Cipollone reaches deal to give interview to Jan. 6 panel

Former Trump White House Counsel Pat Cipollone has reached a deal with the January 6 committee to participate in a transcribed interview behind closed doors, multiple sources told CNN. #CNN #News


  1. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
    – Maya Angelou

  2. “Chip Baloney? Never heard of him!” – Donald J Trump

  3. He’s a coward. All of these so called men in positions of power, acting like cowards when it comes to doing the right thing. It’s shameful.

  4. This dude has to talk. If not then he’s a criminal just like his boss….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. He should. He was a lawyer for an institution and not for trump! There is no atty client privilege

    1. @Hugh Jassol I’ve watched most of it….Hutchinson is NOT BELIEVABLE…you should watch her body language and facial expressions….quit being ignorant 🙄

    2. @Sandy Oday Body language analysis is not a method to evaluate factual claims. Her testimony correlates with other statements, events, and Trump’s own words in interviews. Her testimony does not exist in a vacuum.

    3. That’s exactly right, and this guy knows it they got to squeeze this guy with pertinent questions, P.S you know everyone is not willing to lose their law license or go to jail for Trump

  6. News Media: Mr. Trump, Pat Cipollone is going before the January 6th Commission.
    Trump: Who’s that?
    News Media: The guy who worked for you in the white house.
    Trump: Don’t know him….

  7. “Ok here’s the deal: I’ll come in but won’t answer a single question as I plead the 5th throughout the entire line of questioning.”

    1. @doris affissio I’m sure he has made more than enough already as a high-powered lawyer to take care of all 10 kids until each reaches 18. If he finds that money is tight then the family could down size, have the wife go back to work if she’s not currently, and shops at WalMart.

    2. Except there’s enough evidence that they don’t need him to testify to put him at the scene of the crime. He realizes this is likely his last chance to salvage any big of his reputation.

  8. I hope he remembers Kushner called the WH counsel a bunch of whiners for threatening to resign.

  9. This will be his only chance to carry on with any hope of redemption. If he lies, he will never recover.

    1. He said something like “read my lips” but they were hidden under a roll of over-microwaved hotdog suit.

      Once a lady has lost her grace it can never be regained

      oops, sorry. I thought we were still talking about Gray Ham
      My bad

  10. That executive privilege can be invoked even when it’s likely that a crime has been committed is mind boggling

    1. @Rose X which he’s already done once, they just have new questions that have arisen from later testimony that he could shed light on. I assume he’s only answering questions to corroborate other people’s testimony, not about actual conversations with the former president. Those questions will probably be off the table.

    2. @BunzeeBear Didn’t Trump wrote hundreds of names, their crimes, and pardons before he left office⁉️ He knew who was guilty and had committed what crimes‼️

    1. @miapdx I don’t care how well they function I’m worried about the justice system if this becomes a more widespread acceptable alternative to the Fifth. The Fifth is an admission that they might incriminate themselves. I can’t recall is just an f you. so far without repercussions.

  11. So basically Cipollone is not protected by EP unless there is a question about official WH business. There is no attorney/client privilege. I can’t imagine a question where he would be in personal criminal liability so there is no 5th amendment concerns.

    My point is that this should be pretty, pretty interesting.

    1. “ I can’t imagine a question where he would be in personal criminal liability ”. I can. Just being Whitehouse counsel doesn’t exempt a person from plotting a coup. Or from being an accessory, aiding and abetting, whatever the technical term is. He surely had more obligation than just his jib description (to inform the President and his cronies that what they were planning was illegal). Once he had reason to think they would go ahead with it, he had the same duty as any official — as any citizen — to inform law enforcement about this conspiracy to use force to prevent the certification (and so the peaceful transfer of power.)

    2. He has some deal worked out, as long as he gets in there and answers truthfully.
      I am thinking the noose is tightening for diaper don.

  12. Of course he did. He was waiting to be the “hero”. Whatever. I am just glad that everyone is finally talking so we know how to strengthen our Democracy.

    1. @Mark Hough The land native Americans were born in no longer exist … so your point is?

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  13. I neither understand the headline nor the *deal* – you get a subpoena, you either show up or you go to jail, isn’t that how it’s supposed to go? How many common people will get such an ‘invitation’ and can just say No?

    1. It’s more complicated than this, but basically, the Executive Branch (of which the Department of Justice is a part) has enforcement power, and Congress has lawmaking power, not vice versa. If you ignore a congressional subpoena, Congress has to pass it on to the DoJ and the DoJ might choose not to prosecute. However, if the DoJ issues a subpoena and you ignore it, they have the power to enforce it and probably will.

    2. @racookster Thanks, racookster, that’s a good explainer for everyone, and I got a little ahead of myself. But the impatience is still justified. It’s a subpoena issued by the Congress of the U.S., and the DoJ is basing their decision on what? In the end it’s about the meaning and power of a subpoena, it shouldn’t be a question, it’s not a friendly invitation to ignore and hope for the best. I understand that this is not the same as a court hearing – I’d say it’s probably more important and significant than some court hearings. It should be a clear cut case for the DoJ, subpoena should mean you go either way. So the critique is directed at the DoJ, but I also don’t fully get the negotiating: tell them to appear, and in the very least they will have to take their chances.

    3. @sepiae— I wasn’t really even criticizing the DoJ. Many House members are lawyers and most of those have been prosecutors, but they’re not practicing now and their aims are different (fact-finding in this case, and making new laws to prevent something like January 6th from ever happening again). The U.S. Attorneys in the DoJ *are* prosecutors. If they issue subpoenas, they’re already fairly sure they’re looking at a case they can win.

  14. Cipollone has 2 days left before Trump has “never heard of him” as he was a “low level employee”

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking- does this mean if I’m subpoenaed I can negotiate terms?

  15. Wish Cipollone would testify live, during the Hearings, like Cassidy Hutchinson did.
    But that takes COURAGE & PATRIOTISM…..

  16. My God that comment from Jared still gets under my skin and makes my nails bleed 🤬 Such arrogance 🤮
    Let’s hope he will follow in daddy’s footsteps and gets jailed 👍🏻

    1. When jared speaks mirrors and sidewalks crack. People get headaches and some even blow lunch

    2. @scooterbob OMG.. good He walks around with that face as though he just smelled a fart 🌚🌚

  17. His (Pat Cipollone)s Children will grow up in a better world if He Speaks the truth. I truly Believe He knows this.

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