Churches to be Used as Vaccine Sites? | TVJ News - August 20 2021 1

Churches to be Used as Vaccine Sites? | TVJ News – August 20 2021


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    1. Most of them already comfortable in Babylon system the One truly protestant church has join the Babylon party sad days ahead

    1. amen sister they are all greedy dogs James the apostle tell us that their gold and silver will rust and will be of no use to them in the day of wrath !

  1. I am appalled at the churches for trying to delay this wonderful meeting between their sky daddy aka god and his creations. I thought that they would have been happy to go meet the wonderful man who they have been praying to but I guess heaven cant be that great if everyone is going out of their minds not to go there and spend as much time on earth..

    how do you pray to a guy and talk all that great things about wanting to go to heaven but take every opportunity not to go meet the guy theyve been praying to all their lives… people will go out of their way to meet a hot chick or dude they want to bang but not sky daddy?

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