Clashes between protesters and police turn deadly in Peru | USA TODAY


    1. Peruvians fight for their Freedom and their families
      Black people riot to loot stores and have an excuse to spew racist hatred at everyone else (while looting)

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  2. Peru’s (U.S.-backed coup regime) is bringing back the tactics of the fascist Fujimori dictatorship. U.S. ambassador Lisa Kenna, a secretary and a CIA employee for nine years, and the military attache to the U.S. embassy, Mariano Alvarado, were in active contact with the Peruvian high command. Kenna met with Peru’s defense secretary Gustavo Bobbio the day before Castillo’s overthrow and arrest, while Alvarado coordinated the coup with the military.

  3. Peru has two big problems: Corruption and their Constitution that cultivates it.
    Improving and clarifying their Constitution might not eradicate all corruption, but keeping
    it the way it is only going to make matters worse for Peru’s future.

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