Chuck Todd: Democrats Know For The People Act 'Won't Pass' | MSNBC 1

Chuck Todd: Democrats Know For The People Act ‘Won’t Pass’ | MSNBC


Chuck Todd breaks down the voting rights bill chances in the Senate as they prepare to vote on it. 

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Chuck Todd: Democrats Know For The People Act 'Won't Pass' | MSNBC


  1. Free and fair elections would spell the end of white christian dominance in America.

    And the Republican party knows it.

    1. @B Taylor I’m blacker than you I’m a hundred percent African-American not diluted like you we believe in God unlike you and your last dying words are going to be all my God help me you know that I know that so you must repent and give maybe God will save your soul brother brother man brother

    2. @Shockked I think that black christians should be judged by their character as individuals, just like white christians. But obviously they’ve never been in a position of power in America.

      As an Independent Atheist, I’m more than happy to acknowledge the millions of good white christians who stand with American democracy and denounce Donald Trump.

      I’m also more than happy to call out any violent, racist Atheists who want to overthrow our government.

  2. It is called ‘For the People.’
    Naturally the Republicans will be against it.
    If it were ‘Screw the People,’
    the Republicans would be all for it.

    1. Yeah, words like “for the people” should offer things that people want. Having judgment money pad the pockets of politicians doesn’t sound its doing us any favors. You keep falling for the emotional evocation of words like ” for the people ” in bills without even knowing wtf is in it for you.

    2. @Justin Elliott The bill literally stops foreign governments from financing politicians. And actually combats corruption. You only hate the bill because it’s from the Democrats. If you actually read the bill you will agree with it.

  3. “We have more to lose than gain by ending the filibuster”. Is she on drugs!? It doesn’t matter! What matters is that it is undemocratic!!! I don’t care who she “thinks” benefits from it. End it…because it simply stonewalls ANYTHING from being done.

    1. @Hakuna Matata you are brainwashed and ignorant this law the democrats are trying to pass will destroy democracy. Your one of those people who cheers for there own demise because they don’t know any better.

    2. @John Doe I’d say your the one that’s brain washed but I dont think you have one. So by protecting the peoples right to vote will somehow magically destroy democracy, WTF?

    3. @John Doe Republicans are blocking the people’s will thats why they use the filibuster. Democrats has the people’s support in the US and around the world

    4. @Jim Yarbrough About one third of people in the USA are convinced that it’s not really a democracy at all, but technically a constitutional republic, where only the “right” people should be allowed to vote, specifically as it was at the country’s founding: rich white male Christian landowners. Elites. The business class. Neoaristocrats. They honestly believe this, heart and soul, and first their water was carried by Dixiecrats, and then after Nixon and his “southern strategy”, it switched to Republicans. Another third believes in democracy and universal suffrage. The final third doesn’t care either way, and would rather go shopping and raise children, than fight another civil war. It’s been a sick f-ed up country since day one, stained with this original sin, and too afraid to adapt with the times. They should have remained with the monarchy, then they would have been normal, like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Who knew? National maturity through deliberate patience. Instead they had to have their violent revolution, and civil war (where the losers got to win their legitimacy in the south), and somehow those always manage to end badly for ordinary people. USA basically has a terminal hate, bigotry, and elitist problem, getting in the way of their continued progress as a culture and as a nation. Good luck to you all, really and truly. God bless your souls, and the rest of us, too. This all would have come about one hundred years earlier, but the USA got ridiculously lucky out of events stemming from WWI and WWII and enjoyed a global positional advantage brought about by events stemming from that war lottery that buoyed its fortunes, until now.

    1. @Austin Chandler one thing though sadly is the Democrats are still not giving up there saying the fight is far from over, especially a statement from Biden.

    2. @Kyle Li can this bill still pass in the senate this year? Or is it done for at least this year

  4. So if they don’t fight for all people’s right to vote then what should they be fighting for?

    1. @Kyle Li Many people went to vote on Election Day and someone had already stolen their vote with early voting. ID’s must be enforced or their is no verification of who is voting. Common sense voting.

    2. @John Trent Agreed on the ID but them lines are way too long and the lack of voting areas makes it worse

    3. @Kyle Li Agree that more polls locations are needed if you have to wait more than 10 min in line. I want everyone to be able to vote but we need to make sure it’s the actual person casting the vote.

    4. @John Trent During pandemic we voted by mail in America. Exception was red states had to stand in long lines, no water, voter intimidation, guns at polls. Thank God I’m in a blue state. My state knows my registration number so I don’t need voter ID. We register thru DMV. DMV is strict on voter registration and cars.

    5. @Skywind You are ignorant or a liar. I early voted with an ID in a red state. There was no line. Educate yourself instead of just believing leftist propaganda without any research.

  5. I feel like politics is full of a bunch of Narcissist that dont care about any of us. This is not a political statement this is the truth. There are maybe 5 that are worth the time of day. Most are trash.

    1. The Bible foretold these conditions in our day. People scoff at it but its happening the way it foretold regardless. 2 Tim 3:16

    2. @james wheeler these conditions specifically being? Respectfully my good man, can you elaborate or explain?

    3. @james wheeler I believe that we are falling apart at the seams and we need to pray repent and seek the face of God.

  6. Murkowski I voted for you when I used to live in Alaska. Pass HR1 and pass a $8-10trillion infrastructure bill! We all need this.

  7. Because government is ABOUT THE ELECTED, not the people…………..S H A M E S H A M E

    1. You guys(Republicans/conservatives) have WAY more than two government officials who don’t support the majority or the American Public’s will. Even our(Democrat) most corrupt government officials on our side of the aisle are conservative Democrats. “Conservative” that’s just something to think about.

  8. There are several amendments in the constitution that give all citizens of the US the right to vote. When you revise any of that you are in violation of that same constitution.

  9. McConnell is playing ‘Nothing to see here folks.’ move along. Claims there is no problem with ANY of the bills moving through state legistatures. The Constitution is a federal document. It promises every citizen the right to vote. If states won’t honor that they SHOULD expect federal interference.

  10. STOP bowing down to Moscow Mitch and the GOP. Show some fighting spirit, or the next three and a half years will achieve nothing. Show the American people why they turned out in the biggest ever election to vote for a Democrat President. Because if you don’t? they won’t be so eager in 2024.

  11. If we know it won’t past, why are we wasting our time when there is so much more good legislation that we can work on. This is nothing but political grandstanding and Theatre. It is very clear now that we have a crisis of leadership in both the House and the Senate.

  12. Anybody knows a bookie who is opening bets for end of USA by 2050? I feel the odds are good that the republicans will bring it down around that time

  13. I’ve been a Democrat for decades I’m done with them.really, bringing up Valley Forge.nice speeches before a month long recess.Democratic Politician’s have nothing but contempt for their constituents.

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