City-owned vehicles getting tickets for speeding in Toronto 1

City-owned vehicles getting tickets for speeding in Toronto

A freedom of information request by CTV News Toronto is shedding light on just how many traffic tickets are issued to city-owned vehicles.

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  1. Tickets issues for 1km per hour over the limit, thousands of city vehicles on the roads, no kidding there are some tickets issued. What a stupid waste of time, utter nonsense “news” story.

  2. Yea city drivers are the worst lol been cut off and almost run off the road twice by city drivers

  3. 1:29 – Come on. How are they surprised when so many citizens see this wrong doing. I see it all the time.

  4. We the public are paying for their breaking the law tickets…it’s still breaking the law and making streets unsafe, and yet again we will pay for it

  5. When the roads are designed to go fast with wider roads but you reduce the speed limit, of course, this will happen. These councillors want fewer cars on the roads but then who will pay for the maintenance of the roads? Gotta tax that from somewhere.

  6. This is a pointless mind f like everything else where I’m from in Canada these cameras have been there for forever garnered the bus was full and he was in the intersection on caution u want the bus driver to jam on it cuz it goes yellow instead and send u flying g when your a standing passenger might knock your mask loose and then it’s piped your suit right your done for your suit popped

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