Civil Rights Leaders Meet With Biden To Discuss Voting Rights | MSNBC 1

Civil Rights Leaders Meet With Biden To Discuss Voting Rights | MSNBC


Civil rights leaders met with the president and vice president this week to discuss voting rights, and Melanie Campbell of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation joins Morning Joe to discuss the meeting.

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Civil Rights Leaders Meet With Biden To Discuss Voting Rights | MSNBC


    1. @Wisconsin Man oh but wait , you live in a Republican state were they did not expand health care or Medicare so you have lousy health insurance so sad

    2. @Wisconsin Man Republicans work against themselves dummy.
      Apparently you don’t want Social Security, or disability insurance, or great health care. And you’re not worried about climate change just let the younger generation worry about the climate change right ??

    3. @J. Noble OMG, do you clap every time you are fed that BS like a seal? Rep have NEVER opposed SS or Disability. What great healthcare has Dems done? Oh, you mean BAMACARE? HAHAHA Yeah, so great that more people than ever filed bankruptcy because of health cost. Premiums increased up to 150%. Many instead of paying 50 bucks every 2 weeks now would have to pay 6-700 a month, and the “great” healthcare won’t kick in until 3,4,5,000 out of your pocket has been paid. Then those who cou;dn’t afford that “great” healthcare, was FINED for not getting it. Climate change? Oh, you mean the cycle that the earth has done for millions of years? The people telling YOU, don’t drive an SUV as they jump in their private jet and fly off to some island for vacation. Since the 60’s they have said X amount of years until it;s all over. Showed photos of places by the ocean that would be gone by 2000, yet those same places are there with no increase in ocean level. 70’s, There will be millions die from starvation worldwide. Then the 80’s come, the Ice age is coming back. Then, we have until 2000. Al Gore comes along, we have until 2014, as he sleeps in a house that uses more energy than 20 average homes. Then that passes and he moves the date again. They have a meeting with the G-7 and talk about Climate change and we need to do a TAX, then show a picture of the airport and DOZENS of private planes there. WTF will a TAX do? It will make people rich like AL GORE while they laugh. Let me guess. Electric cars are the answer, right? It takes more energy and releases more gasses into the air to mine for components for a battery than drilling oil and driving a combustible engine vehicle omits. Then to discard batteries, it is terrible for the environment. Try doing some research

    4. @J. Noble Hmmm I do? News to me. Don’t be mad you can’t be on your mommy’s plan anymore, it was 26 when coverage stopped, now being you are how old? time to get your own.

  1. Garland should start rounding up, arrest and prosecute the subvertors of democracy in the states.

    1. @John Galt
      Privet Comrade Troll.
      Your hate speech is getting old.
      Dasvidaniya ‘lidl Comrade

  2. This whole thing can be fixed overnight if only they all vote like if their lives depend on it, but they don’t

    1. For the Voting Rights Act having Joe Manchin vote for it is not enough.
      Unfortunately, reconciliation (The Congressional Budget Act) can only be used for budget issues. Voting rights legislation does not fall into that category so you need 60 votes to have it pass in the senate; – – – that is, with the present 50 -50 split it is not possible to move without, at least, 10 folks from the GOP voting for it.

    2. We need to start calling Joe Manchin a russian. Or a diddler. Because we are the party of truth and the truth needs to come out

  3. Move on without GOP. Maybe they won’t vote at the polls either. Everyone should have access to voting however they can.

    1. @Sean Robinson like my mom’s husband. He received a ballot for his deceased wife that passed on over 15 years. See she was a democrat. He still received a “mail in ballot” for her! Go figure.

    2. @Colorado IsME maybe you should have given that ballot to Trump’s legal team so he would have been able to produce some evidence in court of voter fraud. Geez, get over it. No proof just bogus assertions.

    1. Democrats Complaining….
      Who is complaing and believes that Trumpy-Nazi
      Gop is through.
      Blue in 22.
      Finish the Job.

    2. @Robert Hylton Democrats think Blacks are too dumb to figure out the voting process. Democrat are racist.

  4. The GOP just wants to keep doing audits until they “win”. In the USA, where only 61% actually vote, the GOP wants to make sure that even fewer people vote. The USA is hardly the “greatest democracy on Earth”.

    1. you mean like how the dems spent 2 years and millionns of dollars to prove Russia interfered on the 2016 election? *AND NEVER PROVED NOTHING!* But we can’t do audits to make sure the election was fair and square for EVERYONE. It is not that we want to audit to make our party “win”. It is we want to make sure IT WAS FAIR FOR BOTH PARTIES. Capeesh.

    2. @Colorado IsME it was proven that Russia interfered, the thing that couldn’t be found was if it was tied to Donald Trump.

    3. @Underrated Failure To be clear, the official January report isn’t saying Russia tampered with ballots or that Trump or his circle colluded in any way (it doesn’t mean this didn’t happen, it means there is no official evidence.)

    4. @Underrated Failure speaking about Russia. Did you not see or hear about the list Joke B. handed Putin on their last meeting? You know how we have been cyber attacked 4 times in the last 6 months.

  5. 1) Mandate voting like in Australia.
    2) Outlaw fascist parties like in Germany.
    3) Outlaw gerimandering.
    Problem solved.


    2. @good guy nice guy You will NOT be Called a Racist if your BEHAVIOR is NOT RACIST! I have not seen that Yet from the GQP!

  6. I believe that EVERY AMERICAN over 18 should vote. That is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. The problem is that for REPUBLICANS the more people that vote, the more it means they will lose. Lets make it 90 million next election.

    1. Absolutely. Its a guaranteed right just like the right to bear arms. Finally a leftist that understands.

  7. State after state reported elections went smoothly. Barr said there was no fraud. 60 court cases and none brought evidence of fraud. The lying and cheating starts and ends with Trump.

    1. Great, so these forensic audits shouldn’t be a problem in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania or Michigan.

  8. Voter suppression is against the law so if what Democrats claim is true then it won’t go through, that’s my two cents on the issue

  9. Republicans in the 19th century: I love democracy. I love the Republic

    Republicans today: The remaining Jedi will be hunted down and defeated!

    1. You mean when they freed the Democrats slaves in the 19th century? And hey Star Wars virgin, democrats have complete control; not Republicans.

  10. For the People Act now. Take out filibuster, dems in Congress, yes you to Manchin, vote out filibuster. We have had enough of your delays and failures on bipartisan hopes.

  11. Manchin and sinema have sold out our democracy. They have chosen the filibuster over voting rights.

  12. They probably should of asked him how he plans to stop racism in this country when his own son is dropping the “N” word. Sickening.

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