Chuck Schumer Praises Adam Schiff For Holding GOP Rapt, Convincing Public | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Chuck Schumer Praises Adam Schiff For Holding GOP Rapt, Convincing Public | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. RE: Ryan Ellsworth

      The Democrats have an enormous case; the GOP simply won’t let them import evidence or witnesses to prosecute it. Why? First, Trump’s abominable behavior would officially be documented for the first time and surely result in at least censure to give the people its pound of flesh, which is not the same as acquittal, and definitely not exoneration. Second, clear-cut guilt would compel Senate Republicans to render an erroneous verdict under a magnifying glass. Lastly, testimony would just prolong a trial for which the outcome has already been unconstitutionally decided by a guy abusing his power no different than Trump claiming the make-believe scepter under Article 2. the House could lumber in with the kitchen sink and it wouldn’t matter. No, the phony “trial” is little more than a House filibuster to make Senate Republicans sit through the truth before stabbing democracy in the back with the rusty bayonet of absolutism. If they want to bury the evidence, fine. But Democrats aren’t going to dig the hole for them. As for the proposed absence of “crimes”, the impeachment clause refers to crimes against the people in no certain terms. The framers couldn’t possibly have predicted every law the nation would see fit to create to update the job description of president. Under no circumstance would they require he or she to commit a crime. It would have forced them to define and debate each and every one, which would have confused the true scope and spirit of the charter. These were noble men of conscience who did not rush to judgment or presume. The only presumption they might have been guilty of was that even the worst of elected men wouldn’t venture below the bedrock of common decency. Impeachment is a legitimate act of civic passion in response to a preponderance of behavioral transgressions against public trust and conduct unbecoming the office. It is an act of creation and destruction. The job and responsibility of Congress is to accept the people’s case without resistance, save to strain its passion through the filter of reason.

    2. @March22012 You mean executive privilege as specified in the Constitution? That law? You might want to brush up on that. To override it, the House needs to go through the courts. They failed to do that. So they have no case. Thanks for playing!

    3. @Sun Wukung Do you even know what prima facie means? “based on the first impression; accepted as correct until proved otherwise.” As in, a guess. We don’t remove a president from office based on a guess. Rule of law says prosecution bears the burden of proof of a removable offense beyond a shadow of doubt. They have failed.

    4. @fungoorstitch Nice novel. I think the butler did it. I do agree the outcome is pre-determined. Same as with the House. As for the rest of your fanciful tale, your bias is no compensation for a lack of evidence. The House has to make a case and provide the evidence to support it. If they don’t, the defense can challenge it and have it removed from the record. This includes opinions and 2nd hand speculation. In other words, 80 percent of their case.

  1. Americans need to speak out this is about finding out about the truth. And vote out the ones who never did right by constitution. Or America you will be the ones who start a war with the world.. America will be known as corrupt.

    1. 1-202-224-3121 call now follow the prompts to be connected to Mitch McConnell and your local officials. DEMAND A FAIR TRIAL WITH WITNESSES AND EVIDENCE!!

    2. I just called my senator and left a message that this is not a trial it is a sham without witnesses, and as a voter we need to see , and here from witnesses. As Americans, we need to demand to see, and here from witnesses period .

    1. @American Gamer yeah it does, it means 30 of those folks are ignorant af. F*cking anti-American clown shoe polishers. If you hate America and everything it stands for so much you should gtfo. We fought fascists in the last world war, I hope your supreme leader meets the same fate as Mussolini did.

    2. Wow. Sue the college you got a worthless degree from and pay your own student debt back. I have meet warm rocks sitting in the sun that radiates more intelligent thoughts

    1. Attorney General Barr will take down the criminal Democrats!! Just remember the names comey McCabe lisa Paige Brennan clapper strock fusion GPS steel dosia

    2. Hold on to hope you silly lilys.. Mueller, Avenatti, Cohen, Stomi didnt work but this schiff show just has to it just has tooooooooo!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  2. Schiff’s speech at the end of today was so patriotic it had me in tears! The people who have risked everything to come forward to testify in the House to tell the Truth to Power make me proud to be an American.

    1. @Cave Johnson Clearly you haven’t actually watched the House managers’ presentation of the facts so far, or you wouldn’t be claiming that they have no evidence. Instead you’re regurgitating a trumpian talking point about “demanding the Senate do their work for them.” I won’t say you’re brainless, but you’re behaving as though you are.

    1. @David Rogers Compare Adam Schiff’s speeches with any of trump’s horrible whining and you’ll want to listen to Schiff forever

  3. People of America you have the power to make your voice heard and take charge of your country for the sake of your children’s children



    3. yes. i wrote a couple of posts on mitch’s page for witness’ & docu’s. we can do something as easy as that. go on their fb & twitter pages & express our concerns & our repercussions to them if they don’t give us the fair trial this country is owed by them.

  4. A Trail without witnesses is not a Trail it’s a cover up, the document from Pence submitted today that is classified is the key … it made republicans gasp

    1. @Ryan Ellsworth
      *The Orangeminator:* Putin’s Revenge.

      In 2020, the human race is tasked to stop a self-impeaching orange cyborg bullsh*ting machine, sent from 1946, from executing a young America’s Constitution , whose Democratic Party is the key to humanity’s future salvation.

    2. @David Hale have you never made a typo? Obviously you knew what he saying -as I knew what he was saying. Why criticize?

  5. Thing is you can’t convince the devil. It’s rigged. Incredible presentation and overwhelming evidence, but the corrupt demons in the GOP, just don’t care.
    BLUE WAVE 2020 COMING IN 9 MONTHS 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Yes a blue wave of fresh toilet water coming in 9 months that you can count on LMFAO! HELLS ANGELS FOR TRUMP WE GOT HIS BACK in 2020

    1. @Dave Almighty ouch..very ouch my friend.. you favor a senator that shelters Trump in this trial?
      the president hasn’t allowed witnesses. or any documentation at all IN the House. Are you okay if that was to stand in the Senate Trial ?
      I’m just curious.
      I realize you’re legal argument is valid.

    2. @Howard Chance you dont seem to understand that the president isnt controlled by congress. Therefore a president cannot obstruct congress. Its the seperation of powers clause. A president can not obstruct congress, and vice versa. Its really simple, and easy to understand, if you dont let your emotions cloud your intelligence.

    3. @Howard Chance that is a link to article 2 of our great constitution.
      It protects us from periodic surges of mass stupidity that seems to stem from people like yourself.
      And the 2nd amendment is there if all else fails.

  6. No matter what happens here, the truth will come out, then what will the people say of not only their Senators but of Fox news?

  7. I agree… The ending speech was a nail bitter. I could feel the daggers being shined & ready to be thrown. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  8. Adam Schiff gave a great outline of the facts getting Trump impeached. And, he buried the White House defenders because now we see the polls; 72% of America wants Trump out of office! If Trump is acquitted by the Senate, he’ll definitely lose in Nov. America will be great again after Trump is removed!

    1. joy bernardo : I disagree that America will suddenly become great because of Trump losing the 2020 election. If Trump is actually acquitted by the Senate, we are on a downward spiral. Remember, by acquitting Trump, that sets PRECEDENT for future Presidents. Trump will leave office at some point, the next guy or gal in office may be worse. At the very least, the entire administration whether Republican or Democrat can behave as Trump has.

    2. Randy Couch : What is your point? You are doing nothing more than throwing shade. Put on your big boy pants and keep up. Currently, the Senate is holding a trial on the impeachment of President Trump. No policies, laws, bills, suggestions, recommendations, or whispers of legislative activity is taking place. All of that stopped when the trial started. So, given this scenario, why are you making silly talking points that has no bearing on the issue at hand? Wrong board, wrong comment.

    3. Ginger P Trump will be acquitted. Every Republican and I predict, a few Democrat Senators will vote to acquit because of lack of evidence.

    1. Evan Hayford
      …Crime….family? Indeed.
      My Divine Grandmother once said, “… you will grow to see, that, the ONLY difference between organized crime and the government, of every kind, is, that you VOTED for one of them!!!” Trust and TRUSTLESS are divided from each other by the character and nature of those most intimately involved. The Democratic Party….The Republican Party: their roles and image in present American life were utterly and COMPLETELY reversed by Roosevelt’s new deal. I can feel another such upheaval, for the nation of America, beginning, in this impeachment process! 4 years of trump and the USA will no longer be a superpower: this is a result of how utterly broken the Electoral College is and the unwillingness of Americans to protect their vote from social media and cyberspace meddling-the country looks like a nation of cowards when it comes to these two arenas! Trump has loaded down the Justice system with racist 💩 dung 💩 and vomit 🤮 eating Neanderthals! They will be there for the next 55 years‼️Justice is DOOMED especially if you are not lily white! Economically? Complete failure for people of colour even if you fix college debt and income disparity. Why?
      Politics in the USA is nothing more than a ‘WHITES ONLY’ family feud and even the RUSSIANS have more power and access than Black people in the USA. There is NO united state in the United States 🇺🇸😡👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿💩💩💩💩‼️

    2. The incompetent and corrupt tRump University Administration is just an appointment of corporate puppets by the top 0.1% Russian and American corporate oligarchs who own and run everything now. Time to dust off the guillotines.

    3. @Lord Tutinean Pretty simple to realize that this is what happens when a few greedy, corrupt corporate oligarchs take over the government. It happened all over Europe in the 1930’s and it’s coming around again on the guitar. The evil corporate greedmongers never completely go away, constant vigilance is required and we failed at that.

    1. Wise move. Republicans have no idea what the right thing is anyway. They abandoned their common sense and morals long ago.

    1. 帥哥 Why? House Democrats said “the evidence was overwhelming”, so they impeached. Now they say they need more witnesses and documents. Which is it?
      Democrats are frauds and liars.

    2. @Rod Allen actually the senate obstructionists haven’t even allowed the initial evidence, will not allow witness or documentary evidence and still want to call this a “trial”. The republicans are the real frauds and liars and we can add cowards to this list.

  9. Trump 2016: I know the best people.
    Trump 2019: Making a perfect phone call.
    Trump 2020: I know none of these people.
    Trump has lied more than 16000 times in 3 year, and it’s getting worse all the time – what a mess.
    At least he is stable, not a Genius but a stable Liar.
    Feel free to vote Republican, but seriously keep a close eye on Donald Trump, he is destroying you and the world.
    Donald is just a pitiful, childish and pampered crap that none of the world’s leaders will ever trust or take seriously.

    1. Indian PM walked out when he said China doesn’t share borders with Kashmir 😂 He implemented his Laws soon in Kashmir since Donald had no understanding of the situation or geopolitical importance of that place

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