Classified documents found at Pence’s Indiana home


  1. It sounds like classified documents aren’t as well preserved or carefully protected as they should be. One more clear indication that our “leaders” and our systems need far more scrutiny and oversight.

    1. @Danny Archer “EVERY president has done this.”
      yeps. the difference, and the reason trump is in so much trouble, is the NO other president refuses to return them.

    2. @case barreoltt “Or rather that CIA and FBI need dissolved”
      you sound like one of those defund the police nuts.

    3. I think it would take an AI to handle them objectively without succumbing to human flaws like bias, frustration, and eventual insanity. It would need the ability to monitor somehow and the authority to enact appropriate punitive measures if rules are broken.

    4. @Sharon Wells The National Archives is underfunded and undermanned. There are 3,000 full and part time employees responsible for 13.28 BILLION pages of government documents. To put that into perspective, that is about the same number of people who work at Amazon’s Baltimore warehouse. Contrary to movies and what is in the minds of conspiracy theorists, most government agencies do not have top-of-the-line, up-to-date computer systems. I think most Americans agree that national documents should be made more secure…until you tell them it actually costs money to do that.

  2. Obviously whoever is packing up their office need to be investigated!!!
    They didn’t know what was being packed up!!

    1. You are so right about that. The people who are being accused do not pack up their house hold things let long documents. Whoever has that job should be investigated. This all is not believable

    2. @Anastasia Beaverhausen the staff is not to blame “ classified document are not available to be seen by the staff” they were taken prior to the packing. Stop blaming others!

  3. I think they are going to find classified docs in a many government official’s offices or homes. I think regulations will change regarding where classified docs are allowed to go and how well they are kept track of.

    1. @Eduard ‘Bernie is also too old. I think ideal age for president is between 50 and 60.’

      Bernie is to old, but we don’t have a younger version of him sadly.

      Yang had nice views on the future of economics on which I agreed, and age doesn’t really matter. It should always be about policies, not the individual, but it helps if people can identity on a personal level it makes people more electable.

      I expect DeSantis to be GOP nominee in 2024, with Trump being no longer eligible to hold public office ( best case ) or just never be considered electable due to extremist views. DeSantis appeals to a lot of younger Republicans, the 2022 elections were saved for the Democrats by young people they should take note.

      I think a candidate between 40-50 would be perfect, 30-40 possible but less likely. Over 50 I don’t think you can represent the generation which at that time is making up most of the work force ( and are able to vote ). I think we will see a shift towards election younger politicians to higher offices, I think Biden and Trump both are to old and yes Bernie is to old to. Heck if he ran in 2024 I’m not sure he’ll serve his full term though I hope he’ll be with us for a long time to come.

    2. @Marvin Westmaas policies come from the parties not individuals. And the parties should have the decency to nominate the right people for presidency in terms of looks, age , temper..

    3. @Marvin Westmaas Biden should not run again. People are tired of his mental problems. He’s a joke! I hope the party will not allow him to run again. Any decent democrat candidate can win against the republican one because of the abortion issue. Majority is pro choice

    4. @Marvin Westmaas well for it to be a crime intent has to be demonstrated, Trump has insisted he had a right to retain them and attempted to deceive DOJ.

    5. @zaurakdigis Not 100% true what you’re saying, depending on the classifications it actually already could very well be a crime to be in possession of some of the found documents.

      That doesn’t make it less of an issue that the orange Ogre did much more then just ‘have the documents’, just like you said that part is absolutely true.

      But it’s well possible both Biden and Pence also broke the law by removing those documents from the secure surroundings they are supposed to be kept in.

  4. All of these lifelong politicians need to be thoroughly investigated. They have been left to run loose way too long.

    1. @Rocko Wilson exactly.both parties. It’s not political when you don’t go by the rules or laws put in place for national security protocols.

    2. Nobody’s talking about classified documents as being the problem, it’s about not abiding by the the laws and doing what they are supposed to be doing.

  5. Disparity and entitlement at its finest, if a low-level government employee is caught with a single doc with classified markings, that means jail immediately for YEARS!! but if a high-level employee is caught with classified documents in his house or office, then a special prosecutor is assigned to investigate the issue, what a joke.

  6. In my experience, the boss usually ignores inconvenient security protocols, and potential whistleblowers still fear for their jobs, if they even know where to report these (more often than not) minor breaches; but it all adds up to looming trouble ahead, as experienced security-related staff would tell you.

    “I’ll have these documents back to you by the end of the day.” “Yeah, right.”

  7. the problem is high level staff from all 3 branches of government are too scared and afraid to say NO to their bosses. I worked in classified settings for almost 3 decades in the military…my experience is that one must be willing to jeopardize his/her career in do the right thing…many are afraid to do so i.e, low the whistle to proper authorities

    1. Julian Assange … Whistle blowers always get screwed. Nazis used fear as well, perpetuating nazification. “You’re with us, or against us…” Intimidate humiliate threaten troll … The Deplorable and Nazis have a long in common. Then… the SS were the ultimate intimidation. We have deplorable seditionists in Congress!

  8. Let’s just say…. I don’t think any of those officials having access to classified actually don’t have classified documents in their houses. Come on…. They all have them without even knowing it.

  9. This falls under the headline “I can’t make this up”, about two years ago I went to the library to get a library card and I was 56 at the time, well the receptionist went through her computer and said I cannot get a new card until I return a book…. she was talking about CAT IN THE HOUSE, a damn book I borrowed as a child, yet the national archives don’t know what’s missing from them, unbelievable.

    1. I had that exact same problem with the exact same book! 😂 Mom checked it out for me when I was little in my name. I owed 80 dollars. No way I was paying that. I was glad when the pandemic came because they waived all the fees.

  10. I get that they handle insane amounts of documents that have varying levels of classification. I get that accidents happen. What I don’t get is why they don’t go through their documents after they’ve left office to be safe and to thin out. They shouldn’t have anything classified or belonging to the government, be proactive.

  11. The key is that the documents were in “small” boxes. That changes everything. Good thing they weren’t in big boxes

  12. Theres a Big difference between inadvertently having classified documents & Deliberately stealing them. Why aren’t the people responsible for keeping track of these records doing their job & being held accountable??

    1. Having these as a President and being able to De-Classify them is a little different than being a Vice-President or even worse a Senator who doesn’t have the Power to De-Classify or even possess them. Scattering them around and having different documents found 5 times is just “irresponsible”. Having them at a secure place with ground security, personal security, cameras and Secret Service Agents is a little different then having them laying around the garage and various places.

    2. Taken with out permission is….??????
      “Stealing” . Inadvertive or intentional its stealing. If Trump is fucked, then so are these two vice-presidential hypocrites. Trump was the only one who stated he had them, while Biden and Pence made out they had none until their aides who had no clearance told them they found them. Sounds like lying to the DOJ

    3. @Chuck Rambo Actually, no. George W. Bush made an executive order giving vice presidents the same power to declassify documents as the president, and that still stands. It was in an article in the NY TImes, recently.

  13. Dang. I’m beginning to get the impression that at least some of our leaders regard departure time as souvenir-collection time as well. Apparently, this problematic practice holds true for both parties to some extent. How about we get this cleaned up and put a permanent stop to what amounts to document snatching?

    1. @TooSlowTube while it’s possible, I’m just not buying it until I see evidence that says otherwise. I think it is just pure sloppiness, and it has been happening for decades

    2. @Belly Dancer Em it’s a good thing that Trump kept his, because of his action it sure opened up a can of classified worms! He was good for something!?

    3. @Belly Dancer Em Something I agree with completely. Except of course that Biden was trying to sell documents to China now. Ok I am just joshing you now. All of this is just fodder for one party or both to go after the other side.

    4. @andrewpinson1268  oh, I know this has been going on fir a shike regardless of which party us in power, and in nearly sell cases it is by being sloppy or careless. The exception is trump, he wanted to do something with thise documents. It’s c in his nature

  14. How on earth can so many classified documents be missing and the people in charge of these documents not be at least partly responsible. If something doesn’t get returned why on earth wouldn’t it be noticed immediately????? Something far wrong with the system!!

  15. Confirmation: Politicians and their “teams” likely don’t read memos or emails that outline directions…especially what to do with classified documents 😂

  16. Who else is now wondering how many officials and staffers handling classified docs could be holding docs in their homes?

    1. @Atticus Fredericks They can only prosecute you if they can prove intent. Guys like that have top notch lawyers so they’ll be OK.

    2. @djb570 very true it is really irritating that people are missing this fa t. And cnn keeps lying acting like he did it illegally which is a bold faced lie and we all know it.

    3. @ventsyv yes he did and all presidents can legally add them to his library. Sounds like others are coming forward acting like it’s an accident so they don’t get busted.

    4. Wondering how or if these are the same attorneys that searched The Presidents residence. Could be a set up🤭 how did they know…they didn’t before.

  17. How about we start protecting and securing our classified documents. This is ridiculous. There needs to be an audit of all Members.

  18. They are ALL doing it. This is unbelievable. This needs to change IMMEDIATELY. Just because they have high government rank — they are NOT EXEMPT from rules governing the possession, holding AND proper returning of Classified Documents.

    I thought classified documents were Subject to strict controls so they could be accounted for at all times.

    1. we dont know they are ALL doing it …
      but we know everybody in the trump administration did it

      every republican in Congress is now sus
      they must all resign

  19. Finally something I think the entire country can agree on. I’m pretty sure we all think this is ridiculous 🙄 at this point walking home with classified documents seems as easy as forgetting you borrowed a friend’s pencil….yall need to get it together, I wanna see more punishment cause this is unacceptable

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