1. I can’t imagine this is propagahnda push to sell us the idea of eating cicadas instead of meat. Bugs as food, really JB? The green new deal is full of insidious insect ideas. Cicadas are hugh like grass hoppers. I saw nothing land on his neck.

    1. Nah; it is, if ya can’t accept it, then I suggest to leave our country of just live with it, one of both bud

  2. There annoying yes
    But what does “got me” mean in reference to an insect that neither bites nor stings

  3. That’s pestilence, plague and locusts folks it’s official we are under Gods judgement.

  4. Un hombre que no cumple una promesa no es hombre. ¿Que parte no entendiste de estorbarme desde hace solo one year?.

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