Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell & Craig Melvin Press Rep. Nancy Mace On Impeachment Trial | MTP Daily 1

Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell & Craig Melvin Press Rep. Nancy Mace On Impeachment Trial | MTP Daily


Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell and Craig Melvin press Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) after she calls the impeachment process "unconstitutional." Aired on 02/11/2021.
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Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell & Craig Melvin Press Rep. Nancy Mace On Impeachment Trial | MTP Daily


  1. Josh Hawley refused to even do his duty as a Senator, and focus on the proceedings of the trial. Instead, he spent his time with his feet propped up on the seat in front of him, while reading his dog-eared copy of Mein Kampf.

    1. Some are not even bothering to pretend, if the vote already said its Constitutional, your reason to acquit can’t be that same arguement. Trump was right when he said years ago “If runs for President, he would run as a Republican because they would vote for anyone.”

  2. The GOP is digging in and fortifying their positions, as they prepare to make their last stand defending the summit of BullS*** Mountain.

    1. get ready for a LANDSLIDE at BS mountain…………. it’s the GQP at the base who will be hit the HARDEST

    2. Outta work and job because Covid was used to destroy trumps economy and usher in Biden and sty will bail them out for the trouble

  3. Trump to Senate GOPsters, “I am not guilty because you are cowards”.
    Senate GOPsters (-6), “No, you aren’t; yes, we are”.

    1. @Paul Drusbasky Because people claim the US is a great country; Mace makes it seem like a joke where mediocrities represent morons.

    2. Yep. When she starts out like that as a rookie – where will she end up in a few years’ time? Like a female Lindsey Graham or Cornyn?

    1. Yep !!! And racist stories… ANTIFA !!! Kamala Harris vice président giving grace to ANTIFA !!!! WTF !!!’??? Crazy REPUBLICAN’ RIGHT WING SENATOR !!! Burk !

    2. @delritmo la clave Don’t let the apparent connection between the antifascist movement and the newly sworn-in president alarm or outrage you. The redirect is simply a reflection of how the open web can work. Anyone with a few bucks can register an internet address, set up a website on it, and then take visitors to another website. The website redirect, a phenomenon that’s dogged Biden since before he won the November election, is a good reminder to avoid jumping to conclusions based on something you see on the internet. Be even more careful about sharing your find with family and friends until you’ve vetted the source. Simply put, there’s no shortage of disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, baseless conspiracy theories and flat-out lies online.

    1. Agreed and the journalists were poor in not pinning her down about her false claim as to the unconstitutionality of the impeachment.

      Even if you have to ask four or five times…get a proper answer!

    2. @Ged Farnan Topclass journalism is a rarity these days on TV, Ged. On MSNBC Ari Melber, Joy Reid and Ali Velshi are real fine. Then there’s 5 or 6 who are okay most of the time (Maddow, Hayes, Hunt, Haliwell and a couple more) – the rest is basically silence. Scarborough, Todd, Jones, Williams and Lemon BELOW acceptable! Maybe I’m a Grumpy Old Man – and maybe I’m just used to better journalists with real integrity, and less hidden political corporate agendas behind their work? You never know.

    3. @Tom Porsgaard We have a journalist in New Zealand called Tova O’Brien who famously pinned a politician to a corkboard recently.Google it.
      I suspect most of your cable network folk have secret guidelines that preclude them pursuing the truth too ruthlessly if it might affect their ratings…..

  4. Dear Ms.Mace,

    I’d like to ask you who made all these problems wasn’t it your leader don’t understand why you people cannot hold him accountable you’re sound like a battered spouse!!!

    1. They didn’t? Oh I guess we forgot about BLM being in DC so far to the point that they burned down a church! Dude stop lying

  5. She states she’ll have to Google “whataboutism” and proceeds to talk nothing but “whataboutism” regarding Kamala Harris, Antifa and Ocasio Cortez. Not even comparable. Typical GOP liar.

  6. “Pressing her..?” All she did was repeat the same prepared talking points six different ways. This interview was utterly worthless. Stop giving Republicans airtime — they’re pigs.

    1. Yes. 80% of these journalists and anchors on MSNBC (and CNN even worse) is worth NOTHING, except to hold a mike for a Republican or a corporate rightwing Democrat. Gets tiresome to listen to such low level journalism. Todd among the worst.

    2. And if they have them on, go at them 190%! The hosts can ask Mehdi Hasan (or Ari Melber) for some pointers….

  7. Listening to her arguments. it’s like listening to trump’s lawyers opening arguments in the impeachment trial.

    1. Nancy Mace is what the GOP has sunk too … never answer a question, deflect, back to what about the democrats. etc.She is not the type of person we need in congress. She would be much more fit for waiting tables or as a cashier in the grocery store.

    1. Good point Ade. Bet she’s never HEARD words like MAGA, Q-anon, KKK or Proud Boys either – seems to be a rather common kind of selective hearing issue among Reputilians.

    1. Just like McCarthy on QAnon recently,we got clown politicians displaying hypocracies again and again,sad but true!

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