Cicadas Ground White House Press Corps Plane | MSNBC 1

Cicadas Ground White House Press Corps Plane | MSNBC


Journalists planning on covering President Biden's first visit to Europe as commander-in-chief had to wait a bit longer on Tuesday evening as the WH press corps plane was grounded due to cicadas.

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Cicadas Ground White House Press Corps Plane | MSNBC


  1. Well, it’s nice to have a story that is a little funny after days of downgrading stories.

  2. 17 years underground. Looking forward to light and reproduction. Then eaten by the press corp plane…. Life can be bad.

    1. The Cicadas were 17 years underground. Then, they went straight to attack the press corp plane.

    2. @vshah1010 All I can say is that there must have been billions of them to stop an engine. The plane has General Electric engines with 56,700 pounds of thrust. If the engines had been turned on they would have incinerated the lot of them!!

  3. Cicadas having their six weeks of joy, before they descend back into the earth from which they emerged.

  4. Whenever I see or hear the word Cicadas I think Cockchafers. Thanks Bugle. Andy Zaltzman & John Oliver have a lot to answer for

  5. If that had been a regular airline plane with us average folk on it, it would have flown. lol

  6. But are the cicadas a result of Trump or white supremacy? I need to know!

  7. I guess the cicadas were happy to see Joe as president not the orange clown Trump! Give them a treat Joe.

  8. ** Matthew 24:14 ESV / 3,759 helpful votes

    And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come **

  9. Unless you’ve been in a swarm you can’t understand. Kind of like Mormon cricket here out west.

  10. you guys are dealing with cicadas, up here where i live, we are dealing with trillions of tent caterpillars. dam caterpillars are everywhere and eating all the leaves off all the trees. you can see massive swaths of trees with no leaves for miles and miles.

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