Clean Energy Is A Jobs Creator, Says Energy Secretary | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Clean Energy Is A Jobs Creator, Says Energy Secretary | Morning Joe | MSNBC


U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm discusses efforts to shift to clean energy, including strengthening solar and wind power usage and why she says clean energy is a 'grow the economic pie situation'. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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Clean Energy Is A Jobs Creator, Says Energy Secretary | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @NEAR TERM EXTINCTION – HUMAN what, are you worried it will impact your ability to buy abject crap from Target?

    2. @NEAR TERM EXTINCTION – HUMAN What is wrong, BORIS? Russia invested in 20th century technology and now will be stuck with it? Wonder why “Russure” is 3rd rate!

    3. What jobs? Where can I find them? Why don’t they tell you where to apply? Because there isn’t many just solar installer to go on the roof and risk your life for 15 an hour. No thanks.

    4. Interdimensional Fox – The only job is solar installer? You’re in the running for the Dumbest Comment award

  1. We could’ve been leaders in green technologies if we hadn’t been suffocated by anti-science for so long. If we want jobs here we need to keep up. Otherwise, I guess we can just create more jobs with amusement parks, casinos, and fast food.

    1. @Lew Rodd You’re right. Its pretty easy to frighten all of these people on a continual basis…

    2. Good point! Other countries are beating us in just about everything except military! That will end up making us another North Korea.

    3. @Jeffrey Loveless
      The Mueller report _would_ have gotten rid of Trump if your democracy was working as intended.
      It was a scathing takedown of just a fraction of his misdeeds.

      The reason you are under the impression that it showed nothing is because the Republicans 1) limited the purview of the report and 2) got Barr to lie about it’s content and 3) used Muellers neutrality and factual rhetoric to suggest that it wasn’t grave, while in reality Mueller was screaming blue murder in legaleese.

      Fauci started not recommending mask based on available information, but of course changed his message when new research showed that masks were more effective against Covid-19 than one originally would think.

      I’d recommend the meta-news site where you can adjust sliders to get news from right or left and more or less pro-establishment.
      You’ll see that most things are covered by most media and that they are more or less in agreement about the fact.
      Sometimes stuff is reported differently and hearing arguments from both sides allows you to compare and find the most plausible explanation.
      Everything can be explained away, but seeing the real explanation along the smokescreen makes it vastly easier to spot the difference.

    4. @Mads Horn this is an MSNBC site hardly a right wing news organization. I get information from many places and different countries. Dr. Fauci Saud not worry about the virus coming to the U.S. then masks were a false sense of security. (that’s still true but I doubt you believe it). Then later it was because we needed to save them for medical professionals. The Mueller report didn’t prove anything. It just looks bad just like any case brought against anyone in the history of going to court. The Democrats had access to billions of dollars and every resource known to man to impeach Trump. Every lawyer in this country could not come up with enough proof because it’s all based and perception. The Democrats are completely in charge at this moment and have already tried the impeach Trump again so he couldn’t run in 2024. If you are right, why don’t they use to Mueller report to stop him in the future?

    5. @Jeffrey Loveless
      Yes, Fauci taylored his message to reflect the situation and the available knowledge.
      How in earth is that a problem??

      Reserving protection for healthcare professionals is a honking good idea during a pandemic in my book. If the hospitals was incapacitated we’d all be f*cked.

      As for assuming that the virus wouldn’t reach the US that was a relatively safe bet early on, based on how contagious other corona vira was and assuming a vaguely competent administration adhering to prearranged plans for quarantine and tracking of contagion.
      Neither of these assumptions turned out to be true, but assuming both assumptions to be wrong at the same time would have been irrational at that time. Yes, the Trump administration had repeatedly screwed up badly at that moment, but butchering handling of a pandemic was next level even for them.
      Would you prefer the experts to cry wolf too often?

      Yes, the Mueller report _did_ prove enough to get Trump kicked out and most probably thrown in jail.
      The Republicans ignored the evidence in order to protect a crook.
      And the findings in the report _are_ being using right now to go after Trump in the justice system.
      Don’t you follow the news from New York?
      If you look closely you’ll see that he isn’t _really_ defending himself, just throwing money after obstruction.

      The Democrats impeached him, not once, but _twice_ and not just for lying like Bill Clinton.
      They impeached him for blatant misuse of power and starting an insurrection.
      _Both_ impeachments would have seen him thrown out of office in a democracy.
      The Republicans only avoided a fair trail by closing their eyes and ears and playing dumb.

      If their current attempts of voter suppression succeed you’ll head straight for fascism.

  2. I didn’t know Granholm was energy secretary. There’s been little reporting on it in Michigan.


  3. Trying to create jobs in fossil fuel, as the orange one promised but of course failed to do, is like betting your life savings on the horse and carriage industry after the invention of the automobile.

    1. @rich5817 That was Trump you’re thinking of. He attacked our allies and cozied up to vicious right wing dictators and murderers like Putin, Kim Jong Un and MBS.

  4. In Birmingham UK, in the old car factory they are building two HUGE battery plants to electrify cars trucks etc. It is happening folks.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis Concerning the electric vehicle. We see more and more charging stations spring up. From what I understand they were two charging station systems, and they are not compatible with one another.
      I can refuel my gasoline powered car in about 5 to 8 minutes and then be back on the road. Some electric vehicles provide an opportunity for a quick charge ranging for someone in an extreme hurry. continually quit charging an electric car will greatly impact the lifespan of the battery pack. A standard charge can take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. A driver might face the possibility that the charging stations are already occupied by vehicles on a standard charge,
      There’s also the issue that any system that you use on your electric car will diminish the capacity of that car. If you turn on a turn signal your battery pack will be diminished. If you turn on heat or air conditioning your battery pack will be greatly diminished.
      Several years ago I was a guest instructor in an adjunct capacity at UGA and there was a news story about drivers attempting to travel between Athens and Atlanta. A hot summer day or a very cold day will also diminish a battery pack. Atlanta media reported that people driving the Leaf vehicle ran the danger of their car turning into a ‘brick’, Unable to move because the battery pack expired during the heat of the day.
      A battery powered car might be fine for running errands around town. The expense however of an electric car to be used basically as in around town golf cart it’s very high. There are a lot of problems they have to be worked out with these EVs. I for one will stick to my reciprocating engine.

    2. Just a few months ago I was stopped by my first freight train with an Electric engine car. It had bright Green advertising on the side for electric power.

    3. @Annie Warbux Ever since steam engines were phased out all railroad locomotives have been essentially electric powered. Electromotive, a division of Caterpillar has been making Electric/diesel locomotives for years and is one of the largest producers of railroad engines. In Europe and Japan and on the East Coast of the USA, a large number of trains are totally electric obtaining power from overhead lines.
      The main point is that in all cases primarily fossil fuel or in some cases, nuclear energy is needed to generate electricity to power the trains.

    4. Wisconsin Man – Fossil feul is non-renewable and it pollutes. “We get told oil bad”? We can think, you know. You’re concerned about mining for battery materials, but not drilling for oil? SMH.

    5. @T. R. Campbell we actually have very old electric powered commuter trains in NWI. But, this freight train engine was the first I have seen, yet. It looked rather strange but, I guess that is expected. Maybe it was nuclear powered!?

  5. The Countries that reach for the Sun will Succeed and those who hang on to their Dinosaurs will die slowly.

  6. Jennifer just reverse everything trump did, Thank you helping America grow towards green energy.

    1. Sorry it’s not just what trump did we are 35-40 years behind of what Ronald Reagan along with Mitch McConnell and other republicans did; so it’s a accumulation, but yes Trump did tremendous damage, to use his own language. It’s a relief for a moment we must stay vigilant because the republicans are intent on more damage to America.

  7. Time for this change! Lots of opportunity with this new green initiative!! Also time to start investing and saving future generations…

  8. California has the most “Clean Energy” and they still have to import energy from other states while losing 7% of it in the transfer.

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