CIA Director John: I’m ‘Aghast At What I Have Seen Happen Here In Washington’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Leaping Leo I really don’t understand
      I thought politicians were elected to represent the people…what the people want and need

      Most probably lots of voter fraud
      Why is no one considering that real possibility

      And why do they continue to vote for someone who does nothing nothing for their communities.. ?

  1. He is a criminal and cheat. I can’t believe what is happening. Trump is dangerous. Can we stop this chaos?

    1. @Adam Taylor Roscoe B Davis🎖@RoscoeBDavis1

      All the 100s of man hours are fixing to MOAB Georgia and the collateral fallout effects all the states in question.

    1. …And if Americans can’t correct this, they only have themselves to blame (“…the fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars…”)… good night, and good luck)

    2. @Me Duh so that makes you special? I am Canadian by birth, migrated here as a child because my father was offered a job here. I don’t think I am superior over undocumented immigrants. I don’t fault anyone because they are looking for a better life. Get over yourself.

    3. @josef mengele I question anyone who thinks it is smart to use mengele as a moniker. It says a lot about you and it isn’t positive.


  2. So is this what we want our children to see, unfortunately some children will be taught that all of this is OK.

    1. I remember when my son was younger he was fighting with me about getting in the car. I asked him if he was being a bully or buddy and explained to him how it’s more important to be kind. He told me he thought I was wrong and that bullying goes a long way. Then Trump became president

    2. @Joanne Fitzpatrick I was the “KID” that was a punching bag as I grew up, so to see a person like this influencing children makes me sick

    1. @Pat Robbins 😂😂 ok buddy, suuurre. 🙄 Guess we’ll be waiting for that “truth” forever, just like the supposed “evidence” of voter “fraud”! 🤦‍♀️

  3. It’s this the “Law and Order” president?
    Pardoning criminals and his own crimes?
    Is this the democracy America that we once believe in? It’s a joke!

  4. “Denial” is *not* a river in Egypt. It is the swamp of the Trump administration and GOP corporatists like Mitch and Lyndsay.


    1. Unfortunately, POWER seems to do that to people….
      WONDER IF THEY WILL LIKE THEIR LIFE CHOICES REEL when they meet their maker!!! 🤔😠🤣

    2. Trump lost, but he isn’t going anywhere when it comes to Republican politics. Graham and McConnell both won another 6yr term, so saddle up for more debauchery at the sake of the working class Americans. Corporations and multi-billionaire donors win the day, the 98% can go get eff’d, and lets be clear, we deserve it. Keep electing these guys and you should just love what you get, trust me that the evangelicals certainly do….they are getting their money’s worth along with the NRA and Wall Street (who wins no matter who is in office, all are bought and paid for on both sides).

    3. @D Barnes yes, I purposely change it to the girls name spelling. It is his personal pet peeve. His sister’s daughter was my neighbor.

      She didnt like him either. Apparently one of his nephews sent him a wedding invitation that way on purpose. Guess who didnt show. Lol

  5. Is it possible we could belong to another foreign power and just not know it yet?! From the sell out of a compromised man.

    1. It’s amazing how the republicans gained senate seats and Biden wins the presidency. It’s almost like people don’t understand how this all works. Or someone cheated.

    2. Mitch calls himself the Grim Reaper, because he is where viable bills that could help the average American go to die, because he won’t even bring them to the floor for a vote. It’s another thing that should not be allowed to occur in a democracy.

  6. Honestly so happy for you guys over the pond. Screw the hats, it’s truely time to make 🇺🇸 great again (in January) 💪

    1. Thank you…. It’s still going to be crazy in the next 8 months or so… We NEED BIDEN to INDICT these Criminal ATROCITIES THAT WE have ALL WITNESSED FOR OURSELVES….. There IS NO WAY TO HIDE THE CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS….
      Let’s SEE how FAIR OUR COURTS REALLY ARE!! 🤔🙏😠

    2. Prep768 what you might not understand being on the other side of the globe is that the USA was only ever great at self advertisement and denying facts. EXACTLY like trump. Iv’e been watching the US slowly implode in itself for close to forty years.

  7. Now think about who it benefits to damage the USA’s reputation throughout the world. Look at who Trump “admires”.

  8. If it wasn’t for trump many people wouldn’t know just how racist America really is, he wasn’t purposeless.

  9. The “Law and Order” President like he calls himself, is doing the exact opposite!!!! January cannot come soon enough!!

  10. Senator William Cohen:
    “Former Republicans used to believe in the Rule of Law. I don’t see that any longer. It’s now the Law of Rule.”

  11. Americans calling their president “leader of the free world” has always been good for a chuckle. Now it’s a pathetic absurdity. Hopefully Biden can bring the USA back to its former level of humour.

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