Clara Kahwa - More than a Decade Single | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1

Clara Kahwa – More than a Decade Single | TVJ Smile Jamaica


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  1. Clara,
    We all need companionship and it can be FROM Reading, Travelling etc .
    HUMAN companionship is not the
    source for LOVE.
    The PERSON that can truly love you
    is YOU.
    Romantic love is the only time we need a PERSON/PARTNER
    And that’s only to satisfy our FANTASIES or TO HAVE ANOTHER


  2. I can totally relate. Didn’t realize how long I am single until I listened to this. No issues though.I am discovering,evolving and getting in tune with myself. A beautiful place to be in.

  3. Girl i am single for 17 years and i am quit fine.
    Am building me and comfortable no one is not that lucky to again.
    When i love i love these men don’t know what is love.

  4. She’s jus talk.. jus want 2 make a statement. .. looking at her .. she must have a Male fren playing around with

  5. 3 years single and loving it so much. I was trapped in an unhappy marriage. Thanks heavens I got out and learn to love me first

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