City center left gutted after violence and looting in South Africa 1

City center left gutted after violence and looting in South Africa


CNN's David McKenzie reports from Soweto, South Africa, on the devastating aftereffects of looting and protests that took place in parts of the country. Protests erupted last week as former South African President Jacob Zuma, 79, turned himself in to authorities to serve a 15-month jail term for contempt of court. At least 72 have died in some of the worst violence the country has seen in years.

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  1. The leadership should of been deployed the military to save life’s and the country…poor leadership…should of came down with a iron fist…

    1. The reason why the ANC(Mandela party) keeps getting voted because either to the ANC is too religously powerful or there’s no alternative party. Honestly the main opposition party DA has more minority votes than black votes.

  2. South Africa heavily depends on eco-tourism which was basically shut down all of last year. That money will dry up if tourists think it is unsafe.

  3. He compares this to January 6th but not the Summer of Love total liberal bias we caused the destruction but now we want to fix it for you put me in power

    1. This is what it would have sounded like if they were honestly talking about the Summer of Love here in the United States

  4. Robbing & Burning a City Center down does NOTHING for these people’s community! As if some of them are NOT protesting but, destroying the community ON PURPOSE!!

  5. “Show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful?”

    Chris Cuomo
    CNN Anchor, 2020

  6. We ran DNC styled policies for the last 27 years here in South Africa. Biden would be proud. Or who ever is in charge there. No one knows these days.

    1. If Democrats are really the problem, then why does Detroit look so much different than New Hampshire? The answer is obvious

    2. @Anon User The answer to that can land me a 3 year jail sentence. I’ll rather be careful. I can’t criticize culture only ideology.

    3. The Dems would calll this “peaceful protests” or the result of “global warming”…hello Cuba.

    1. @Gcina Sandlana Last summer’s communist riots across America had zero to do with “social issues” and everything about free stuff and politicizing everything they could to harm the last administration.

  7. Sad thing is we like myself who stay in South Africa and didn’t anticipate in the looting,will also suffer these after effects of these looting,the prizes of everything will be sky high again so freaking sad.

    1. It really is scary, if businesses can’t rebuild it creates a downward spiral. Less jobs, less money, less security, more hunger, more violence. This is the path to a Mad Max road warrior world.

  8. The state was warned about this. We have unprecedented levels of unemployment, huge inequality and chronic poverty.

    Let me not even mention the rampant corruption. Monies mean to assist the most vulnerable have been misappropriated.

  9. Me yesterday: dreaming of getting a ps5 by saving the money for 5yrs.
    Me today: Aah..Ok.. Never mind. I can as well get it today for “free”

  10. This Bremmer guy is just foolish and ignorant. South Africa post apartheid is an example of grave failure in leadership at the highest level and in the ANC. There is absolutely no comparison with January 6th. It is plain stupid to compare them. The current president is vastly incompetent so nothing will change, stop painting him as a saint, he is not!

    1. Thank you! There is no Saint here.
      No one should hide behind the name of mandela, those are past victories that are being recalled.

      We haven’t tasted any victory in a while of at all…

      Bremer is really ignorant. He is spreading a narrative which is not fruitful.

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