1. Russia set out to demilitarize Ukraine but ended up demilitarizing themselves..😂

    1. How are they demilitarized? They haven’t even lost 1% of their active soldiers while half of Ukraine is occupied and in ruins

    2. They have about 3.6 million total personal in their military and only lost about 7,000-15,000z that’s not even 1%

    1. Source BBC may2021 Joe Biden lifted the Donald Trump congressional approved sanctions against Russia even after Republicans and some democrats warned him it would cause Russian aggression against Ukraine……. Biden took 3.5 million from Putin’s friend the ex mayor of Moscow and a 3 carat diamond from his other friend… Joey’s war

  2. Best speech since 2000 years for freedom of humans. Thank you, Mr. President Biden, from Germany.

    1. @Ken G US Presidents don’t set gas prices. Inflation is a worldwide problem right now, largely leading from shortages resulting from the pandemic. However, corporations are taking advantage and raking in record amounts of profits as they gouge us. That’s on them, not on Biden. The border isn’t “wide open”, that’s just another stupid right wing talking point. The reason we’re closer to nuclear war is because of Putin, not Biden. Biden hasn’t been threatening to nuke anyone. Btw, you forget to mention the lowest new unemployment claims since the 1970s, record job growth, and more growth in GDP than under Trump.

    2. @Travelin Troy oh sod off! The German Chancellor pretty much validated your Orange ex-Führer invectives regarding defense spending already, what more do you want? Get off of your effing high horse. 🙄

  3. It had to be said out loud because everyone is already thinking that. About time. Well done, Mr. Biden, so clearly stating one of the legitimate security concerns of NATO, and the rest of the Western Alliance, including Ukraine.

    1. @Richard Horn yeah, you and your friends must not be very worldly or have a clear understanding of the world and what’s at stake.

    1. You enlisting to go fight or are you leaving it to someone else so you can sit behind your keyboard?

    2. And to accomplish that means war, are you willing to fight and be at the front line? if not, i suggest you be quiet.

  4. Pres. Biden’s comments on “Putin must not remain in power” are words coming out from the heart and is for the world to know and what the world wants, too.

  5. “Putin cannot remain in power” needs to be the shouted mantra of all world rulers until Putin is gone.

    1. He also said he was willing to launch a first strike nuclear attack. Do you agree with that? That’s f***ing insane.

    2. I mean being a punk President Biden saying he can’t stand power but then talking out what he said when he can’t stay in power the neighboring countries only that’s great President Biden is a punk

    3. So you love that Biden declares the US will strike first with nukes and that he wants to remove the president of Russia. But I’m sure you thought Trump was a madman with his finger on the button. This “Ra-Ra Team Blue” junk is laughable.

  6. Well in these times of war and anger sometimes you just got to call it like how it is people like the Russian psychopath only understands Force eventually they’re going to fight with each other🤔

    1. Your absolutely right, a sociopath only respects power! Anything else will be interpreted as weakness!

    2. “War criminal,” was not a personal insult as this anchor said. Just a statement of fact. How can the west do business with Putin ever again? Every single word out of his mouth is a meaningless lie, so no deal or treaty has even ink drying time before it’s redundant! And someone starts beating him at checkers and he threatens nukes! We can’t go on like that! Even if we KNOW Putin’s BLUFFING, he’s going to cause an accidental nuclear war! He has to be stomped! TODAY!

    3. @Marvin Martion : Totally. To Biden it’s common sense! Putin’s word is worthless. The value he puts on every human life, other than his own and his kids’, is worthless! Putin is less than worthless! Of course he’s got to go.
      If Russia thinks it will get out from under crushing sanctions with that Cnut in charge, they’d better wake up and start dealing with their problem!

    4. @Marvin Martion right, and biden has proven that he’s weak. He can’t even string a coherent sentence

  7. If they’re cyber attacks are anything like their military equipment we’re probably going to be just fine!

  8. Sometimes you just have to speak your mind to get your message across even if it means stepping on Poo💩Tin’s toes.

  9. All are fitting titles Putin has earned. Remember the former guy, he would have been praising this dictator, and never would have considered pulling NATO together.

  10. My guess was that the comment was intentional. Excellent job Mr. President!

    Psychological warfare consists of attempts to make your enemy lose confidence, give up hope, or feel afraid, so that you can win. ~ Collins Dictionary

    🇺🇦 • Slava Ukraini! • Glory to Ukraine!

  11. Like I said week 1, I just don’t see Putin coming out of this unscathed.

    How does Russia come back from this? Even if they retreat? The world will take a LONG time to forgive them and will most likely never as long as Putin is in charge.

  12. All countries that agree Putin cannot remain in power need to stand up and make their statements publicly. Putin will not go away on his own.

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