Climate Activists Rack Up 'Huge' Wins Against Big Oil 1

Climate Activists Rack Up ‘Huge’ Wins Against Big Oil


Robinson Meyer, climate reporter for The Atlantic, discusses the "huge week" in the fight against climate change as Exxon and other big oil companies face rebuke from shareholders for stalling on climate initiatives. 
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  1. Finally, its about time big oil companies start helping. They could do so much, and make more money if they get on the right side of climate change.

    1. ​@Augusta King NBC=Comcast / CNN=AT&T.. Same state sponsored monopolies getting billions in fiber “infrastructure”. Fox is just a channel on the lineup owned by NBC.

    2. @J I don’t watch TV. I just jump around the net and skip the commercials. I read the news on my phone and go outside and work on stuff. I’m kinda retired.

    3. @Augusta King Avoid *NBC, CNN, CBS, PBS, and any articles they sponsor. It’s basically all opinions, hearsay, conspiracy, and propaganda. Unsubscribe!

  2. Watch, greedy Exxon and/or Shell are gonna shut down and declare bankruptcies, making those who still own and drive cars panic.
    Meanwhile, people like myself who have been walking, biking, bussing, taking trains, we will be perfectly happy going about our days.

    1. BINGO! Internet comment of the week, everyone one really needs to take a few moments to wake up.

    2. You weren’t paying attention. The SHAREHOLDERS and BELGIAN courts made those decisions.

  3. At this point, investing in Big Fossil Fuel Energy is the equivalent of investing in whale oil circa the late 1800’s. I only invest in green energy, as I have since the early 2000’s, and not only is it lucrative, it is socially responsible.

    1. I try to minimize by doing without, buying items with less or NO packaging . Tried an electric car but infrastructure and my condo didn’t support. Ideally solar charger electric car and house but I can’t on my own. That’s why govt needs to get involved.

    2. Its why the Saudis have started selling Saudi Aramco off. Unfortunately we are probably the mugs who – through our pension funds – are buying it.

  4. These oil companies can switch to making solar and other types of renewable energy sources..

    No jobs lost..

    1. Jobs gained, in fact, with solar panel, wind mill, or other sources’ maintenance and distribution.

  5. Ruling elite wants you to live in fear, scarcity, separation.

    Gen X had “nuclear war,” once Berlin Wall fell it was into Muslim as others, then Trump supporters, and now mee-maw meme’ers in an “insurrection.”

    Choose to live in love, gratitude, and abundance.

  6. It’s about time. Now if they would start cleaning up their mess paying the people and Governments they have wronged

  7. Chevron has a 62billion judgement against them in Ecuador them 10years ago still havent paid a penny just delay stall and attack the people who brought the suit so a couple board members will just be a pr game. look up donvinger vs chevron

    1. @Friend Having political discourse isn’t whining. It’s communicating with fellow Americans. Something the left doesn’t know how to do apparently.

    2. @No Show Joe How was the Keystone XL pipeline a loss? It was a gain since it makes oil distribution harder, and thus, forces more efficient energy solutions and it doesn’t pass through Native American land and forests. It’s a win all around.

    3. @No Show Joe Your name is “No Show Joe” you’re a little whiner troll dude. Quit begging for food.

  8. If only these companies had been led by real leaders rather than corporate yes men who only knew how to keep doing what they’d always done: they’d be world leaders in renewable energy and the world would not be tottering on the brink of an abyss.

  9. The biggest expense once oil is finally discarded within a decade is the toxic infrastructure these oil companies will abandon for the tax payer to clean up.

  10. It kinda coincides with the fall of energy stock prices last year to the rising stock prices of energy this year. Maybe the rise was due to activist investors or funds buying and accumulating enough shares to make a difference.

  11. Yes…….It’s about time to start protecting our environment…and reverse carbon emissions..

  12. *I needed to hear some good news. Thank goodness this climate change response is finally beginning to work!*

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