Not to foreign influence.

  6. All eyes will be on every Senator after taking that Oath to see if they are impartial.
    Will you choose country over party and wrong over right?
    We will judge you and history will remember.

    1. But if he is legitimatly found not guilty you will say they are wrong, regardless of whatever in the universe is the truth.

    2. IsengaurD whitehand
      No one wants to see another Libya. Iran has a rich history going back to the beginning of civilization itself. I pray that you are able to free yourselves from a government intent on spreading death and violence around the region. I still believe it is possible for all the countries in the Middle East to live together with respect

    3. @MrRocktex1978 He IS impeached! You don’t get it? Are you dumb???? NOW there is a trial: ” A call to order” or “removal from office”. If Trump is removed PENCE is president until the next election.

    4. @seriously??? You are a moron, that’s for sure! Overturn the election??? HOW? If Trump is removed from office VP Pence is president and republicans are still in charge. HOW ON EARTH IS THIS AN “OVERTURN” OF THE ELECTION???? Are you brainwashed by FOX and friends? Read the damn constitution!

    1. mary al and when you hear it ,youll still deny it. Just like every other bs scandal they accuse trump of. You dont want the truth you just want it spun to fit your narrative

    1. The Wang because there are thousands and thousands of people going to Trump rallies and democrats can’t even decide who they want to be the nominee. Trump’s base is fired up about him, and democrats don’t have that person. They have 3 candidates that equal about 1/4 of a candidate each, respectively. If Bernie wins, Obama has already said he would vote against him.

    2. @Carol Mcfadden yeah round two from Hilary? Wth?

    3. @The Wang yep Hillary did a bang up job colluding with the Russians getting the bogus Steele DOSSIER that she paid for!!! Lol

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