Chuck Todd On Standing Ovation From GOP Officials: 'Uncomfortable Thing To See' | MSNBC 1

Chuck Todd On Standing Ovation From GOP Officials: ‘Uncomfortable Thing To See’ | MSNBC


Chuck Todd on standing ovation from GOP officials during joint session of Congress: "The most uncomfortable thing is to see people in that chamber give a standing ovation to, essentially, thwarting democracy.” Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Chuck Todd On Standing Ovation From GOP Officials: 'Uncomfortable Thing To See' | MSNBC


    1. they always have, that is why voter suppression has been their long game for over a decade. when people have their rights, Republicans lose.

    2. Jasmany Foch, ANTIFA, and BLM have never committed acts of sedition. While they might march on the Capitol, they would never attack and desecrate the seat of government. They stayed away from a confrontation because the process should not be superseded by the distraction of riots. This was an attempted insurrection by seditionists who have no respect for our country or Constitution. These are people who should all be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They shouldn’t be given show trials they should just be prosecuted and locked up. This went beyond the pale, and proves these people aren’t patriots, they’re thugs.

    1. Trump owns Teds wife!!!! Trump considers him weak and a great boot licker. Oh. He’s a great guy!

    2. @BRAVEHEART DAVINCI Hahahaha so true Ted’s lips are attached to tRump’s balloon knot he is part of the human centipede that are all sucking up to tRump. Can’t wait for this orange slug to be out of power

    3. Ted to me not a real man. 45 cussed his wife out and she is far in the background an i cant get over how ted came back an crawled in like a sick puppy with his tail between his legs and bowed to 45. Instead of standing up like a man an defend his wife.

    1. @Omega Man But but but who would illvanka blow for more trademarks if not her daddy’s bffs, the Chinese? She’s gotten dozens of them from China, her daddy’s suits and ties are made in China, he owes them $400M on personal loans, but in your pea brain, NBC is China.
      drump even colluded with China to downplay the virus, so his filthy cronies could sell off their stocks and invest in body bags…seems like they knew what time it was, even as the orange pig said F it, and went golfing. You’re a stupid traitor, nothing more.

    1. @Richard MacLean This is not “messy”. This is insurrection actively encouraged by Trump and other Republicans. This is treason.

    2. @Mr Fugazi We here in America are in no more worse shape than many countries, its just that some people here in the States are acting like spoiled, entitled brats with guns.

    3. @Mary Devonshire Mate, compared to countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand, the US is in worse shape, like that of a third world country. A pandemic totally out of control, a stuffed economy, 70 million US voters who believe Trump is a viable alternative and of course, your “right to bear arms” bullshite that is seen for what it is. Mary, the US is NOT exceptional because too many of its citizens have arrogance and ignorance in equal measure. We here in Australia are seriously considering any long term relationship with your country, at least until you have demonstrated that the US is worthy of our trust. I’m from the Vietnam war generation and still have not forgiven the US for dragging us into that imperialist war. It cost 500+ young Australian lives. You have had our military support for the last 80 or so years and that has come to an end as far as my generation of Australians is concerned. Clean up your country, take responsibiliy for the mess it is in and this may go some way to restoring a small level of confidence with your long time allies.

    4. @Peter from GW I know that first hand. I’m American, my husband is from New Zealand, all of our kids save one live in Australia. All my countrymen would say “go ahead and leave” but you know, my some of my ancestors came over on the Mayflower and most of the rest came over on ships just following. My husband thought he was finding the “American Dream” here, but that is proving to be more and more elusive. How painful it is to see the country that you love dissolve into a hot mess like this. I’m beginning to wondering why I have placed holding onto my house and property here in this crazy country over being with my grandchildren.

    1. @La Roderick – You have to understand. I’ve been hating this moron since the 80’s when he destroyed the USFL. He’s all about the grift. That’s all it’s been about. He can’t get money out of these goons in DC. They’re broke. They were broke before the pandemic. Sure, they will send $5 or $10 here and there, but believe me, they would rather buy their Oxy before they send him money. First things first.

    2. “killed the republican party”? Are you for real? He created a populist party that will be around like a cancer for 50 years

    1. The Republicans have nothing left to offer the American people but self-congratulation and self-adulation for their total disregard for the will of the people and the rights of the States.

    2. Good luck with that! Sadly about half the people in this country have the IQ of an ant. My apologies to all ants of the world. Ok ok, I know, that was rash on poor little ants. So let’s just say that it’s so low that it is 2 inches bellow whale crap at the bottom of the ocean. It is those dumb butts that keep reelecting those dirty politicians.

    3. Too late. The US is no longer a democratic nation, leave if you can, what is coming ahead is much worse.

    1. It must be. Imagine from Canada, a couple of hours by car away from D.C. We are AMAZED by how fast they shot themselves in the head and decided to become brain-dead.

      It could happen to you too. Your country is copying the US laws and huddling up to them, more than most. Look at your SKY network and its FOX approach. Part JOURNALISM with integrity and laws and part Ultra Right-Wing hate spiel by NON journalists OPINION couch potatoes..
      Australian legislators FORGOT that some people are always abusing unlimited rights like FREE SPEECH without responsible limits.
      I REALLY hope you escape it, BUT without that kind of people, the USA would NEVER have gotten this crooked.. I don’t see how Australia could do better.. Sky is getting a LOT of new subscribers.. EVERY DAY! The Australian right-wingers see the USA model as a confirmation THEY can get what they want to..
      Think about it. The USA was ONE election away from pure Fascism. And now, there are MAGA-goons inside the capitol building, roaming free inside the chambers and just slumming in there. Capitol police is doing NOTHING..
      If you or me tried that, we’d get shot..
      ALL it took was FOUR years with a demented psychopath to change them into the cesspool of the world..

    1. @Robert Martyr Yeah I don’t think so you may have that bible upside down like your false prophet. notice I don’t yell to string a thought together God Bless You, you mean well.

    2. @meme prez marxists are liberal? are you mad? liberalism means freedoms. communism is opposite to freedom kinda like bible rules of conservative christianity. those latter are both all about forcing their rules on others.

    3. @teretere vanakere then tell me, what conservative has ever claimed to be marxists notice how in seattle when antifa took over the police station in seattle the were marxists

    4. @meme prez trump and his cult are neither liberal nor conservative, neither republican nor democrat. these are conspiracy zombies who drool at any crazyness alex jones and his kind shout at them.

  1. Have fun objecting! Biden won, Trump lost! Now the dems control the house and senate!! Need some ice for those wicked burns GOP??

    1. I don’t need to remember. we need to send them to jail for treason. they have no right to serve in Congress after this.

    1. good point! although when he gave his little speech, he was saying the democrats were going after trump for 4 years over nothing. As if Trump did not deserve to be impeached. under normal situations, trump should have been forced out of office instead of being saved by the Senate. This is what they get now. Hay good news in Georgia! we will get through this.

    1. I hope and pray so! But I’m afraid life will go on and no one will care. It’s unbelievable this is happening in our once great country.

    2. @hey margarita these people have always been around. Trump just made them comfortable to finally show themselves.

  2. Disgusting, disgusting, absolutely disgusting that our own members of Congress are attacking democracy and the spirit of our Constitution.

  3. Remove, arrest, and hold all Senators legally accountable for all acts found to be Seditious less this be the greatest failure in American history.

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