Clarissa Ward: Taliban told me to stand to the side 'because I'm a woman' 1

Clarissa Ward: Taliban told me to stand to the side ‘because I’m a woman’

CNN's Clarissa Ward describes life inside Afghanistan's capital Kabul as Taliban fighters swarm the streets after entering the city's presidential palace after former President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. #CNN #News


    1. @Courtney got a source or link to back them claims up? Preferably from a reliable bi-partisan source.

  1. Wasted 20 years of tax payers money and sacrifice our soldier. We didn’t bring peace and democracy to Afghanistan. We wasted 20 years. Vietnam 2.0. Pray for the people

    1. @Parslow Pongbert trump did what putin told him to do because cowards take direction, they are afraid to lead. Biden is a real leader, not a coward like draft dodger trump.

    2. @Parslow Pongbert To be fair???? Really???? Trump invited those terrorist sons of bitched to the white house. He invited the terrorist to the white house. What part of that do you not understand????

    3. @Chris Rambarran Trump just removed from his website statements in which he demanded withdrawal from Afghanistan and said it would be a great and wonderful thing!
      I am not defending Biden here, I think it was horrible to abandon those poor people. But the hypocrisy and denial is sickening. The right is criticizing Biden for doing exactly what Trump wanted to do up until yesterday. And if he had done it, no matter what the consequences, his supporters would have thought it was fantastic. Now just because they hate Biden all of a sudden they are sorry for the Afghans, when they NEVER were before.

  2. Being told to step to the side because she’s a woman, was the nicest treatment a woman can get in a taliban ruled Afghanistan

    1. @Justin Fraioli hmm, wasn’t Trump the one negotiating US withdrawal with the Taliban? You must have been on Mars for a yeas because everything is better than last year, even the stock.

  3. If you ever feel useless..
    just remember that..
    USA took 4 Presidents, thousands of lives, trillions of dollars and 20 years…
    To replace Taliban with Taliban.

    1. It was never their real intention to replace the taliban, even if they could. They goal was to make some rich shareholders richer. War is profit for the few on top.

    2. @Joshua Bonilla how could they have withdrawal better. Regardless of when or how this is exactly would have happened. Why aren’t you talking if the Afghan government, all 5hey wanted was the US money. Don’t forget that Trump made a deal with the Talibán, he force the Afghan government to release the Talibán leader and about 5000 of his people who were imprisoned with him. Don’t also forget that Trump wanted to invite the Talibán leader to Camp David and his Secretary of State had a meeting with the Talibán leader. Again where is the Afghan government and the military. It’s 2 trillion dollars spent in Afghanistan. Don’t forget that Trump is the person who signed agreement with the Talibán.

    3. You know what sucks. We trusted our leaders too much, gave them too much power. Now if we were to fight them, they have the technology now and they would rather blow the world up with the red button than give up their money power and greed. They have the bunkers ready for that moment. you paid for it… I guarantee you there won’t be room for you though.. that being said … if I had the choice, I would tell all of you! Let’s dare them to push that button and leave them behind like ppl left Mussolini behind

    4. Anyone wonder why Fox News turned off all comments for only videos pertaining to Afghanistan? Maybe it has something to do with trump freeing the new leader from a Pakistani prison 3 years ago?

    1. @Big Danger this is a short video .. go watch the full 3hrs clip on cable .. they where chanting it .. like this is a cut from tv .

    2. @MicroManage no they’re not educated about islam they’re children who have been brought up on hate and extremism since they were born

    3. them lies there she clearly does not know what Allah Akuba means instead she says its death to America I mean wow just wow

  4. The only thing thats “utterly bizarre” is that a CNN reporter recognizes that it IS utterly bizarre.

    1. @Musa Bin qasim humans must listen to nature more than other human beings because nature doesn’t lie. It doesn’t matter that what is oldest or have different. What matters is peace and prosperity only. Bro we humans are suffering from the time we born. Worshiping god removes suffering but the rotten mind and intelligence of people in this age diminishing peace as well as prosperity on the globe. God is one present inside us(other beings too but they cannot realise it) giving strength and hope to survive this day as well.

    1. And it’s not end here. It’s just middle of the fact.. another 40 years ahead we may see ends. The biggest question is if a society can go back to 1500 years before??? As of now no country in the world is in like1400 years before. Not even KSA OR IRAN. SO conflict has just began. Remember attacking is much more easier than defending. Let’s see after 5 years time when Taliban will not be able to meet demand of afagani people by economically or other expect. There’ll be no one anymore giving arms free of cost. No more help except Pakistan. And even Pakistani pastun part will be in trouble as they are also pastun speaking like Taleban.

    2. You can thank trump for that. The taliban leader who is now in charge of Afghanistan after the takeover is Abdul Ghani Barador, and he was freed from a Pakistani prison 3 years ago at trumps request.

  5. I wonder if Biden is going to keep paying the Afgan military salaries moving forward? When he said we were going to be paying their salaries in his speech last week, he didn’t say anything about them having to fight. God knows we have tons of free cash for everyone, except for our homeless and hungry Americans.

    1. they won’t speak to her if she doesn’t wear the hijab. it helps to understand people’s religion before coming off at brain dead.

    2. @KeepCalm AndLetMeHelpYou that’s why girls are dancing in tiktoks and you people are enjoying in term of open mind

    3. @Carmelita Good you want that I should allowed that girls should wear half shorts in name of fashion if this is fashion then sorry I am uneducated and unfashionable

  6. “Seeing a lot more burkas on the street and far fewer women” – Clarissa nailed the future of women in Afghanistan.

    1. Feel bad for Afghan women right now. That BURQA that she’s wearing is not even fashionable as well like they do in here in the west.

  7. Taliban: Takes over in bloodless coup.
    Americans: When will they start eating babies? Only time can tell!

    1. Kind of silly of them jumping on the plane. Think about how many of them abandoned their wives and kids and left them for the taliban

    2. They probably supported the retreating side over the returning to victory side and so now feel like the Vichy supporters. Might, although in control of the narrative, is not always right.

  8. It is a horrible shame that the people of Afghanistan didn’t prepare to fight the Taliban. Dependency on other nations to fight for them is self-defeating.

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