CIA Warned U.S. Officials Of Afghanistan’s Rapid Collapse To Taliban 1

CIA Warned U.S. Officials Of Afghanistan’s Rapid Collapse To Taliban


The White House faces scrutiny over newly reported intelligence assessments warning about Afghanistan's rapid collapse to Taliban forces. 
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  1. Don’t need the CIA to know that the Afghani military would do next to nothing when the Americans left….

    1. Looks at FACTS and DATA on Afghan army casualties before you go traducing people whilst you sit on your comfy sofa

  2. American Media is doing a great job keeping everyone focused on Afghanistan.. as everything is being redirected let’s go USA

    1. @flamingo boot this strategic Retreat not only destabilizes the Chinese border further but it’s just been confirmed that there is already a resistance forming in the north of Afghanistan by the Vice President

    2. @markivrimusic resistance is inevitable, I look to see what the women do as well… the taliban captured but they won’t be able to hold it for long… now on to Taiwan gotta push the CCP back too

    3. Credit to MSNBC for dropping the propaganda for a second and being in reality about this absolute disaster.

  3. 1 more day left (ends Aug 19 at 11:59pm et) to leave a comment to the ATF regarding “definition of frames and receivers and identification of firearms” leave a comment to them if you value you pro 2A right

  4. no mystery at all here,was plain to see from day one, stupid to go in the first place an every month longer was even more folly, if you wanna play the blame game follow twenty years of money’s trails because those troops didn’t stay that long to free people from being afghan muslims, they were there because some group or whatever was making a buck

    1. you want to avoid the blame game because its a pretty easy game: Biden is president. this was his operation. the buck stops with him.

    2. @joe smath actually…. Bush started the war…. And if he had studied history ever… At all… Or even google “where empires go to die”….or if he had listened to dozens of generals…. Or if he had paid attention… Or if Obama had kept his promises… Or if congress had done their job… But it is america… Free to do whatever

    3. @Robert Palmer So you are suggesting that after September 11- Americans should have waited attacks peacefully because invincible terrorist country Afghanistan defeats all empires?? What is your point?

    4. Follow money? To China. And their new opportunity to take over their vast lithium sources for the UK laws, and I’m sure the US laws for electric vehicles on the way. That should be pretty.

    1. Biden is the “official” that was warned in reference to the title. He turned his back. Doesn’t care? Vote Trump.

  5. i’m for leaving afghanistan but why wouldn’t you pull out all the civilians prior to troops withdrawal. wouldn’t FILO (first-in-last-out) be applied in this situation pertaining to soldiers

    1. What makes you think civilians wanted to leave? The ones that wanted to leave already left. The ones still there had good paying jobs, free housing and no taxes. Why leave? They didn’t foresee or think that both the Afghan President and the Afghan army would cowardly cut and run! No one expected that! Even the Taliban said they too were surprised by how easy the Afghan army who outmatched the (Taliban) with weapons just cut and run!!

    2. @Johnny Matias no words to describe what you must be with all your convoluted thoughts running around in that empty space. But there are LITERALLY dozens of articles as well as intelligence briefing notes from last year stating that the Taliban have been claiming back their land. Get your head out of the sand

    3. @Robert Palmer yes, and equally as many stating they would likely only control perhaps the countryside and a handful of urban centers and eventually sign a peace with the Kabul government. The Afghan military was actually quite strong on paper, including armor and air assets, leading many to believe the Taliban couldn’t fully destroy it to control the country. This outcome was by no means guaranteed nor was the extremely quick timeline of events. Just because they were making some gains doesn’t mean everyone could assume this was an inevitable outcome, unless you have a crystal ball. I’m sure in your scant scanning of a couple articles you cynically assumed the worst, and fortunately for you you get to slam that down everyone’s throat. Why don’t you go work in the intelligence or foreign policy sectors with your ultimate knowledge.

    4. That oine I agree uponm to 100%… while I dismiss a lot of blame on the US, as the fault is on the Afghan military + especially corrupt leaders.

  6. Giving up the base was the dumbest thing ever. The afghans pilots joined the taliban and were flying helicopters

    1. Yes. US should have withdrawn with an actual plan…but kept a military base — like Guantanamo in Cuba.

    2. Dumbest thing ever was Trump getting the head of the Taliban released from prison AND 5,000 of his soldiers. He single-handedly told the Afghanis that he was giving them up to the Taliban AND he told the Taliban “march right in and take the place”. Worst deal ever.

  7. Lmafo, the Taliban are religious extremist. They weren’t going to let infidels hold or share power. The want Allah not Wal Mart. Faith in their God is what matters to them.

    1. The communist big tech oligarchs are terrorists and support terrorism and those who harbor them which include BLM, antifa, the democratic party, the radical left, corporate “woke” America, SJW’s, socialist, activist, lebron james, megan rapinoe, AOC and the squad, global elites, the biden regime, china, COVID-19, the fake news mainstream marxist media and the rest of the currupt establishment and the cronies who work for them

    2. @vic viper BLM, antifa etc “harbor” communist big tech oligarchs?
      Looks like you have a long list if grievances here.
      Seems to me you’re having trouble differentiating unrestrained capitalism with communism for one.

    1. @Shane Kasper obviously you don’t know much about the child abuse and opium fields. Google bacha bazi

    2. @Shane Kasper wow was the Taliban in power the last 20 years and I missed it? Because they’re the only ones who were stopping it.

  8. The most popular president overspent the economy. We are unable to handle our responsibilities effectively afterwards.

    1. Trump FREED the Taliban leader and 5,000 Taliban soldiers, then drew down troops. Basically saying “we are not committed to Democracy or human rights, go ahead, Afghanistan is yours.” Trump had the worst economy since the depression AND a $7.6 TRILLION deficit. Those 3 catastrophic mistakes are all ON TRUMP. Not Biden.

    1. Did any really expect strong, competent leadership? He didn’t really have that before he had dementia.

    1. Media and social media, too. You put this demented hack into power and we all just witnessed what a massive mistake that was. Three more years? Lord, help us!

  9. “The likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely.” Biden, July 8th 2021 news conference. Genius!

    Incompetent and failed presidency in foreign and domestic policies. The truth is Biden didn’t have an exit strategy or proper evacuation plan. What a joke!

    1. @Donald Crosley Biden did order thousands more troops to war since. In Trump’s withdrawal not a single soldier died. Because the taliban took him seriously. And artillery was left because Trump would stand up for the afghan army, and not let them collapse with hardly a pathetic peep out of his privileged vacation time.

    2. @Toward TreatiseIf Trump was going to stand up for the Afghan army. Why exclude them from the deal at the demand of the Taliban?

    3. @Donald Crosley to make a deal. Why abandon US artillery at the demand of the taliban. I truly don’t think Trump would have let that happen. Again, troop withdrawal Syria.. Iraq… even afghanistan.. not being reckless before Biden.

    4. @Donald Crosley do u remember when dems were wildly freaking out over Trump’s troop withdrawal in Germany. They freaked. I’m personally sick of their loud mouths, hypocrisy, and cognitive dissonance.

    5. @Donald Crosley Too bad you couldn’t see through all the bs smoke and recognize that Trump truly did have the United States best interests at heart.

  10. The Taliban are holding Press Conferences and Taking all Questions.
    That being said.
    Why ISN’T Our President Joe Biden?
    Let’s Never Forget!
    I am the President Of The United States!
    “And The Buck Stop’s With Me!”

  11. I thought Biden was totally competent to execute the duties of the office of President. That is what MSNBS and the Counterfeit News Network told us. Many reports from those networks and several other left wing “news” organizations certinaly did not age well.

    1. Well Trump left Biden with the worst economy since the Depression AND a $7.6 TRILLION increase in the deficit. To top it off, he let the Taliban leader and 5,000 Taliban soldiers out of prison. Basically Trump said “screw democracy, let the Taliban have Afganistan”. It took BALLS for Biden to do the right thing. He will annihilate the Taliban if they interfere with getting our people and Afghani allies out. He is just not saying that publicly.

    2. He is totally competent. Another question is if one is perfect every moment. If we mention the former president, we don´t talk, or wonder, but know he was not fit.

  12. What a low thing to say, about people that aided us. Lots of Taliban got out after the last administration pulled out of Syria.
    Our word has become mud.

  13. This one veteran said there were vast areas in Afghanistan where they didn’t have any influence in. Because Afghanistan is a big country if you don’t have like 100% cooperation problems will occur.

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