1. Clarissa reports yet again from another war and another front line.
    After following your work for many years I must say I am impressed by your courage.
    Respect from Croatia, keep up the good work.
    Glory to Ukraine.

    1. @Ken White Can you give me your watertight legal and medical definition? Remember to account for transsexual women, transsexual men, women who have had all uniquely female organs removed (hysterectomey, etc), and the 1 in 5000 people born with at least some hermaphroditic or intersex characteristics. Remember your definition will be harshly examined and critiqued by highly skilled legal experts.

    2. @Paul Gibbon
      I don’t care what people call themselves. I’m not a magatard. Makes no difference to me. Seems to matter a lot to Lana. Maybe ask her/him/it ?

  2. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein

    1. Meanwhile, Million going to Ukraine and Seniors can’t get a monthly 200 stimulus check. WTF

  3. Clarissa, you’ve been seared into my memories of wars. Don’t know how you do it, but thank you for each and every news segment, from this one in Kharkiv, to Syria, Afghanistan and Russia. Please send our gratitude, love and support to all Ukranians!

    1. Meanwhile, Million going to Ukraine and Seniors can’t get a monthly 200 stimulus check. WTF

  4. Ukraine- democracy and freedom is important enough to defend with your life. I hope we learn that lesson

    1. I am from a nearby country , we also paid in blood our freedom and we will stand in front of invaders. And I find ridiculous the ones shouting from the start of this to surrender , to Ukrainians…
      Russians HAVE A CHOICE , they can go back home m should not be there, the soldiers should question their presence and their actions. So much unnecessary destruction, crimes against civilians …and I am glad that the world sees the size of this.
      Christ is Reisen !

    2. @Helen R Ukrainians have a choice – to stop the fighting and surrender, or to stop the fighting and surrender with great sacrifices

  5. Beautiful city and country become like this, it’s unbelievable. I still stand with Ukraine.

  6. Kharkiv is my hometown. And my house is about thirty minutes walk from this building. There is a zoo and a park nearby, so we often walked in it in the evening.

    1. Even sharing something sweet we must sometimes endure the presence of biting insects. I can picture your memory. My hometown was almost leveled by an earthquake so I think I can understand your loss. Most of the world sincerely sympathizes with you and your countrymen and eagerly anticipate the day you beat back this villain and end the terror. Best wishes from NZ.

    2. My respect and support to you , family , friends and the Ukranian Nation. Slava Ukrania ,free people all around the world stay with you !

    3. @theamazingbatboy Thanks everyone for the support comments. I hope that in the next two weeks the Russian army will exhaust its offensive potential and we will launch a counteroffensive. Kyiv is returning to normal life (except for single rocket attacks). I hope Kharkiv is next.

  7. clarrissa ward has been at ground zero since the beginning. not hundreds of kilometres away from a shot fired in anger like some of the cnn prima donas that were in ukraine in the past. speaks fluent ukrainian and i imagine russian as well. remarkable reporter.

    1. She is indeed the best, no argument. However, we do not know what’s going on with the other journalists composing CNN. Anderson Cooper did spend weeks there at the very beginning of the attack, even though he has a newborn son, born about February 10th. This is commendable in my opinion.

  8. I get it. I understand why they want to stay. The oldest southern plantation house doesn’t even have half the history attached to it that some of these Ukrainian structures have. A Serbian truck driver said to me once “My father’s fence has more ‘history’ than you Americans’ entire country.” Rather rude lol (especially considering I’m Canadian and know durn well that around a third of our history still resides within living memory) but very true. They love their homeland and have fought bravely for it through a world war, Soviet occupation, and I don’t even want to know how many brutal economic downturns. But before those living memories is a thousand years more history that I’ve only just started reading about. Some of the elderly are even prepared to die there, rather than let the invaders chase them off their land.

    1. What Soviet occupation? Kharkov had been a Russian city, then it became a capital of Ukrainian Soviet Republic, one of the four Republics that united into the Soviet Union. How could they occupy themselves?

  9. These people in Ukraine are acting the same way to the Brits did during the Blitz they kept on with their lives even though they knew that a shell can fall anywhere at anytime but these people have brass balls just like the ukrainians do.

  10. “I’m not that brave …” Really? How modest! She has the guts of a whole special operations squad!!!

  11. this women is my hero,thank you for all you and your crew do to keep this russian invasion on all of our televisions,computers and phones.,we need to see the truth,thank you

    1. @Ian Sperry So you have no reason for supporting either side, but you pick Ukraine because the Media says so.

      Got it.

      I just don’t care one way or another and have a tough time understanding why people who couldn’t point out Ukraine on a map suddenly hate Russia over this.

    2. The were not attacking Russia. They were invaded by Russia. If Russia wouldn’t have invaded. We wouldn’t have picked their side.But you have a bully on the block trying to take their freedoms. Ya I’m siding with Ukraine on it. If Ukraine was trying to push it borders into Russia. Then it would be a different affair. But they weren’t. They wanted to join Nato to have insurance that Russia didn’t do what’s it’s doing

  12. 4:07 Wasn’t this a dud or kinetic impact or shaped charge that hit the 6 stories? I mean by all accounts that clearly was no normal explosion.

  13. Standing in the middle of a war zone and saying “I’m not that brave”. Journalists, soldiers, people who live in war zones, and Ukranians… super brave!

    1. Yes that’s very true. I remember the in country journalist during the Vietnam war. Pretty much kept us informed of what was going on

  14. Thank you Clarissa! You pronounce the Ukrainian names of the cities well. You clearly made the effort! It is appreciated!

  15. So heartbreaking to see all the destruction made by this aggression. Slava Ukraine! May you win the war, in Jesus name.

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