Clansman Gang Trial | JLP Performance Poll Results | Vaccine Protest in Jamaica 1

Clansman Gang Trial | JLP Performance Poll Results | Vaccine Protest in Jamaica


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  1. The majority of the Jamaican population are disillusion and apathetic towards the election process every 5yrs with no substantial social nor economic prosperity for the marginalize class since so called independence.Their future will remain hopeless until there’s a demise of both political parties and a better alternative emerge

    1. “You guys” as in TVJ? They do talk about it. Probably there were no officially reported murders at the time of going on air

  2. Mr Anderson those one thousand people polled can’t speak for all of us , come pon di streets and talk to the masses Mr Holness is doing very badly everybody a bawl

    1. Always wondering how I never get to take part into it……I never vote yet and am gonna vote to get out this dictator.

    1. @Karl Balance How you know dat…..furthermore, reduced crime should be on everyone’s agenda…
      Because it affects everyone directly and indirectly….In the same same the Covid affects everyone, whether directly or indirectly….Crime is an epidemic in Jamaica….

    1. Blackman and his other pawns must be taken to undisclosed locations for information extraction. When received, moca/fic must swoop down on the Knights, rooks, bishops and king and queens involved in the Clansman establishment, maintenance and support over the decades.

    2. @Simpler Sample I’m all for that. Hell, put them in a truck and drive it off flatbridge and call for help after two hours. Just to make sure they all drown.

  3. Smh try know that the same knife what stick goats will stick sheeps so all who’s using double standards on poor people plz know that your days are coming as well…….

  4. Me use tô Love come home after work and watch the News now seeThat the News reporters r afraid of the goverment theres no substance in the News they carrying

  5. The government is doing a very bad job! Why:
    1 poor people on the floor in hospital; poor planning
    2 cost of FOOD, eletricity, etc.
    3 No vision or plans for the way forward

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