Cindy McCain Reacts To Harris, Pelosi Making History: 'We Should Have Had Women There Before' 1

Cindy McCain Reacts To Harris, Pelosi Making History: ‘We Should Have Had Women There Before’


Cindy McCain, Chairman of the board of the McCain Institute, wife of the late Senator John McCain, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the history made by Vice President Harris and Speaker Pelosi and the pressures on women in politics. She also opens up about her past struggles with opioid addiction, a struggle she shares in her new memoir "Stronger: Courage, Hope, and Humor in My Life with John McCain."

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    1. @Belly Dancer Em the way she goes off topic on the view to present the right wings latest ‘gatcha’ topic speaks more to her personal beliefs then a plan by the directors

    2. @Chaos so was donald trump. Who was not only endorsed by richard spencer and david duke, but his father was also a major racist. Fact!

  1. Love Cindy McCain, So much Courage to stand up for Country over Party, So much Class and so real @RalphLCampbell1 Twit

    1. I’ve nothing against Cindy McCain, but how much courage does it really take to stand up for your country over party as a wealthy connected woman who does not hold office. The true test is for those holding or hoping to hold office and they have failed spectacularly.

  2. We love Sen. John McCain. We missed him so much. Thank you Mrs. Cindy McCain for continue keeping his legacy and character alive.

    1. @Patricia Burkell Not sure what you’re referring to.. McCain was a true Republican when the GOP still had decency and dignity.

  3. What a difference from her daughter’s insane rant on the View today. Megan has a lot of maturing left to do.

    1. I think that the show probably wants her to behave like that. People hate her but they still look at the show to hear what insane thing she might say. It adds a lot of drama and garners viewers. That’s what all these shows do. They always include someone to play a controversial role

    1. Well Megan practically had to raise her self due to her mothers drug addiction she says it right in the book give Megan a little credit

    2. @Lynn Ryczek give her credit for what exactly? She’s nothing but a talking head for the federalist society, she’s so divisive and is only famous because of her dad

  4. “Crazy shrieking …” – is she talking about her daughter, Me-Again???

    Nice lady. She’s far more balanced than Me-Again.

  5. Class act! The lives of political spouses have often been lonely and challenging, from Abigail Adams to today.

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