Claire McCaskill Explains The Importance Of The Senate Floor’s ‘Ghostwriter’ | MSNBC

Claire McCaskill Explains The Importance Of The Senate Floor’s ‘Ghostwriter’ | MSNBC 1


  1. I fully expect Sonny D to exclaim that he`s never even heard of the GAO and wait for his Greek chorus to start their noise following that theme.

  2. Trump brought corruption to the White House. And try to serve it up to the American public on a silver platter.
    Also he could make more and more and more money.🇺🇸💙

    1. To be factually correct, Looney Tune Nancy Pelosi brought a silver platter with a bunch of pens for a celebration signing
      Trump will be re-elected
      DemonRats heads will explode😁

  3. Mayor Bloomberg said : “I have known Trump for decades. We have traveled in the same business circles. He is known among other millionaires as a con artist and among business owners as a cheat out to stiff everyone.”

  4. This is not a democrat or a republican thing this is an American thing. This is corruption at the highest level.

    1. Yes you are right, someday in the future we will look back to this day and say our constitution works and has keep us away from corruption…

  5. All I know is the evidence is overwhelming and undisputed if the Republicans see it differently we are witnessing one of the greatest Injustices in American history the Republicans are going to cover his crimes up , this cannot be allowed we must rise up against this criminal administration they are all corrupt and complicit more evidence comes out every day.

  6. Mayor Bloomberg is probably wondering what is wrong with America. When People are honest. Other People should not be offended by the truth. If these were just rumors. There is not any way that we would be fighting barriers like what we are fighting today. These obstacles that were opened for us to be respected and taken seriously. They are being disregarded by more corruption and prejudice. That should be the only door that closes. The People trying to bring back corruption and prejudice. This is the month of one of our greatest Leaders. Martin Lither King Jr. was one of the most honest Leaders that left this World without any reason besides the repetitive cycle of the most prejudice People in the World. I am very appalled by these issues that we keep facing over and over again. It is so disturbing to continue to know the results when the wrong People are in Public Platforms but continue to be put out there to abuse their authority. No One by now should think that anything is going to change. I do not know what the Court and the Government thought that they were recreating. Its time that they are held liable for the many lives that they attempted to harm without cause.

    1. M L.
      wrong. No witnesses = Big House Democrat screw up when they had the ball. LOL Just be aware though. Both sides would get to call witnesses.
      Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, the Whistle blower, Adam Schiff are just a few that Trump’s defense team could call.

  7. Not sure why MSNBC has a political hack that can’t hold her seat trying to give commentary, did she do anything meaningful while in office ?

  8. I have no illusions that there are going to be 4 GOP senators with any ethical motivations left enough to overcome Trump spell.
    They will all decide to follow “Sauron” until Frodo cast the ring into the lava of mount Doom

  9. End it. Claire knows Dems said impeach B4 Trump took Oath, B4 the Dossier hit by US Intel. To not just vote LEGITIMIZES the dossier hit.

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