Clarendon Councillors have Vaccine Concerns | TVJ News - March 11 2021 1

Clarendon Councillors have Vaccine Concerns | TVJ News – March 11 2021


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  1. If u take the vaccine u still can get the corona virus and you still of to wear a mask and you still of to keep social distance so Mr bro gad what is the real reason of taking this vaccine

    1. Because the people are lab rats. They are not sure if it works, so they have to test it on people. Stay awake, and away.

  2. If you are certain that the vaccine is soooo good and John Peter and Paul Public is too skeptical and conspiracy minded, then if you want to convince people that it is good, you and your family should be first in-line to receive the goodly, heaven-sent vaccine. So true Mr Councilor, why wait?

  3. Social class or background isn’t the point. It’s more so WHO should REALLY be prioritized (all MPs and head of government) at this point and I must say that this is unfair… Simply unfair attempting to convince innocent people to take something you know you wouldn’t take or we all probably shouldn’t.

  4. The councilor is right the primeminister and minister of health should be the first one take it

    1. I stand with the councillor the Prime minister and the Health minister should be the first ones to take the vaccine they are the leaders and they are on the front line too this is like the saying say wat I say but don’t do wat I do am so disappointed in them

    2. Didn’t they saw 2 Retired Elderly Prime ministers took the vaccine. Frontline workers r suppose to get it 1st.

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  6. Jesus help we Jamaican please cause some a the Jamaican people them really foolish. Them run go take vaccine they don’t even know what make it Jamaican wake up take a stand nurse a Tell people to take vaccine people be wise .

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