1. Why doesn’t old man Vladimir work on solving the real problems in Russia?….The Russian people deserve better

    1. @dreamcoyote I’m not even arguing with you or anyone else as regards whether Russia invaded or not. I’m just pointing out your gullibility and western hysteria as regards this conflict as if it’s unique. As misinformed and disinformed as you are,you know the truth about your hypocrisy and finger pointing. The US and NATO are the most hated entities in the entire world and rightly so.

    2. @Atticus Fredericks For 8 years the fascists in Kyiv, killed over 14,000 mostly civilians in the east, destroyed scores of cities and towns, with the help of the US/NATO, now it’s their time to pay for their wrongdoing. The US/NATO invaded Iraq and Afghanistan killing over 1 million innocent people, they wrecked both countries and left it like that, they murdered innocent civilians, they bombed Serbia and Libya as well, killing thousands of civilians. What’s your opinion of that? The US/NATO can bomb and killed Arabs, but Russian can’t bomb Ukraine? Get real!!!! What’s good for the goose, it’s also good for the gander!!!

    3. What problems are you talking about? Look at the streets of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc
      When was the last time you were in Russia? Some Westerners move to Russia and feel well (the ratio of wages and cost of living, including the cost of utility bills) here is an Austrolian showing shops in Russia and life itself https://www.youtube.com/@TravellingwithRussell

    4. @loumcast I see you’re a graduate of the
      Putin Lies and Propaganda Academy. The 14,000 figure is the total casualties on BOTH sides and of that number about 10,900 were soldiers of Ukraine and Russian separatists armed and with over 3000- civilians (both Ukrainian & ethnic Russian). And you think it was just ethnic Russian homes and civilians being
      attacked ? You do know there are more ethnic Ukrainians in the Donbass than Russian ? Your million accusation for Iran and Afghanistan is ridiculous while not mentioning Soviet/Russia attempted to occupy Afghanistan for ten years before retreating —- and in doing so, created the radical Islam terrorist movement. To try and justify psychopath Putin’s war of terrorism against Ukraine civilians is just sick — it’s an attempted genocide taking place before our eyes.

  2. You know, Chamberlain thought Hitler would stop with Czechoslovakia and Hitler didn’t Ukraine must be protected .

    1. @Boomer Groomer🔧⭐️ Alawites are a strange offshoot of Ismaili Shia Islam but they drink wine and celebrate Christmas but they’re very secretive about their religion. Thus, the Sunni Muslims who make up 75 percent of population think they are heretics.

    2. Ukraine has managed to lose almost all the political support from countries outside of the NATO alliance. Even some of the countries in the Western Alliance are not fully on board now.

  3. My heart goes to the entire community for Amazons AMM55X building up something even my grandpa can understand. This is so smart by them to launch it to shatter the doubts and fears of the common folk which is not even correct to begin with. Everyone knows the state of inflation and recession now and the way out is already in progress. Now it’s just about catching the big fish

    1. That’s a car that was built in the Moscow region, before the war started and the hypocrites in the west put on those sanctions. When NATO invaded Iraq, (over a lie, that the country had WMD, when they knew before hand, that they didn’t) and destroyed the electrical grid of the country causing misery to its people, there were no sanctions for any of the perpetrators in NATO., or when NATO bombarded Serbia or Libya.

  4. All I could focus on in the video was that Putin had a child’s car seat. Made me further speculate on what other height devices he uses to help him get through the day. I’m 5 ft so I know about devices for a shortness handicap. If anyone knows what kinda car seat that he uses, would let me know. Shorties need help too.

    1. DICtators Need to(EGo)-Flaunt, their LENGTH(y presidency….Under any& all cirCUMstances)…..making them..royal-Pricks . 🧐🤏

    2. Putin is 5 ft 3 inches tall. He wears 2-inch John Lobb lift shoes and never leaves home without them. You can easily prove this by video of Putin and Angela Merkel standing side by side.
      Merkle is 5′ 5″ and wearing flats. She may even be a bit taller than the little psychopath.

  5. Old man Putie got a death grip on that wheel with both hands 😂 It’d be a shame if that car fell off the bridge.

    1. @thalente khuluse Putin is short and has a small wee wee. That’s why he’s so pissed off at the world.

    2. @Зая Ядерная I’m only repeating what I’ve heard and I’m making no threats. I’ve heard through my sources of a near future attempt on putin’s life. Again, I’m not making any threats, I’m just repeating from sources.

    1. They should have provided him with a seat cushion. He can barely see over the steering wheel or reach the pedals.

    2. There is this certain “modification” missing Dugina had on her vehicle. Ah…, … missed opportunities…

    3. @Flo Rete poppa said, little sasha, please trade cars with me, mr bannon and olivio are asking for me to stay

  6. Someone once said to understand peace, one must first understand war. Putin is a man who doesn’t appear to understand war and therefore cannot properly define peace. Russia has no right to take away any country’s sovereignty. Crimea was nothing but a point against him. Ukraine…a lot of points against him. 😐

    I hope Ukraine wins this war.
    Perhaps then, that will end it.

    1. I am from Crimea As well as the guy who left comment above Crimeans dont want to live in Ukraine We want Crimea to be Russia It was Ukraine that killed our guys from Betkut, police It was Ukraine that humilated Crimeans near Korsun The buses with Crimeans were stopped by the armed coup supporters on their way back to Crimea, six of eight buses were burnt, people were humilated The Nazi Right sector member Museychuk threatened Crimeans on Ukrainian TV Russia protected people in Crimea the same way as Turkey protected its people 50 years ago Turkey is NATO member, isnt it ?The western double standards in action 🙂

    2. @Ирина Лукьяненко Every thing you just said is a lie. Misinformation and propaganda for your fear of your Russian leader is showing. You might want to see to that. 🙄🇺🇦

    3. @Leah Gary i understand am not supposed to comment such comments, I must confess you’re so beautiful, I can’t just read your comments without expressing my feelings.

  7. This is a boxing match and We are in the 7 th round out of 12 and winning in points…💪 this is now strategic and its no time to stop…💪🇺🇦💛💙

    1. I fear we may still be in round 3. We need to be mentally prepared for a slog.

    2. @Matt T Yeah, people who volunteer is derogatory.

      Shows a lot about your character.

      But considering you are obsessed with sucking off orange, makes sense.


    1. @Joanna Cooper Never compare the Great President Trump with sleepy Joe. Atleast Trump values humanity unlike that murderers creature that has a documented history of committing genocide.

    2. @MARCUS HAMILTON, you mean LOSER DRUMPF, right? No such thing as potus drumpf. It’s president Joe Biden.

  8. If he was human and had a soul and also if he was a real leader, he would be visiting every home in which a son died because of him, asking forgiveness to the mothers and fathers or like Zelensky did visiting hospitals or better, in Ukraine itself. Visiting a bride and the well being of a bridge. Hope he gets what he deserves.

    1. @Границы объезян Сибирских лес влезал нах will you send the word when you are on the next stage of the plan? I hope Putin doesn’t find this out!

    2. ihre Präsidenten kamen in jedes Haus, wo Menschen durch ihre Schuld getötet wurden, Ihre Präsidenten töteten mehr Menschen als Hitler. also setz dich hin und fick den Affen nicht.

  9. Putin is refreshing his skills as a taxi driver, just in case he needs a new job in the near future.
    The real shame of this video is that there is never a dangerous drunk driver around when you want one.

  10. Meanwhile he can’t trust his own people and has to completely block off the bridge on both sides to go across

    1. Hush! You must now be arrested for saying things that embarrass the State because citizens of Russia cannot be trusted to speak for themselves.

  11. I live in Belgium, Europe. If necessary I will put on two pants, two sweaters, gloves to continue work from home or the office, but putin may not win his war and we must do everything we can to support Ukraine and win!

    1. @Flo Rete I wonder if KGB agent PUTA, sitting in East Berlin whacking people knew what he’s become? Did he dream of it? Is he like humpty dumpster fire that way? I wonder

    1. @Dr.Killmore, TreeRatologist Very naive on your part, you know nothing about the Russian president, he has the balls to go anywhere. Do you have an insult for ex-president GW Bush, he started the Iraq war over a lie (that they had WMD), and the US armed forces killed over one million people, mostly civilians?

  12. That was such a beautiful explosion. Love it. I can still appreciate the fine work done by the Ukrainian forces. Keep it up guys, this Russian aggression cannot stand👍👍👍

  13. Imagine having ride in the car with a 70 year old man (who’s rumored to be ill), across a damaged or “Russian repaired” bridge not far from a warzone. That cameraman probably had one hell of a day.

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