1. Our weaponry was purposely and intentionally left behind in Afghanistan!
      joe biden’s possessors who have placed him in the WH as their frontman have horrific plans for the region!

    2. @Manazon The “West” isn’t “Christian”. Only Americans think that way. Most Westerners have no religious affiliation, even in the USA. Religious thinking like this is what is messing the World up…

  1. Just imagine what it is going to be like for all the Afghans who helped particularly women and children !!!

    1. @Sparky Jones you’re lying or probably misinformed because you watch CNN. There are hundreds of Americans who have not been heard from in days. You also failed to disprove any of my other points. You have no clue what you’re talking about because you’ve never served our country and never will.

    2. @Angga Surbakti should the numbers all be changed to “0” so you feel better about supporting Joe Biden?

    3. @tuck979 as you aware I’m not an American, I don’t support anybody. However I support truth and baseless claim is really bad and can be considered fake news. I thought you American hate fake news? It seems you care more about whether the news benefit someone and discredit the other, nothing to do with whether it is true or not

    4. Our weaponry was purposely and intentionally left behind in Afghanistan!
      joe biden’s possessors who have placed him in the WH as their frontman have horrific plans for the region!

    5. Lets be clear about this: Afghans weren’t helping the U.S. as much as they were helping themselves and their own country.

    1. @Habs Gunner Amen! Don’t forget Propogandists! The fake news like CNN and others hopefully will crumble too! They’ve caused harm and death because of their illegal censoring. THIS EVIL ADMINSTRATION IS CRUMBLING.

  2. I remember watching the Fall of Saigon where mothers were throwing their babies onto Helicopters, into the arms of strangers, just to get them to a better future, never to see them again. That would take a lot of & desperation

    1. Janet
      Jesus on Afghanistan and don’t spray flu viruses thru chemtrails…

      Message to John Leary

      Tuesday, August 17, 2021:

      Jesus said: “My people, you are being tested by Biden’s actions in Afghanistan, your border problems, and your vaccine mandates. You have the Democrats taking away your freedoms, and they should never have been allowed to take over your government. Now they want to turn your country into a socialist communist country. Your people are not rebelling against these vaccine mandates, and if you do not rise up against it, you will see Covid booster shots and even the mark of the beast forced on you in the same way. You do not need a vaccine, and the shots do not prevent you from getting Covid-19 or even the seasonal flu. You have been seeing many chemtrails in the sky that are causing flu like symptoms. Continue your protesting of the vaccines that are being mandated for the nurses, as you stand outside of the hospital. Once there is enough resistance, the liberals will back off on their mandates. Do not be fooled by any temporary stoppage, because they still want everyone vaccinated, as the evil ones try to reduce the population. Resist taking the vaccines and even resist the testing that can be contaminated. Trust in Me to heal people with the Good Friday oil and the exorcism water. If the authorities threaten your lives, I will bring My Warning and call you to the safety of My refuges.”

    2. I know man we should have just done more drone strikes to wipe them all out and it would have been better for our eyes.

    3. If you voted for Biden, this is partly your fault. Biden knew this would happen, and didn’t even attempt to warn Americans to get out.

  3. Why is CNN not blurring out the faces of the Afghans they interview who have said they served as interpreters or for international organizations? These videos could easily be used by the Taliban

    1. @People Party gotta love how ending a war is a crisis to the right really showing true colors of msm and war monger’s

    2. Our weaponry was purposely and intentionally left behind in Afghanistan!
      joe biden’s possessors who have placed him in the WH as their frontman have horrific plans for the region!

    3. @dr1flush Biden ended a warthat’s funny

      All he did was pull a few thousand troops out too early with no exit plan

    4. @People Party Exactly and then he had to panic and send 7000 troops back over two days. Astoundingly stupid.

    5. Pretty sure that if they don’t have a trump card they are going to be slaughtered anyway – it was designed to be as damaging as possible to Biden. We don’t know what the other choice meant because it is what it is now –

  4. Just wait until you’re on your couch with a drink and you get to watch them getting tortured, that’s the ptsd side

  5. Come onUSA!
    Excellent job Clarisa.
    I’m sure there can be more organised manner to get these people out and avoid all this chaos and suffering. So heartbreaking

    1. She is there only for Attention and to pretend to be a strong Woman…
      Yet she needs Male security protection and has to submit to their Clothing demands

    2. What do you want biden to do?
      this is what it wants, chaos & hate
      biden gave a speech today… it needs a nap now.

    1. @Jason Colon yeah because wearing masks will lead to a dictatorship. The wannabe dictator was booted on January 20, 2021. (And btw, it is “you’re”, Jason…)

    2. WWII started in similar manner. Totalitarian Dictators coerce the masses into being full complicit partners in their control conquest fooling their conscious.

    3. @Anthony Ward because a lot of people don’t wearing masks. what a stupid question. and have you people ever heard of mitigation? mask are meant to mitigate the spread, not prevent it completely.

      “if seatbelts work why do people die in car accidents” – that’s how you sound.

  6. my uncle has been waiting outside for days with proof of his employment for the afghan govt. he has three really young children and his wife with him. i really hope they can somehow get in. he spent all night there and he keeps going back in case there’s a chance. he said it’s like hell on earth

    1. The Afghan Government abandoned their own people…..I see the other side.. I see the corrupt Government never securing and protecting its own people and as soon as it goes bad all the privileged people get to flee the country when as a GOVERNMENT they were from supposed to protect their people from getting slaughtered….so think about that while you think of you and yours.

  7. Can we ever imagine the desperation of parents having to throw thier children to the only line safety? God forbid any parent has to ever experience such a destitute situation. Pray the world can come together to bring peace and stability there

    1. Afghan President ran away.. They have an Afghan govt.. running for past several years.. since 2011. USA has been paying the salary for all its govt officials..
      Blaming USA for this is wrong. Where are the sons of afghanistan, the police, army , defense who got paid my USA to protect their land – got training ???
      They cant fight for their own people ?

    2. Amagine those parents who for 20 years the thought of at any moment the American drone strikes would change their children’s names to Collateral Damages A#2000189 ?
      Note A# is for Afghan collateral damages serial numbers, I# for Iraq, S# for Syria, L# for Libya, etc….

    3. These Afghans knew the US was drawing down to get out, why in the world didn’t they get out before the rush. They probably hoped they won’t have to leave their homeland.

    4. @Carolyn May They had Ghani as president – who assured everyone, it was ok.. they had armed forces.. everything a country needs to be normal.. IMF was paying salary to govt officials.. why would they think this collapse will happen.. Ghani – their president ran.. with all the money.

  8. SKEPTICALL _An Journalist looking around what before was an “Allies Land,”Now reigns unsure added distress.

    1. Is this all you can comment about? you can’t just tell it like it is Joe Biden as a failure and you’re a Democrat the voted for him! All those innocent Americans in Afghanistan have a target on theirback’s? Can any of you Democrats see that Joe Biden and his administration are not fit To lead Americans?

    2. Yeah like 2 videos ago when taliban were shouting “god is great” she said, “they are chanting death to america but they seem like friendly people”.

    3. They got the green light to be critical of Biden. Same way with Cuomo. I reckon Biden will ‘resign’ in 4 months.

    1. I wish I had the capabilities to tell all of our Afghan family “COME ON HOME! AND WELCOME HOME!” They need to know that the majority of Americans are rooting for them and praying for their safety.

    2. Freedom is not free, so said the West! 20 years of USA-led Western war in Afghanistan is all about “Rare Earth Minerals”, while 15 yr of Vietnam war was all about “Rubber” that nation produced about three quarters of world’s supply in those days. The USA-led West is withdrawing from Afghanistan, as in Vietnam in the past.
      Besides, it’s noteworthy to know that war in both Afghanistan & Vietnam were the USA-led allies’ longest war.
      For plain truths, pls read my insightful multi-pages ‘Ole Fella’ comment on UTube at..,
      “China-US tensions: A closer look at the ‘Five-Eyes’ intelligence partnership / CGTN”

  9. I’m afghan living in us all my life I am so devastated crying every day for those people and my mental health is getting worse and worse seeing all this please help

    1. @aisha solomon
      OMG girl, I cannot imagine how you must feel. We’re all impacted by these scenes but it must be devastating for a countrywoman. If there was anything we as civilian nobody’s could do, I would in a minute do whatever to help.

  10. Every American should have to spend just one week in the ME to really appreciate just how damn good you have it here in America. After Combat when I got off the plane at Dover AFB I got on my knees and kissed American Soil. It’s a living hell on earth over there.

    1. Afghanistan is not in the Middle East. And it depends where in the ME. I’ve been to Israel and it was like visiting paradise.

    2. If you’re going to withdraw Americans then why execute your plan in such an idiotic way? Worst foreign policy decision in the last century and a total embarrassment! Fool even removed security forces BEFORE withdrawing Americans still in the country. Now the Taliban has obtained weapons meant for the Afghan people. Good job Joe . Way to leave my people at the mercy of terrorists

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