Clearview AI’s facial analysis was like putting all Canadians in a “police lineup”


    1. When a corporation starts telling me who I’m allowed in my house and weather or not I can go to work or not I’ll be concerned. Taking my picture is nothing compared to what the government has done latley

  1. They’ll bring it back eventually, they’ll say it’s to combat far-right extremism.

    1. @DeadNorth 86 We were talking about that Russian guy who was jailed yesterday on a RT video. I was saying it put Putin in bad spot and he said he deserved it, to paraphrase.

    2. @apextroll well I definitely don’t agree with reporters being silenced or jailed
      That subject has nothing to do with this one

    3. @Evan He wasn’t a reporter. He was Putin’s political opposition that was poisoned and went to Germany for treatment which broke his probation. He went back to martyr himself and was sentenced to 2 and a half years. Our Russian friend here is a dis-information agent doin’ his thing.

  2. We no longer have rights and freedoms. We’ve allowed countries to have our information by just being on these platforms.

    1. Based on the last ten months I’d say our rights and freedoms were an illusion that we could of been snapped out of at anytime and there is nothing we would do about it

  3. sanction that company and its executives. go for their banking get an interpol alert travel bans oh and F america because theyll complain if we do anything

    1. Yet, you’re watching a video using one of the services offered by one of the big tech monopolies…. The irony… This is exactly why they WILL NOT fall.

    1. (Statistically speaking) she clearly has DECADES of life ahead of her. Anybody with that many years ahead……is NOT “old”. That is “older middle age”. There’s a difference.

    1. no doubt, those bumbling idiots need all the help they can get… they prob use it in the office every day just to keep their colleagues/bosses/goldfish/potted plants seperate and straight.

  4. Children forced into online learning and increased use of chrome books in school are constantly having their privacy violated and being monetized by big tech. They don’t own their data, everything is on the cloud, all their educational records, student ID data, MyPass, exams, quizzes, online “journaling” whatever images their device’s camera takes of their home and all conversations their microphones record. Whatever someone want to know about our children has been made vulnerable and if they thought they had a choice they would not consent. They are told not to worry or told you should only worry if you have something to hide. Something to hide like where you live and when you are alone in your house?

  5. So when private company’s abuse my civil rights it’s wrong but the government can do it for what 10 months now

  6. without notice or consent, there is a terms of agreement…. also no body is forcing you to put up your face

  7. It’s rare these days to see anyone sticking up for our privacy rights in Canada 🇨🇦 🙏🏼💪🇨🇦😘

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