‘Climate Denial Masquerading As Bipartisanship:’ Sen. Ed Markey 1

‘Climate Denial Masquerading As Bipartisanship:’ Sen. Ed Markey


“It sounds to me they have a package that is climate denial masquerading as bipartisanship. We can’t have an infrastructure bill in 2021 that doesn’t have climate at its center,” says Sen. Ed Markey. 
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  1. Let’s have the corporations who make trillions finally pay taxes!
    This is what can pay off the infrastructure bill.
    Also, let’s tax churches since they are supporting political candidates. If churches can have a political party they back they can pay taxes too.

    1. We should be fining the crap outta the oil and gas sectors, just like we did with the cigarette industry. They have known for decades what they were doing to the planet yet hid it away in favor of profit. Well, it’s time to start paying for that.

    2. The tax inequities in this country are paving the way to our ultimate demise. Ironically, those at the top of the food chain are eating our young.

  2. Thank you Marley one of two representatives from my State of Massachusetts that aren’t an embarrassment

  3. Aliens in search of intelligent life, looking at us on earth destroying the planet, and being like: “Nope, nothing here. Let’s move on.”


    1. Alien was like, what, you named your Planet after …. Dirt?! (From cartoon in newspaper)
      So, what do you call your Moon? MOON?!

    1. @james kastelic : If you aren’t interested in what the figures and graphs have been demonstrating for quite a few decades now, one example you could look at is the mega drought currently underway in the western United States. Go look at some drone footage of the water reservoir levels in the lakes. The people who collect the data are saying these levels will not recover until late 2022, and there is no guarantee they will. Also, what is occurring is predicted by a trend spanning decades, which will continue.
      Think about how the water dependant growers that fill your supermarket shelves with produce will fare when that drops to a level where lack of supply or severe rationing drives them off the land. In short, the collapse of food production across the region is a very real near term probability, associated with social disruption and large scale internal migration away from areas that are not capable of sustaining human occupation or industry due to habitat radically altered by the diminishing of fundamental resources such as a reliable water supply. The DOD has published planning papers that address these issues. Go and look it up. California State is trying to grapple with the issues in a short time frame. They may find a way through it, they may not.
      Pretending it isn’t happening is not helpful.
      Another example. Shipping companies and countries bordering the arctic ice cap are gearing up now for blue ocean access through areas of ocean normally blockaded with ice. Why ? Because direct observation of changes, supported with empirical data are telling them this is happening and the change offers vastly cheaper / shorter freight routes. Coastal military installations too are being initiated along Russia”s long exposed northern border.
      Other serious threats aside from such human endeavours are the big holes occurring in the ecological web of life we are totally dependant upon. This is happening in the oceans, which are heavily overfished, polluted, and suffering acidification. Contemplate the consequences of losing pollinating insects for a moment. We are passing non recoverable tipping points almost daily. There is a ton of information available through your keyboard if you’re interested. Most people aren’t. The consequences of that disinterest are, to most people, unthinkable. Depending on your age you may not experience the worst of it. Your children and their children most certainly will. It isn’t going to be pretty.

    2. @james kastelic i live in a country where 80% of the population is either full time farmers or partial. And i am one of them, the production is decreasing

    3. @james kastelic don’t confuse weather with climate, sir. If you don’t even understand that, you’re probably not equipped to discuss climate change.

    1. It would be pollical malpractice for Democrats to reject this offer. Let Republicans take the blame for the failure to get an infrastructure bill passed.

  4. “Gas and Oil Party” How come I haven’t seen this in YouTube comments before? I only spend here 10 hours a day!

    1. The future isnt here and isnt yours to screw with the children will be grown ups and do fine with what they see at the time.

  5. At this point, Democrats should lift their collective middle fingers in a salute, then move heaven and earth to pass the original Biden proposal. Do whatever it takes to make it happen, including the abolishment of the filibuster. No more messing around. Do something.

    1. I voted for Biden, but he really needs to stop being bipartisan and nice. Play the game the way the other side is.

    2. @Jay Garrett As you can read in my post, I am inclined to agree with you. Having said that, I’m glad he’s made the effort and trust that Biden’s line in the sand is pretty close to being reached. I have to remember just how much he’s already done in his short time in office. Four years of trump and what he’s done to this country has made me impatient.

    3. @Jay Garrett
      He had to make the effort for all voters to witness that he tried bipartisanship.
      I think when push comes to shove, he’ll shove the Republican politicians aside. But they’ll take credit for what Biden and the Democrats do like they did the last time.
      They’re a bunch of mealy mouth knuckle heads.

  6. I so LOVE Chris Hayes!!! He just tells it like it is ….!!!!! I wish he was a Congressman or a Senator!!!!!!

  7. Republicans aren’t hiding the fact that they have their gloves off and the Democrats are standing there smiling with a plate of cookies and milk.

  8. Republicans have no interest in an infrastructure bill unless it’s for more prisons and walls. GOP are only stalling and obstructing and pining for Trump’s return to the WH in August. Move forward without them!

  9. Remember when cigs.causing cancer was denied by republicans for years tobacco company’s back then gave millions to elected officials to defend their position .same here on climate .they know its going on but still deny the effects.

    1. I really don’t mean to be rude, but you’re stating the bleeding obvious here. As long as the almighty dollar is involved, there won’t be any meaningful action

  10. Senator Markey, one of the last few politicians who truly loves our country, our Earth, and all who inhabit it. Thank you!

  11. I am sick to death of hearing about bipartisanship! Democrats just need to forget it and be partisan. Sometimes THAT is a necessary part of choice of party!

    1. And this shall save the Earth!!! I don’t care if it’s Bipartisan…WE NEED TO ACT NOW..NO MORE TIME TO WASTE..PERIOD

  12. Millions of us older people too. There is no bipartisan with the Republicans just obstructionist BS.

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