1. ​@chance lewis the top 3 congressmen who have made the most from insider trading are all Republicans. Pelosi is 4th. You wanna rage about it rage at the GOP

    2. @Rube Trucker You do not know me with the exception of what I have said here on this page. And so, you do not posess the right to tell me a person who is unfamiliar to you to get help simply cause they wrote something you do not like. May Trump go down like a huge ball of flames and be reduced to nothing but pure ash.

    3. @chance lewis So did Martha Stewart… Trump once tried to take full control of his father’s real estate empire to use it to pay his own debts and eventually got disowned in his own family for those actions. And besides, Schumer did not pitch a massive hissy fit on a fair and honest election that he legitimately lost either.

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    2. If Trump is so bad, why did his kids turn out awesome? If you get harmed by an illegal who shouldn’t be here, remember you voted for this.

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  2. what ever it is worth today’s politics belongs on the Jerry Springer show… Saturday night live cannot do it justice.

  3. LMAO dems try to shred the constitution daily! They should be praising Trump for his comments. They practice it every day.

  4. Mr chuck shummer was write,and perfectly write,the contitution was , or better said interpreted on their way, or manipuled only by them , obey only by the good cittizens ,and apply to all other against,other wise you are against the establishment, no matter whos on power you should obey,what else ,dont do that can endup on big trouble,

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