Clergyman in Jamaica Condemns Pastors | TVJ News - June 14 2021 1

Clergyman in Jamaica Condemns Pastors | TVJ News – June 14 2021


A long-serving member of the clergy in Saint James, Jamaica is condemning the recent sexual cases involving two pastors Reverend Glendon Powell says the incidents point to the need for training and guidance especially for younger church leaders.

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    1. Worldwide pastors or leaders of the church, have been carrying these acts for many years and it has been swept under the pulpit. Can you teach an amoral pastor, who already knows what is against God’s laws and the laws of mankind.

    2. @Beverley Smith There is even Catholic priests touching little boys but yet still they know better these are the people who give christianity bad looks kmt.

    3. @T.C Charles Yes.
      Many of the leaders, hierarchy in the churches collude with the continuing abuse. This is evidenced by the fact that they do not remove the offending pastor, minister, priest or bishop. Many of the leaders themselves where also victims of abuse.

      This systematic sexual abuse of children male or female, is engrained within the practises and tradition of the various ecclesiastical orders all around the world for centuries.

  1. Heart change is needed. The mouth can say anything. Lord Lord is not enough. By God’s grace May those of us who profess His name be truly converted.

    1. Convert to what ? Molesting children? Why god couldn’t stop this type of behaviour? It’s a pity there’s a hell for these nasty preachers and their followers to burn in!!

    2. God did stop it remember his words he said whatever is in the dark he will bring it to the light his words never fails amen to the king of king

  2. There are too much theologian rather than genuine folk of God.too many bible collt training theologian that are far from God preaching the word of the bible doesn’t mean someone is a Christian what will determine that is your livestyle certain behavior shouldn’t name among someone that is a saint

  3. Not surprised about these young men, desperate for image and money to flirt with young children

  4. Too much any missa man can turn pastor need to stop …their have to be a standard these people have to Council people including children their must be some sorts of college degrees involved to claim a pastor title

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